The Spooks – 1964


supplied by Colin Fox

In Worthing at the Sussex Beat Group Championship. The Spooks came first in the heat but were beaten in the final. The Alexanders and Tony Kenward and The Defiants, both from Eastbourne, also took part. L to R: Colin Fox, you can just see the drummer, (John Atkins with dark glasses), Dave Shaw, Chris Putland and John Brooker.

Peter Millington….Well I wonder who won? The attached photos explain what a great night the final was at Elizabeth Hall, Eastbourne, at least it was for a Hastings group – The Confederates. L-R Tony Goodman, Ginger Millington, Dave Saunders, Johnny Conroy and Trevor Spears



The crowd at the Evening News Sussex Beat Competition. All supporting their favourite groups – Circa. March 1964


all photos supplied by Peter Millington

Peter Millington…Another cutting with more details of the finalists. The Evening News National competition in London didn’t materialise. The Four Pennies appearance was changed from Portsmouth to Broadstairs and they didn’t bother to turn up!!!! The Confederates had to do the gig on their own, great fun? Four Pennies fans were a bit p****d off to say the least.

Alan Esdaile….Can you remember what you spent the £50 on Pete?

Peter Millington…..Split 6 ways including our manager/driver/van owner, (£8.00 each with £2.00 in the kitty, no not the cat). My share put towards my HP payments for the new blue Fender Precision Bass and the Vox amplifier. No change left for pleasures of the flesh unfortunately LOL