Fiesta Club Claremont Hastings – members sign 60’s

supplied by John Busbridge

John printed the sign.

Alan Esdaile… Fiesta Club was a side door before you reach the downstairs coffee bar. Up loads of stairs, they had some great pinball tables and the windows had coloured glass.  I’m sure it was called something else? Still looking for photos of the coffee bar downstairs.

John Busbridge… Barry Herbert worked behind the bar, all the crockery was clear like pyrex and it was up two flights of stairs.

Lloyd Johnson… I use to go up there with ‘Enry ‘Arvey at times…we also use to pop into The Sombrero Coffee Bar which was over the road from The Anchor at times….The Sombrero some how has been forgotten in the passing of time….this would have been 63/64ish….

Marilyn Spence… Loved my Fiesta days

Hilary Gilbert… Tony worked there 1967-8, when we were saving up to get married. I’d sit there crocheting hats and scarves, with the same purpose!

Albert Pitman… Where was Fiesta Club?

Alan Esdaile… Albert, Trinity Street Claremont Hastings.

Albert Pitman… I wondered because I went to a Fiesta Club in South London, wellies were advised because of regular flooding toilets

John Davis… was it also called Cat Noir at some point?

Alan Esdaile… Don’t think so John but might be wrong. The only cat noir I knew was The Black Cat at York Buildings


Paul McCartney ambushed in Hastings in the 1980’s?


In the Hastings Observer (14th Aug 2015) is the above letter from Brian Westbrook. Anyone help with this or remember seeing the photo?

Jon McCallion… I’ve known Brian since I was 15, never met Paul McCartney, wish I could.

Chris Meachen… I’ve encountered him twice, once in Cambridge road, when one of his kids was in the R.E.S.H, & once in a shop in Tenterden,- ( ” Alright Paul?” “Alright mate”.) Seemed an alright bloke…..

Alan Esdaile… I’ve seen him twice, once going into the cinema in Queens Road and the other time in The Robin Hood pub Icklesham. I did try and book him for a judge on Miss World once and his agent put the phone down!

Mick O’Dowd… Used to see him regularly in Rye. Wings used the old Cinema in Cinque Ports Street to rehearse before a world tour in the 70’s.

Alan Esdaile… We did try and book Wings for the Pier, around 1974. Here’s the write up from the Evening Argus supplied by Andre Martin.


Style Promotions and Entertainment Agency & Simon Hanny 1985

Lance Collins… Brings back memories. I use to DJ with Terry years ago. Style 04 Disco

Tony May… I was with Style Promotions when working at Stylus and D.J’ing up at Flamingoes in Queen’s Rd.

Terry Tollan… Was our agent too back in the day Black Velvet.

Tony Ham… The Dekorators, used to see them playing in Rye. Used to go on Terry Avann’s coach trips to WWF wrestling, also remember seeing wrestling he put on on Hastings Pier.

Nastassja Kaschevsky… We played some good gigs there Tony, happy days!

Tony Ham… The place next to the police station.

Nastassja Kaschevsky… You’re right, it was Ma Beeton’s.

Mick O’Dowd… Terry Alan was also DJ Terry Avann who was a regular at Pebbles Night Club Winchelsea Beach in the 80’s. Anyone know if he’s still around?