Quadrille, Incredible Hog & Stormcrow – Hastings Pier – 29th March 1974. Iguana replaced Incredible Hog



poster supplied by Mick Mepham, flyer supplied by Roger Carey, Stormcrow photo 1 & photo  4 supplied by Chris Meachen, Stormcrow photo 2 and 3 supplied by Clive Richardson.

Quadrille and Incredible Hog did not play. Incredible Hog replaced by Iguana.

Clive Richardson….Quadrille turned up but the gear never arrived so Stormcrow did 2 sets. Also Incredible Hog cancelled and were replaced by Iguana. Iguana eventually became Jess Roden’s Band.

Peter Fairless… Always good to see pictures of bands in the ballroom!

Chris Meachen… Stormcrow’s singer was called Annie, if I recall correctly, & lived Bromley way.. I visited her for a couple of hours once when on the way to see ELP at the empire pool..

Clemen Pull – The Marquee April 1975

photo by Clive Richardson

Alan Esdaile… Played the pier many times, always excellent.

Chris Meachen… Kamikaze trident pilot is the only title of theirs I can remember.. Always a very entertaining band, though…

Chris Hunt…  Yay

Jan Ranson… Nice one

Mark Sims… Thanks, I haven’t seen that photo before. So many happy memories.

Peter Houghton… Yes I have seen them on the pier and they put on a very good show and they reminded me of Budgie

Vincent Pickering… Supported these guys at the Marquee Club in 1975. Our band was called ‘Benefit’.

Fred Ney… I saw Clemen Pull at the Marquee on 6 March 1974, supported by a band called Piggy, of whom I know nowt! Entry was 40p and, in the ‘posh’ bar to the left-hand side of the stage, I spotted the Clemen Pull Fan Club executive members (!) Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy), Lee Jackson (Refugee, ex-Nice), Patrick Moraz (Yes) and Tony Stratton-Smith (Charisma Records head honcho).

David Pike… Played the Marquee Club several times in the mid-seventies. Also Upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s in Frith Street, plus various venues in and around London, etc. The name of our group was called, Benefit. I was the drummer and one of the founding members, along with Steve Pickering and a guy called Chris Holt. Brian Mitch Mitchell was our vocalist. Steve’s younger brother joined us after Chris, plus another Guitarist called Paul had joined us for a brief period.


Rye and the Quarter Boys – anyone remember?

photo: https://www.discogs.com/artist/1855371-Rye-And-The-Quarter-Boys

Clive Richardson asks… does anyone remember Rye and the Quarter Boys? A great rock jazz group with brass section from the 1970’s?

Steve Boyce… I was the guitarist from 1981-1982. I appeared on the single “Fantasy / Private number”. I still have my copy (no, it’s not for sale). We weren’t so much jazz as soul, very much in the Stax mould.

Graham Bates… … and I was the drummer! If anyone has any live recordings, please let me know.

Kevin Williams… …..and that’s me singing. The production is very much of it’s time but I still love it’s ‘live’ sound.

Dave Nattress… Rye and the Quarterboys!! Just back-tracking a bit and found your single – Private Number. Now I thought the original was great – I still do, but yours is just wonderful – better. Love it. Won’t be the last time I play it.

Kevin Sheppard… In reply to Kevin Williams. Is that Kev who worked at the London hospital? I went to a few of your gigs at the college hall and the place down the canning town flyover long gone now

Karen Mc Kernan… I just found a copy of this belonging to my dad !

Mike Tomlin… ………… and I played keyboards. In the band from start to finish!

Vivien Mead… I remember watching you in the green rooms Bristol. Great band

Gareth Ward… Very disparaging towards the Q-Tips after a gig at QMC I recall

Gregory Brown… I played Saxophone in this band. (in reply to Kevin Sheppard) Yes Kevin worked at the London Hospital.

Ronnie… I used to be in a band which supported Rye and the Quarter Boys when they played at the Green Rooms in Bristol – more than once I think. I can remember them very cleary.

Ian Brazil… I saw R&QB several times between 1979 -80. Mainly at The Two Brewers pub in Clapham Common. Also a pub in Fulham (The King’s Head, I think) and a pub in Catford (The Tiger’s Head, or something like that). They were great. They had a few mods (I was one) who followed them because of the 60’s soul music. Many a find drunken night.

Gregory Brown… I was the sax player with Rye and The Quarterboys. We played in and around London and built up a very good following. I am still in touch with many of the members of the band: Kevin on vocals, Michael on keyboards, Del on Bass, Nick on Bass, Martin on guitar, Steve Boyce on guitar, Stewart on trumpet, Barney on sax. Graham on drums. The pub in Fulham was the Kings Head yes. Not sure about the Catford pub though. It was definitely soul based, not Jazz funk, some covers and some great original material.

Graham Bates… … and not forgetting… John Gifford on guitar and the late Chris Lawrence on ‘bone

Dave Nattress… It’s on now – beautiful- great vocal – well all of it. Plenty of space between all the instruments and voice. Nothing crowded. Just wonderful. Love to sing it but tonight a fearsome cold prevents it. As my previous post loved the original – still do but this is better. Just about to play it again. It’s on my evening playlist anyway!

Chris Newton… I went to see Rye And The Quarter Boys back in 1981/2. Great gig. Still have my copy of Private Number.

Des Harvey… I worked with Kevin Williams at the London Hospital in Whitechapel and would like to get in touch. information has passed on to Kevin.


Die Laughing – broken van & supporters (part 1 of 2)



supplied by Mick Mepham

In picture carrying gear is Kev Sayers ‘Sage’, on the way to the Marquee.


photo by Chris Meachen

Folk on the way to The Marquee. With Clive Richardson, Steve ‘Bill’ Balkham , John Veness and others.

Mick Mepham……Ended up with the gear going on the coach ….

Phil Gill…..Always best to put the gear on the coach – the van’s the first place they’ll search.

Tim Bruce……I was on the coach. Going up a hill, and the visibility getting worse due to smoke across the road. It was the van creating said smoke! The coach overtook the verry sick van, Tel driving and the centre seat up so that Tel’s passenger, (cant remember who) was pouring oil into the engine…

Andy Qunta……Maybe not so funny at the time, but a great story now! Good times…! 😉 Has there ever been a band without a broken-down van story? Curse those rascally wheel-ed things!

Mick Mepham……The first time we played in Gravesend I think we had the same van. Going up Bluebell Hill, Maidstone, it started to smoke. Made it to the top, then the roundabout as it used to be. We went round the r/about which disappeared altogether and thought we should stopCars were hooting at each other etc. Dodgy!!!! Went and phoned the venue from a call box and told them we might be a tad late. Started then van again and it was perfectly ok!!!! On we went. V small stage there and a sort of lunchtime audition. Got to the end of a song, did the usual burn-up and fell of the stage flat on my face and guitar (a Fender Strat). Everyone there P****** themselves laughing including the band. Ice broken! Job done. The rest is history …… Red Lion at Northfleet, great gig and still there and going strong. Hurrahh!!!!

Phil Thornton…..Die Laughing+Van=Drama !

Jan Warren… Great pics guys!!!

Pete Brazier… I remember it as if it was yesterday, good pic of John and Bill and can just about see Clive at the back, but afraid my memory falters on the others lol. Sorry to everyone else

Willie Wicking… Remember going with John Veness on the back of my Honda 400 4 to set up Die Laughings gig at the Hexegon Reading great memories remember knocking Lols drum kit into the stage as he always tried to be Kieth Moon

Simon Sayers… The top picture is a long lost picture of my dad! (Carrying the box). He passed away 5 years ago, it’s great to see the photos ! Thank you!!


Die Laughing – broken van & supporters on the way to The Marquee photos from Clive Richardson


All photos supplied by Clive Richardson

Pete Brazier…  I knew of their existence but the first time I have Seen Them😁 Better late than never lol

Kaz Brazier… was just going to say I just spotted my dad

Terry Corder… I remember it well. Oh how we laughed, not at the time though. Brilliant photos!

Diane Leigh… could you name the girl on first photo with blonde hair think its someone I knew she died day after her 24th birthday if its who I think it is.

Tim Moose Bruce… Terry, I remember the coach going past the van up that hill. You were driving. The centre seat was lifted to access the engine and I think it was Lol pouring oil into the smoke machine, er , I mean, engine. I was on the coach. Remember going up the hill on Sevenoaks bypass when it became very foggy. The fog coming from the van exhaust.

Terry Corder… Tim, used to do that a lot you know.

Ken Hatch… Looks like a “Derritron” outing

Ken Copsey… Great pictures!

Chris Meachen… Chris Rudge prominent in first photo, along with Annie.

Pete Brazier… It was a great Show too! (Still think Die Laughing should have won! (Outnumbered by the more Punk Orientated Groups! The only other group that stood out to me was a band that had a song “Worlds one And only Talking Arse!” The singer kept trying to look like he was singing out of his backside! A move to be made popular in the future by Jim Carey in Ace Venture Pet Detective.


Steamhammer – Hastings Pier 13th July 1973



supplied by Mick Mepham and Roger Carey

They originally came from Worthing and went on to be massive in Europe and tour with Led Zeppelin. Managed by Barry Taylor. Not so big in the UK but canny Clive Richardson realised the town was full of German students in July and I think he ended up with over 800 people.





ticket & management letter supplied by Clive Richardson

Geoff Peckham….A great band in their time who preempted the Quo sound and were very popular overseas. Original bass player, Steve, still lives in Worthing and has some tales to tell!

Andy Qunta….1st Steamhammer album – excellent! Still listen to that quite often! This is a stand-out track though!

poster supplied by Clive Richardson

Pete Houghton… That was a great night both Band’s were excellent

Richie Worley…  I’m trying to find out any info with regards to the support band Crimson Earth in this article from 1973, band members, management that sort of thing, also another band from the same time/area called Orange, any info would be much appreciated. I believe my father managed both bands back in the day.

Clive Richardson… I promoted this gig and think I booked Crimson Earth direct from an advert. I remember the band were good with a singer with a great voice. I think I paid them around £40/£45. Sorry I don’t have anymore information.

Dave Nattress… Thought I recognised a name. Martin Quittington (sic), is I’m sure the same “Martin Quittenton” who co-wrote Maggie May and You Wear It Well by Rod Stewart. He also co-wrote other stuff with Rod at that time and played guitar on several tracks!!

Watchfield Free Festival – August 1975

supplied by Clive Richardson – photo 1 Hastings Crew including Steve Nicholls, Clive Richardson and Cliff Hesselden. 

Phil Gill… Stallion played there twice, Friday and Sunday. Steve Demetri and I drove there in his lime green Lotus Europa – the hippies on the gate hated us for that when we arrived. I vividly recall us driving west on the M4 and watching a plane take off right alongside us into the setting sun, whist we listened to Jeff Beck’s tune “Diamond Dust”…it was perfect…like being in a video. One of those moments that I still treasure.
We played a set, and later, we all slept out round a campfire in the open, no tents. The rain woke us around 4am, so Steve decided he and I should go home and have a fry up in the motorway services on the way. We spent Saturday night in The Nelson and went back on Sunday, this time in Steve’s brother’s Lotus Elan 2+2. The hippies on the gate decided to hate us again, this time even more than they did on the Friday. Maybe the Elan offended them more than the Europa… It was a fun weekend.

Pete Fisher… excellent anecdote Phil!

Geoff Peckham… I enjoyed that memory, Phil.

Dr Julie Coultas… We were trekking across England on horseback in August 1975 (long story). I am currently writing up the journal from that time. Thursday 28th August 1975 – it turns out we rode through the Savernake Forest and some kind people let us put our horses and tent on their lawn for the night. They then took us to the Watchfield Festival. My memories are of a band called Stallion. Oh and also the cabbage curry we gratefully consumed while we were at the festival!!

Phil Gill… Julie Coultas, pleased you enjoyed Stallion. I was the 19 year old bass player in the band and we had a fabulous time at that festival.

Iain Cobby… Hey Phil, I remember that Lotus!

Dr Julie Coultas… Phil – I am just writing about the Watchfield Fesitval for my book. I am a bit confused as your band, Stallion, must have been memaorable for me to write about it in my horsetrek journal. Can you imagine how surreal it was for us – we had been riding across England for 9 days and then we end up at Watchfield! My journal entry says that we saw you Thursday 28th August 1975? Any memories or anecdotes from that night would be gratefully received and I would be happy to include them in my book. Sadly, our memories of that time were clouded by substances other than alcohol so it may be me who has it wrong…


Robert Calvert – The Marquee London

all photos by Clive Richardson

Dave Nattress… Haven’t looked this up yet to be sure, but wasn’t he in Hawkwind early on and a bit later known as the space cadet or something like?

Clive Richardson… Photos are about 1979/1980. Bob Calvert much acclaimed album Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters included Arthur Brown on guest vocals and some members of Hawkwind. BobCalvert/Nik Turner are accredited with introducing Stacia to Hawkwind. She danced with Nik Turner’s band in 2018, first time for 43 years. Bob Calvert is buried at Minister in Kent.

Xifer… indeed – resident Poet in the early days with readings on the Space Ritual and writing Silver Machine, later lead vocalist during the late seventies Hawklords phase before going Over The Top and splitting with the band in Paris on Tour where I believe they escaped bob chasing their car.  They could not longer trust the onstage sword fighting amongst other things. Many later solo records feature hw members personally I love his Freq album covering social issues the miners strike, work and machines.  Please discover this unsung visionary.

Is that Huggy? Any idea who this group is on Hastings Pier? Confirmed The Plastix

supplied by Clive Richardson

Martin Richter… Plastix ?

Tony Ham… Clockwork Criminals?

John Gale… nah, Plastix

Roy Stacey… It looks like the Plastix

Pete Houghton… I think it could be the Plastix

Virginia Davis… Looks like Plastix. Used to go to their rehearsals in some hall in Bexhill with my friend who was going out with one of them at the time.

Huggy Leaver… Plastix, me Wilma sago and oghead,. Never seen these x

John Gale… great photos aren’t they Hug ?

Ken Copsey… I would almost certainly say that was Huggy and the Plastix. Lack of bass player is a bit of a give away. What’s the venue? Not the pier as they audience appear to be on the same level as the band?

Anton Ludwig… Carlisle upstairs?

Yvonne Cleland… Looks like a charity gig Huggy did at the Chatsworth.

Ian Johnson… Looks like Huggy he was in the Plastix

Clive Richardson… It’s definitely the pier because I took the photos and the band played on the floor.

Alan Esdaile… Could it have been The Lurkers gig?

Huggy Leaver… I think it was The Lurkers gig

Ken Copsey… Wasn’t the Lurkers gig. I was at that one and Huggy, playfully pushed Dave Blackman away from the front of the stage with his foot on Dave’s chest. Think this must have been from an earlier Pier gig where the main band didn’t want them on the stage!

Peter Fairless… Thursday, 16th February 1978 – Die Laughing, Head On and The Plastix

Ken Copsey… So these pictures are only two weeks after the Lurkers gig. Funny to think that only 8 months later Huggy was in a tonic suite but at least they let him on the pier stage then and a few others. Life moves at a pace when you are young (ish) !

Tony Court-holmes… the legend that is Huggy

Ken Copsey… What a difference a year makes .Different barnet but they were at least letting him on the stage.