Johnny Mars Band – Chatsworth Hotel Hastings 2nd Feb 1982 and Terry Pack’s memories of touring.


supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Shaw… Peter “Shore”….Just because I live by the sea….!

Phil  Thornton….another great band !!

Yvonne Cleland….I seem to remember Johnny Mars playing a lot in Cherries too.

Pete Shaw….Great gigs at Mr Cherries…packed house, Chris Cozens on keys and sometimes trumpet, Ray Fenwick, Terry the Pack, Johnny and moi on drums…we enjoyed it and had a blast…usually it was during a “South Coast “weekend…Six Bells Chiddingly, Mr Cherries and back to Chiddingly Sunday……!!

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Pete Prescott… I remember singing a song of his on the forcefield album called “fire in the city” he used a word in the song that doesnt exist (hellness) it still made sense.great player.nice guy.built like a brick s*@t house !

Terry Pack… Johnny has a talent for inventing new words! We recorded several different versions of Sonny Boy Williamson’s ‘Don’t Start Me Talking’ (album, TV, radio, etc) and he never sang the same thing twice in one of the verses. I once asked him what he was singing, and in typical Johnny Mars style, he said, ‘I don’t know. I listened to Sonny Boy a hundred times, and I still don’t know what the hell(ness) he was singing!”

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Chatsworth Hotel Hastings 1970’s.


Alan Esdaile… Not much change outside, from what it looks like today. Went to many great gigs downstairs in the seventies.

Martin Richter… Tuesday nights ?

John Wilde… Expandis debuted there.

Alan Esdaile… John, I was there!

Terry Tollan… Ahh Yes

Stuart Moir… Many times watching Ray Fenwick perform with his band

Andy Maby… Expandis, Tich Turner & the Escalators, Electric Bluebirds, etc… loved it!!

Alan Esdaile… The Mets, The Mobiles, Jim Jim & The Jims and many others.

John Gale… Martin, wasn’t you there for Daddy Yum Yum? Was a good night .

Martin Ritchter… John, the guy with the washboard waistcoat ?

John Gale… that’s it mate, a rare gig for them this way. I’m glad I saw it though. Was a packed midweek gig I seem to remember.

Lesley Farnborough… My late husband Paul, whose family owned the Chatsworth, started ‘Rock at the Chats’ on a Tuesday night in 1980. We got to number 13 in the New Musical Express as a venue for up and coming bands. Great memories!

Martyn Baker… Jim, Jim and The Jim’s?

Paul Dove… My dad used to stay there when he came to see me and my brother Chris, after mum & dad split up late 50s, I do miss Hastings when your brought up by the sea it’s stays in your blood, still have a lot of good friends still living in the town. Best wishes to friends and family for Christmas &new year, keep well. Paul, xx

Angela Frances Gardner… A great nightclub in the basement

Sheila Maile… Grab a granny night as it used to be called. Got pushed there in a shopping trolley one sat night good old days (&nights).

Patricia Burgess… Stayed there on our visit back to England and Hastings in 2003 it seemed stuck in the 70’s. Hope it’s been updated by now

Graham Sherrington… The Chatsworth was my hotel of choice when I came back home from Jeddah for breaks, staggering distance from most places in town, three bar electric fires and a shower one had to run around in to get wet. Have some photos of the front from the balconies somewhere 1980′-90’s

Adrian Sooty Lily Hennings… I love Hastings we have stayed here before lovely hotel .

Chris Baker… Played there a few times. Nothing like a low ceiling to get the crowd warmed up!

Joe Knight… Good times!!

Dave Nattress… I knew Paul but did not know he’d passed. So RIP and best wishes to his Wife. A great venue as a punter or performing. Played there once with “The Charts” early 80’s. A good gig. Andy Leaney, (RIP), Mick Bridgeland, Steve Watson and myself. Lee Sulsh joined at about that time. He was a good lad and is still doing it I believe. We had become quite a tight little outfit by then

Paul Farnborough Tribute – Chatsworth Hastings 11th September 1990

supplied by Pete Prescott

Peter Shaw….At the beginning, Paul took a risk using the Tuesday night slot in deference to his fathers wishes…when his dad saw the £1000 takings early on the following Wednesday morning, Tuesdays at the Chatsworth became a regular slot and for Jim Jim and The Jims a fun residency…..this particular night was an emotional journey for all including Paul’s beautiful wife and all staff…..I was delighted to be involved playing for both Johnny Mars and of course, the Jims. RIP PF.

Pete Prescott….sweet guy, didnt know him that well.when my first daughter was born he came out at the chats with a bottle of champs.very nice thought. I remember this night well. Sadly Ray wasn’t there so we had a short set. But it was a good turnout for Paul. Nice guy !

Phil Gill….Have that poster on my dining room wall – great night, top bloke. Paul made Tuesday nights a lot of fun.

Wesley Magoogan….Paul was a real gentleman.

Johnny Mars….Hi, the good old days!!

Terry Pack talking about memories at Mr Cherrys….I nominate Chris Cozens’ one and only trumpet solo on ‘Jealous Woman’ at Mr Cherries!

Kevin Burchett… he was a great guy and he was a regular at Scalliwags and a friend of Derek Reades so had a complimentary entrance everytime he came

Ritz – early 80’s Chatsworth Hotel. photo Paul Dengate.

539997_449847485031077_683981152_nphoto Paul Dengate 

Ritz playing a Christmas gig at the Chatsworth Hotel.  Paul Dengate, bass guitarist Martyn Baker is to the right, out of picture, Judith vocals and Martin Stringer and Andy Knight.

John Wilde…..That woman forgot to get dressed. Its Xmas for Christ sake, where is her skirt?

Chris Pook…..Looks like Judith singing. Post Beez Neez!

Diane Knight…..where’s Paul Dengates razor blade ????

Martin Stringer… Oh yes, I remember it well.

Peter Bridger… Brilliant band – used to go see them all the time

Mick O’Dowd…. Good old Judy!

Pete Shaw… Why has Andy upturned his bass drum front skin? Had he been to Australia? Doh!!

Andy Knight… Judith (Clark) if you see this can you get in touch plse, Tx Andy Knight

Stuart Moir… Did you turn your kick head upside down for a reason Andy ??

Andy Knight… I hadn’t noticed that Stuart, how strange



A Minute Passed & Prospect Place – 1982


supplied by Roger Carey

Mark Thirsk drums, Tony Qunta guitar & vocals, Roger Carey bass & vocals.

img202-300x295 img254

cutting supplied by Tony Qunta, photo supplied by Roger Carey

Roger Carey… (second photo) in London. A Minute Passed were a jazz rock group formed by Tony & Roger and Head On drummer Mark. Band ran from late 1980-1982

Phil Gill….Mark Thirsk, bless him. Proper nice guy.

Peter James Shaw….Mark Thirsk nice guy and a good cool player…I liked his style!!!

Andy Qunta….Great band, great musicians, great guys! A Minute Passed were frighteningly good! Unbelievable musicians, all of them!

Steve Kinch….Wot they said. All thoroughly nice geezers! Mark was a fabulous player.

Pete Prescott…yes a stunning player.

Carol Ann Bolton… (photo 2) You could wear that now and not notice it was from another decade, unlike the ’70s.

Phil Gill… (photo 2) Tone appears a trifle confused as to the tie/collar interface configuration.

Geoff Carter… Played with Mark in his first band up in Yorkshire before he moved down to London. Awesome guy. We all miss him.