Brinsley Schwarz plus Chilli Willi – Hastings Pier 6th October 1973



poster & ticket supplied by Mick Mepham

Alan Esdaile…They used to be called ‘Kippington Lodge’ and came from Kent. Played in Hastings lots of times and I think the story goes, the America’s offered them Millions, changed their name and turned them into a stadium band over night.

Andre Martin….They used to be the stand by band for so many shows at the Pier when John Schofield was doing the promotions. They took the name from a large house/estate where the came from Cross Keys Nr Sevenoaks in Kent.

Steve Kinch….Brinsley repaired and re-fretted a couple of my basses a few years back – he was chief tech at Chandlers Guitars, Kew – don’t know if he’s still there, haven’t been there for a while. Jolly good job he made of them too!

Mick O’Dowd….Wish i’d seen this one. I liked the Schwarz and Chilli Willi and I have a couple of cd’s by them including the legendary “Bongoes Over Balham”. They never seemed to find their niche. Pity.

John Foyle… 1973. ‘October’ is nearly the only word that isn’t misspelled.

Michael Wilson… What a line up of pub rock greats

Phil Gill… Ooh I was there. Chilli Willi were fabulous and I had a conversation with the guitar player that taught me stuff I’ve remembered all my life. He was cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Rick Pentecost… I was there too! Wasn’t quite convinced by Brinsley but Chilli Willi were wonderful. I went straight out (well, the following Monday) and bought ‘Bongos over Balham’, still got it,- it still makes me smile!