Jim Bowen, David Kenny & Joe ‘Mr Piano’ Henderson – Combe Haven 1976

Julian Deeprose… Remember Dave Kenny roaring around in his Jensen Interceptor registration DK50

Simon Fraser… I used to be one of the photographers there. Also a bingo caller.

Patricia Burgess… Met my husband there in 63 when he played with the Talismen

Combe Haven Caravan Park St Leonards-on-Sea 60’s/70’s

b/w photo supplied by Colin Bell

Leigh Mitchell… I worked three summers in the bars there from 1974!

Dave Weeks… Sneaked in there a few times

Julian Deeprose… don’t know how many times I have been in that pool……Bloody cold

Kevin Burchett… I was a lifeguard there for the 1973 season its where I met my first wife

Sindy Snap… Have you got the record? Its fantastic, I love it. Sounds of Bob Rogers. ‘Meadowbank’ is the best!

Colin Harmer… I used to be the pool attendant!


Hastings Police Charity Night – Combe Haven 2nd October 1971


Darren Johnson… I went there with my parents for a week in the 70s

Andre Martin… DK [David Kenny ] was a great supporter of local charities, and this would have been one of the weekends before the camp closed down for the winter months and the Bars etc would have been fully operational.