St Johns Wood – 1969/1970

St. Johns Wood

supplied by Colin Fox

L to R: Ray Harper, Colin Pierce, Dave Shaw, Robin Sargent, Colin Fox and Rod Pittam sitting below.

Robert Searle….Nice one Colin

Andre Martin….Found this from my Hastings Pier Files


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Peter Millington…..I make the date as being 7th February 1970

Rob Sargent… I remember the photo session, on the beach just below the Wish Tower. Hope you’re all still rocking and enjoying it as much as I am.

Lynne Norris… I found this site accidentally and it triggered many memories of my teenage years and some really good music. I remember The Spooks and 4-Bidden well when they played upstairs at Club Continental. As a 16-year old, I absolutely adored Dave Shaw and I was beside myself when we moved to Burrow Down and Dave Shaw and his family lived just over the road from us at Den Hill.  Dave had this big old tank of a car and he would give me a lift sometimes.  I am pleased that he kept on rocking and am I sad to hear that he has passed away.

The Marty Wilde Show – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 28th January 1960 supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox…I just found this. The concert was on the 28 January 1960 at Bexhill (De La Warr Pavilion). I’m surprised it didn’t include a photo of Joe Brown.

Alan Parker… Joe Brown backed everyone, even Eddie Cochran when he toured here

Alan Esdaile… Jezebel was one of my favourite Marty Wilde tracks.

Lysander – Aquarius 18th March 1972



photo supplied by Hastings groups from 1958 to present.

L-R Back Row = Roy Sanderson, Tony Kenward, Rev Stockdale, L-R Front Row = Colin Fox, Pete Shaw, Ray Harper.

Robert Searle….A really good group.great vocals, Good material. Had the pleasure of playing with Colin Fox,Rev Stockdale and Pete Shaw. Tony Kenward has announced his retirement from group activities.

Terry Pack….I had the pleasure of playing with four of these guys: Tony, Rev, Colin Fox and Pete Shaw,during the 80s (and 90s in Pete’s case).

Pete Prescott….Pete looks like john bonham.petes a very good player.very that steve gadd thing down so well.i only played with rev in the jims a couple of times.and colin in the harry r’s.

Phil Thornton….agreed Pete looks like John Bonham and plays like Steve Gadd – haha ! great player and top bloke !

Dave Nattress… Roy Sanderson worked with a bunch of my old mates and we used to go and see him in The Road back then. I ended up buying my second car from Roy and his Wife back in about 1971 – a light Green Ford Anglia – 997 cc – £140.00. It was the old Anglia that I put my first cassette player in – sounded pretty poor I guess but with Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple Made in Japan blasting away – no prob. Did me well for a year or more till I could afford my Ford Cortina Mk 2, 1600E. Absolute dogs wotsits that was!!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Hey Gringo… Pete!  The hair?? The moustache?? What a great photo!

Andy Qunta… Great hair, Pete.

Jan Warren… We all had great hair in the 60s and 70s, thankfully I still have mine, I just can’t bear to cut it, its part of me and my history, and I will always love guys with long hair, hard to find these days ……… think hippy/bikers!!! – yeahhhh man!! 

Pete Shaw… Hi fans! Haha, that photo was actually taken on the steps outside EMI after we had recorded “Funny Little Things” and b sided it with “Rejoice” all for Polydor with Tony Rivers producing it…! Great guys, great hair, great fun…and for the record (!) we were named “Performance” ! Harmony Hairspray anyone???

Robert Searle… Love the photo love the group and still got my copy of the single.

Colin Fox is playing again

Colin Fox… I’ve come to the conclusion that the best drug, and most expensive over the years, is playing an instrument or singing in a band. Back in the 1970s, I sold all my equipment and gave up playing. In 1982 I popped into Bonners music shop in Grove Road Eastbopurne, to see how gear had progressed over the years. On the wall was a cherry sunburst Fender Stratocaster. I looked at it for ages……… and then bought it! Of course, I then had to buy an amp, followed by fx pedals etc. six years ago I again sold all my equipment and actually made a profit on the 1982 Strat, as it had become a collectors item. It still looked brand new, because I’ve always believed that an instrument is a tool and should be looked after. So why am I going on about this, because I’ve only bloomin’ gone and bought another Strat and amp. Admittedly this time they are secondhand from ebay, and were bargains at the price I got them for. I suppose the next thing will be an fx pedalboard. When will it stop, I ask myself. Well I’m coming up to 74 so it might not be for much longer. Anyway I can plonk to my hearts content again. I was quite often called a plonker in the past.

Colin Norton… Personally I think that this is great news and I’m glad to hear that you are playing again!

John Williams… I have done just that but i was a singer got meself a ukulele so now i sit at home playing and singing im 69 lol

Rob Soundman… Welcome back to the old plonkers club it keeps you fit and if you keep at it gets you out of the house (a lot)! (2 x real kits + 2 x electronic kits and a micro electronic hashup for the smaller venues) no room left in garage – Rob

Colin Fox… I expect you are the same as the rest of us, spent more than you earnt.

Len Smith… Thought you would not be able to leave it for much longer, let me know if you want(cheap) management!!!

Colin Fox… A couple of beers and a burger?

Len Smith… It’s a deal, contract in the post, better deal than I got before!

Jacqueline Marsh… Glad your back on track!! Since I started singing again I have had nothing but fun, and at 71 been out and done a Charity gig, gave me such a buzz, cant beat us oldies, we know the real music!!

Alan Esdaile… music is the best medicine.

Lynda Whatley… What a great “open story” thanks for sharing it – enjoy it all again Colin

Pete Fisher… keep on plonkin Colin.

Dave Nattress… An encouraging story – so best of luck. Inspires me to add the elusive third chord to the 2 I’ve had for 50+ years. I must get the book out again.

Colin Fox… yes go for it, you’ll be able to play some Status Quo then. lol

Tony Ball… May be a plonker but a good musical one, good on yer, keep it up.

Dave Nattress… LOL – nice one Colin. Good luck.


The Road – Cinema Hailsham 1970


supplied by Colin Fox

L to R: Roy Sanderson, Ray Harper, Bob Aylwood on drums, Tony Kenward and Colin Fox.

Geoff Peckham…..I can’t recall this band, but remember playing an interesting gig at a cinema in Hailsham in 1970 with Min. It must have been this place. Can anyone tell me more about it?

Colin Fox….Geoff, try this site:

Robert Searle… Geoff Peckham Didn’t you support us there?

Geoff Peckham… Quite likely, Bob. All I can remember of the gig is a weird light show, and a seemingly stoned audience gazing at us and occasionally laughing. Then I noticed that old silent movies were being projected onto a screen behind us!

Robert Searle… It’s a lovely place now, had some good bands here. I’ve seen Fairport Convention, Dylan Project,Albion Band, and Albert Lee who I’m going to see again in May,and Paul Jones and Dave Kelly.

The Road – 1970’s



Supplied by Trevor Spears & Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present.

Bob Aylwood, Trevor Spears, Roy Sanderson, Tony Kenward.

Colin Fox…..I think this was around 1970, as that is when Trevor left and I joined. I have a photo of a gig at Hailsham cinema when Trevor did the first set and left, and I did the second set.


supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox…..My second gig with ROAD at Westham community centre 1970. L to R: Ray Harper, Tony Kenward at the back, Roy Sanderson in front, Colin Fox and Bob Aylewood.

Andre Martin…..Did Roy ever smile ?  Knew him well when he played with Trev Spears back in time………………..

Colin Fox…..Roy had a great dry sense of humour and laughed a lot, but he thought it was cool to look moody lol


Performance & Lysander – photo & single funny little things 1973

10366020_10203959364407148_6543351858146771776_n 1470061_10206422995916396_6008959067822212289_n

 Andre Palfrey-martin collection                  supplied by Colin Fox

Pete Shaw…. line up… Pete Shaw Ray Harper Roy Sanderson Tony Kenward Colin Fox

Andre Martin…..just found this photo with Roy breaking in to a smile

Terry Pack…..Is that Peter James Shaw behind Ray?

Colin Fox…..Sure is!

Pete Shaw……Roy Sanderson and I had part time work as bookends…! And who is wearing harmony hairspray! Jesuz, the dressing room fug!!

Phil Gill…..Nice bell-end on your sleeve there

Pete Shaw…..Trendy huh Phil…you must’ve reached 8 years old when I bought my trendy apparel….and “bell end” certainly fitted the bill!!

Jane Hartley….That’s how I remember Pete Shaw!

Alan Esdaile……Just had a good look to see if I could find this on You Tube but no luck so far. Confusingly another band called ‘Performance signed to Polydor in 2005.

Colin Fox…..Tony Rivers was producing the record and came out of the control room eating an apple and said, “I think we need another harmony on that line”. He proceeded to sing the harmony while still eating his apple.

Robert Searle Got my copy. Great picture Colin


is this photo Performance or Lysander?

Peter Millington… I thought this was Lysander – Performance seems to have passed me by. How long did they last and do you remember the dates of Performance and Lysander’s existance?

Jane Hartley… Performance were still going in 75 if I remember correctly!

Pete Shaw… If my memory serves me correctly, Polydor records identified “Lysander” as a previously used band identifier so “Performance” was deemed acceptable…studio time was great as the “A” side was band vocals but session musicians whereas the “B” side was truly us.”Why?” you may ask, but the studio was incredibly busy with Micky Most stuff and I even was given a “White” copy of a brand new Hollies Album at the time! Several well known disc jockeys floating around and even my then girlfriend Janet Tamplin (from Westerham) made a visit to the studio! Pop stars huh!!!  I even drank ginger beer!!!

Colin Fox… I would trust what Peter Shaw says, his memory is better than mine. The photo on the stairs, (which I thought was Lyzander), must have been very close to when we changed our name to Performance.

David Smith… Dont forget my lap steel with wah-wah on the ‘B’side Pete & the scream at the end when you stood on my hair! 😉

Robert Searle… Rejoice.