Who remembers these coins?

Jan Warren… Yes, of course …….. proper money!! and I’ve still got at least one of each of those coins!

Angela Frances Gardner…  I’ve got a few as well! Felt really rich if I had a half crown!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Ten Bob notes were my favourite, It went a long way back in the 60s!!- my wealthy Grandpa always gave my brother & I one each every time we saw him! My first job was in ‘old money’

Jim Breeds… Actually, a 10 bob note wasn’t particularly nutritiona

Colin Fox… I don’t know if any of you saw the article in the paper yesterday, but if you have one of the first decimal 2 pence pieces, and it has ‘New Pence’ rather than ‘Two Pence’ on it, then depending what condition it is in, it could be worth between £4,000 and £16,000.

Roger Simmonds… Me!

Alan Esdaile… I liked three pence pieces

Eugene Hughes… Me too Alan. Cant beat a nice pair of thrupenny bits.

Flanko Fin Barr… I still got some

Sid Saunders… And who can remember the White five pound note? White fivers were taken out of circulation in 1957. They were so big that you had to fold them to put a Wallet or purse.

Eric Peckham… Half a crown – shedload of money when I was small.

Dennis Torrance… Remember all the coins but the farthing was out of circulation in my youth . Half a crown was my pocket money

Martin Richter… The farthing are (just) before my time – but my granddad did the pools and the coin was on the front of the pools companies yearbook.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I was 4 when they ceased to be legal tender but my old Nan used them when we played cards to make it more interesting – brings back memories

Josie Lawson… I do…dad used to save farthings in a red box.left in car one night, was ruined as a young boy placed something under his garage door, you can imagine the rest. A write off. He also said, as a child he accidentally swallowed a 3d piece and his mum had to thump his back for it to come out..I remember all of them…

Charlie Ball… Ten bob

Phyllis Mendenhall… Still have some ,that was real money

Ernest Ballard… Not much worth a farthing in today’s shopping list

Pete Prescott… Me. I’m OLD !

Glenn Piper… Thrupenny bits

Andre Martin… Somebody has made a suggestion that once we have kicked the EU/Common Market? or whatever the current name of this multi layers and expensive beaucratic organisation is called today, we should adopt the onl £ s & p for currency, as well as the old imperial measurements. Not sure about this might not be a good idea if we want to trade with the colonies.

Rob Soundman… Missing from collection two shilling and farthing coins! Still got them all