Sundowners Club – Light Fantastic, Centre Page, Marmalade – Eastbourne April 1976



Sundowners Discotheque – Eastbourne. Light Fantastic, Centre Page and Marmalade April 1976. Remember seeing lots of bands here, always a great night.

Chris Coleman… spent a lot of my misspent youth in there lol

Jane Hartley…  Nipped over there after the pubs chucked out and got in before they closed the doors!

Virginia Davis… Forgot about Sundowners. Used to go a lot

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Saw lots of bands there & also, across the road at Kings Country Club – although that was more ‘cabaret’ style artists & comedians. The Barron Knights, Tony Bennett, Mike Reid, Freddie Starr to name but a few!

Charlie Ball… Sweet sensation !…. Used to love the Sundowners, Good fun

Alan Esdaile… Sad Sweet Dreamer Charlie. I think I saw them. I remember seeing Mud and The Real Thing at The Sundowners.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Yes! Saw them too Charlie! Did we go together?! Lol ️xx Great times! Oh to be young again, eh, Mr B?! ️xx

Paul Austin… Reflections of my life by Marmalade… One of my favourite songs of all time!

Mark Gilham… I played opposite there at Kings Country Club in a cabaret band when I was a 17 year old student!

Jane Dorsett… saw lots of bands at sundowners, had my 18th birthday at kings country club, at will be 40 years ago tomorrow. were has all the years gone, love to do it all again.

Colin Bell… Did some djing there and first saw The Drifters at Kings C.C. over the road, when Johnny Moore was the lead singer, a really lovely guy with a great voice. Im sure Andre did some djing there too?
Or has my memory gone wonky…!

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Centre Page, Polegate, 1996. Peter, Greg, Dave, Dermot & Paul.

Supplied by Peter Gladwish and shared from Joe Knight

Bob Searle… Great photo great days

Roy Winchester… David was a good front man

Paul Huggett… Never forgotten going to a 40s themed birthday bash, and Dave walking in dressed as a high-ranking officer in the Third Reich! Quite alarming

Jane Hartley… Used to play the caves too.

Theresa Gray…Maria Gladwish,  bloody brilliant they were, they used to play up the Hollington club at Xmas etc we had some good nights eh cuz xxx

Stuart Moir… During my years with Time Machine

Pauline Richards… Missing Dermot !

Steve Fitzy… Great photo never forgotten Great band

Pearl Easton… Great photo made my day love pearl xx

Linda Welford… Great group always remembered.x

Margret Carley… Great band x

Ted King… Beano. Best band around in the 80’s

Jeffrey Heather… Great do’s at the Del La Warr with Marty Wilde and others at the Bexhill Hop

Stevie Alderson… Good local band also played at the York pub

Centre Page – Hastings Town Social Club – 1988


Conan Howard… wasn’t a guy called LES in this band ? a guitarist.. who knew Allen Watts,RIP and I am sure his wife was called Cathy , a stunner of a girl

Stuart Moir… Loved my years with CP and yes Les Harding was our rhythm guitar for a number of years now lives in Spain. Chris Howard is his name bass guitar and vocals, our best for beach boys and four seasons songs, loved it

Dave Weeks… I’ll give it a miss I think. Specially at those prices

Sheila Maile… Does any one know if the duo “the likely lads” are still playing round Hastings area

Maureen Peterson… Use to c them playing at Beatles day

Centre Page Saturdays Discotheque – Carnival Party 18th August 1976



cuttings supplied by: Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Chris Coleman… I was there, was you ?

Tont Court-holmes… i remember falling down the stairs or was i thrown out for being drunk its all a haze now

Will Hadfield… Best time ever!!!

Alan Pepper… Yes Will got to be the best year for Music Fashion Weather Nightlife etc !!

Jacquie Hinves… What a night with Tony Bird and“Centre Page”! Goodness what nights we had!


Centre Page – Yelton Hotel Hastings – Christmas Eve 1997

supplied by Karen Sweatman

Karen Sweatman… This was Christmas Eve. Centre Page appeared on Christmas Eve in the Yelton for a few years on the trot.

Alan Esdaile… early Yelton Hotel advert…

Andrew Reid McDuffie… Hold on……Is 1997 a long time ago now???

Karen Sweatman… Still seems like yesterday to me!

Andrew Reid McDuffie… Me too!

Dizz Corinne Ryder… I remember them from Mr Cherry’s in St.Leonards!

Gerry Fortsch… Dave was in hospital with my dad and they stayed friends. I knew him from The Suspect.

Robert Searle… Nice to see another photo of Dave Easton Centre Page

Angela Jordan… My Nan and grandad worked there years ago

Lance Collins… Worked a few times with Centre Page. Good days.

Mick O’Dowd… Loved that place. Good bands/atmosphere and a really great selection of people and assorted weirdos!

Karen Sweatman… I’m delighted to say that I fit the weirdo category!

Lance Collins… We have all grown up to socially acceptable responsible adults

Dave Nattress… Played the Yelton once with The Prisoners. Good gig. Dear old mate, Andy Leaney – (RIP) broke a string and then cut his finger, somehow, blood everywhere but like a trooper kept playing. But then Seasick Steve used to do well with 3 strings!

Gerry Fortsch… Always take new skin to a gig.

Pauline Richards… And the late Dermot Murphy.

Conan Howard… I always remember a guy called Les from this group had a wife called Cathy I think.  What a stunner she was.  Friends of Allen Watts in the 70s ..Len

Photos of Centre Page by Gail Gardner

photos: Gail Gardner supplied by Stuart Moir

Stuart Moir… pics are of the band trying to pull an old car, the Centre Page line up was Dave beano Easton lead vocals Mick Ingram on bass Graham Putland on rhythm guitar Revie Stockdale on keyboard and your truly on drums, at that time we were into Beach Boys and Four Seasons covers amongst other popular songs going around in the 70s and 80s

Robert Searle… Suspects, Graham wasn’t in Centre Page

Stuart Moir… Yes he was Bob he’s the second from left Stading on the log the rhs car door and the Y of the tree, before your time with CP