Hastings Pier Greyhound Racer 1969

shared from Hastings Pier Community Archive https://www.hastingspierarchive.org.uk

photo from Chris & Sue Fisher

Chris & Sue Fisher… Hastings Pier Greyhound Racer 1969. We worked on the Greyhound Racer, Hastings Pier during student vacation in the summer of 1969. Chris and Sue Fisher (photo) and other students were callers and race commentator and Sue gave out the prizes. Ted Baker of Coburg Place, Hastings was manager of the Racer, it was owned by Mr Brenner. We managed to sneak in free to The Who concert and wrestler Mick McManus waved as he walked by. Long hours, 6 day weeks, low pay – but it was fun!

Lloyd Johnson… I remember David Muriel working on that in the early 60s….