A Wishbone Christmas cassette 1988 with Keith Emerson

Supplied by Pete Prescott

Tony May… And yet ANOTHER local compilation I knew nothing about!

Kev Towner… News to me – a Wishbone Bash?

Pete Prescott… It was the brainchild of Neil Cartwright. Had fun doing my bits. I still have this and the first one (Hollycopter Christmas)

Neil Cartwright… A true Prescott special: https://soundcloud.com/neil5856/christmas-morning

Alan Esdaile… A GREAT track.

Kev Towner… Definitely gotta get this in my collection of Hastings music.

Neil Cartwright… Kev, I’ll post a few tracks on Soundcloud, then you can download as many as you like. It was a student-based project (Special Needs Dept) where students either performed, wrote, or did a workshop with a local performer. Pete came into college and he worked on a couple of tracks with the students – this being one of them. He then recorded this live with Jez Gillett (4-track Tascam).


Radio Cracker – Sounds Like Hastings – cassette 1989?

supplied by Pete Prescott

Featuring Liane Carroll, Roger Carey, Mick Mepham, Buick 6, Jez Gillett Band, Ian Barnett, Splash.

Andrew Bantock… Ah, the memories. I was Station Manager of Radio Cracker that year. Memories of watching from backstage and Simon Halsey doing the radio mix. I don’t actually have a copy of that.

No Limit – cassette around 1993

img515 img516

supplied by Barry French

Tony Burnett, Paul Huggett, Tony Pettifer, Colin Chapple & Jo Hawkins

Gary Sykes… I remember drumming for Jo Hawkins and Mick Mepham in a talent comp on eastbourne pier, we came second, she had a great voice.

Tim Moose Bruce… Done gigs with her a few years back. She now lives somewhere in Spain. Be great to hear this tape.

Die Laughing – No Laughing Matter cassette

img125 img126

supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Not sure of year but line up at this time was Terry Corder – Bass Guitar/Vocals, Richard Parkhouse – Lead Guitar/Vocals & Lol Cooksey – Premier Drums/Vocals.

Mick O’Dowd… Another from The Cassette Cupboard( only 1 more to go at present). Die Laughing after Mick Mepham “left”.


4 A.M. – black & white cassette cover – 1981


supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Featuring Andy Knight(Drums), Andy Bannister(Vocal/harp), Steve Hemmens(Bass), PaulDengate(Guitar), Piers Clark(Guest Guitar)

Mick O’Dowd… Found this cassette in my cupboard. Andy Knight & Paul Dengate and part was recorded at the Sunday Blues Nights at Pebbles Nightclub Winchelsea Beach. A good session and a good local band.

The Weeping Crocodiles Cassette

Weeping Crocs001

supplied by Eric Cawthraw

Eric Cawthraw… ….The Weeping Crocodiles: John Storer, you were always a shocker for clearing out your music collection – I’ve still got a copy of ‘There’s More to Life than Snogging Barry’ – great value for the title alone. I used to work with Tim Noakes and my copy came via him. I still have a twin deck cassette player and just tried it out – still sounds pristine! I can play most things except wax cylinders, 78s and the barrel-organ, since the monkey died.
I’ve just copied the cassette cover and will see if it will attach. I’ll bring the cassette along to the next SMART meet on 26th (go for the plug, I say). I can transfer to CD/MP3 if required.
As an aside, I’m sure that there is a connection between TWC and Riuichi Sakamoto: I have a copy of Sakamoto’s ‘Left Handed Dream’ (from 1982) and while at work I was singing part of a track. Tim Noakes was sitting near and asked me where I’d heard the song. When I told him – he was gob-smacked as it was written by his mate (Steve I believe) who sold it to Robin Scott. The Sakamoto album features…..Robin Scott! So there you have it, Sussex to Tokyo via my dulcet tones. The title of the track on the album is ‘Once in a Lifetime’ if my memory is still firing properly. I can bring this along on the 26th as well.
Is Tim still around? Hastings calling Tim, Hastings calling Tim, over.

Redstar Richter… aaargh – where`s the quote from? had a “fuck art – let`s dance” t-shirt from the same company (my mum refused to wash it!) 🙂

Martyn Baker… Someone. Make mp3’s of these songs. They are terrific. Honest.

Mark Gilham… Nice sleeve

Tim Noakes… I’m still around… but am now in Dorset remembering all the good times in the Weeping Crocodiles. I also remember all of the good times playing snooker with Eric and the conversation re: the track with the lyric ‘Arrangements have been made’. I’ve just added all the brilliant Salvation Sunday tracks to my Dropbox and have enjoyed listening again to every single one of them. Stephen Winterbottom truly is a genius songwriter and an inspiration to me to this day. For my part, I last released a single 2 years ago (5 Rings – The Games We Play) and now provide voiceovers via my alter ego, Tim Noa (the Man from NOAVOA). It’s really good to hear from Hastings and to see so many familiar names on this link and site.

Stephen Winterbottom…OMGG Eric has a copy of “More to Life than Snogging Barry” and the best bit is that Tim Noakes lives!! Well I’m also still around and living near Seattle WA. Moved here from Philadelphia in 2013 was gamefully unemployed and in need of a new challenge. I love it here by the Puget Sound, the countryside is very beautiful, the climate perfect (just like Englands) and the people friendly funny and covered in Tattoos. Not me however I apparently am the only person in Seattle without at least ten.
Tim you look exactly the same, still got your hair and teeth, so have I am just a bit fatter these days. I’m not involved in music these days but I do work in Hi-tech for a company out here, still love gadgets! Tim, I would dearly love to get back in touch, I’ve looked for you on the web many many times and never been able to track you down.. Dorset eh! what took you there I wonder? The voice over pictures look very dapper BTW.
Eric! owner of the Snogging cassette! you have no idea how long I have been looking for a copy of MTLTSB. I would be tempted to fly back to England rent a car and drive round to your house if I could get a copy!! (and if I had the money).

Martyn Baker… C’mon guys! That’s what computers, mp3’s and the internet were invented for innit?

Stephen Winterbottom… Redstar Richter: I think its from the ‘lads comic VIZ’ or was it from my twisted mind.. shrug!

Ewan Walder commented… Ewan Walder (ex photographer / singer / undertaker ) says: Thanks Alan for the call. So many names and so many memories, It started with ” Missing Persons” and don’t let nobody say different. How’s the lovely Jo , Steve? Good to hear your well Tim and Mr Wilson is waiting for a call.