Forcefield & Cozy Powell Memories – 1987


Here’s a rare photo of  Cozy Powell taken by Pete Prescott, rehearsing at Catsfield Studios playing the hammers!



left to right ray fenwick, chris cozens, cozy powell, pete prescott, neil murray

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The Mars Fenwick Band – Ash Ain’t Nothing But Trash! 1986



supplied by Pete Prescott

Featuring Johnny Mars, Ray Fenwick, Pete Shaw, Terry Pack & Chris Cozens.

Terry Pack…I don’t have a copy of this, but I remember shooting the video on a freezing cold day in an alleyway in Wapping. The place was covered in ash and treacle (to represent tar, yuk!) and one of the extras was Nick Mason, the drummer from Pink Floyd, who spent the day dressed in rags and covered in ash because the director was his friend. I met Nick recently and we talked about this shoot. He said he had a tape of it, and would make me a copy. I don’t have it yet, but I bet Pete Shaw has it (he has everything!)..I don’t remember the session either, but I’m guessing from the cover that we did it at Park Gates(?)

Alan Esdaile….It would be great to see a copy of the video. According to Pete Prescott this track was featured on the Esther Rantzen show for the anti smoking campaign. Interesting to know if any of the band were smoking at the time!

Terry Pack….John used to smoke cigars when I first met him in about 83, but he’d quit by the time we did this. Chris had been a smoker at college, but quit in his 20s. I’ve never smoked, and I suspect that neither Ray nor Pete ever have.

Pete Fairless…..I think this it is, guys!  Anette Lyton being, of course, Mrs Nick Mason…

Pete Shaw…..Quite an exciting time being involved in this….recorded at Park Gates, video recording in both a Thameside redundant warehouse and a studio….three dancers from our Harry R and Jumpjet girls…Including Kathy (later Fenwick)…fun with Warren Mitchell who played the office caretaker in the video, Annette who arrived all in black on a motorcycle following fiancé Nick Mason in his black 5 litre Porsche 928, lunch whilst all still in “costume” in a pub right on the Thames, and later TV showings and much publicity….and Terry was right, none of us actually smoked nor had a lighter to start the burning wreaths of fags on the Cadillac Hearse! And yes, I have a copy of all!! Plus, we still don’t smoke coz… “Ash ain’t nothing but trash……!!” Haha…

Terry Pack…..just watched the video. I don’t remember any of the studio stuff, or the girls. That must have been shot on a different day(?). All I remember is the stuff in the alley, and how cold it was! I have a very brief moment on camera, looking about 18! (Dave Cottrell please take note: you’re not the only one who looked 10 when aged nearly 30). I like the bass sound on this, and the playing. My Fender Jazz (back pick up only) straight into the board.

Pete Shaw was talking about this record and song on my radio show for CHR…

Pete Prescott… I’ve got the single. on the Forcefield album,  the vocal was removed and I sang on the same backing track with a different lyric. It was called fire in the city. I think this was shown on the Esther Ransom show.


Forcefield – in the Slough Studio 1988 & Chris Cozens photo 1986/1987


Pete Prescott…. Pete, Ray, Chris, Neil and Cozy 1988. Slough Studio.

img561 1098098_10151738390879287_1087702300_n

Chris Cozens and Pete Prescott & Ray Fenwick supplied by Pete Prescott

Chris Cozens….No, I’d not seen that one so I’m so happy that that hairstyle is preserved here! PS – I AM standing up!

Andy Qunta….Great shot!

Pete Prescott… Chris like me is a left handed player. When we started writing together he came to my place in Hastings. This is around 1986/87

Terry Pack…  I did some sessions on the Graham Bonnet albums, too. They were pretty shambolic affairs: multiple studios (at least three), Cozy’s drums covered in tea towels, Ray’s sequenced keyboards, an engineer (at Redwood) who had no idea. I’m amazed they got finished and released.

Pete Prescott…  I’m proud of the fact that two songs of mine are on the album but I hate the way he sang the ballad. He came in so strong vocally and made mince meat of it. I have not heard it in a long time to be honest and it wasn’t giving “the long and winding road” a run for its money as a song ha ha ! So back to my original statement. I do remember a very worried Ray wondering how he was going to get the lead vocals on the Bonnet album finished when he only had 4 weeks to do it ! (Tony Martin and I sang on albums in 4/5 days each). Cozy said he had warned Ray about Bonnet.”just ask Roger Glover ” he said. But Ray wanted a big name. When he had the right song Bonnet is amazing. I mean he is Graham Bonnet.

Pete Shaw… Simone and Catfunkle… Harmony Hairspray…. After and before! Luv ya Pete !

Pete Prescott & Geoff Whitehorn – jam 1999

geoff whitehorn


all photos supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott & Geoff Whitehorn (If, Crawler, Procol Harum) one off jam -1999 in Ropley.

Andy Qunta….Cool!

Peter Shaw….Reminds me of the Chris Cozens do at his home for his birthday! Plus Tezza Terry Pack and moi!!  Great guitarist that Geoff!!

Forcefield – more pictures recording studio 1988


img150img147 copy


Pete Prescott….pete prescott ray fenwick chris cozens neil murray and cozy powell was at the studio near slough (now closed down) i was ill.pretty bad.couldn’t sing.i was replaced by tony martin of black sabbath in the end (good singer). . . i was rattling.i had throat was covered in white spots !