Frank Carson – Hastings Sunday market 3rd March 1985

Eric Harmer… Funny man

Phil Gill… It’s the way he tells ‘em.

Eric Harmer… he made me laugh with one. “What’s the difference between my wife and a terrorist. You can negotiate with a terrorist”

Keith Roxborough… If you think so

Chris Howard… Might have been funny but was not very pleasant. I did a gig with him once his attitude was dreadful

Gerald Jeffery… It’s a Cracker ! It’s The Way I Tell Em !

Conan Howard… it was the way he told EM

Bobby Ball R.I.P.

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Roger Simmonds… Oh no I liked him very sad!

Vic Williams… Such a shame . Great part of that comedy duo . RIP .

Mike Holoway… ❤️❤️

Alan Wood… Seen live in London years ago, very funny,bloody Covid

Graham Sherrington… Oh Nooooooo Their film The Boys In Blue is on YouTube well American You Tube.

Peter Brazier…Tragic News! Another of our great comedians gone! 😪 (Diagnosis doesn’t mean that that’s what killed him though!)

Allan Testot-newick… Very funny guy…

Roland Clarke… Great comedian and actor!

Eric Harmer… Sad news great talent. Funny man and good actor

Ricky Adelaide… Sad news

Jacquie Hinves… Such very sad news.

Jacqueline Marsh… Oh dear another lovely person gone from us

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news. He was still very funny in Not Going Out with Lee Mack.

Mandy Wright… he was great in that. Brilliant show ! Xx

Yvonne Ellis… Prayers to his family and friends x

John Warner… Rock on Bobby!

Jerry Lewis R.I.P.

Josie Lawson… R.I.P.Jerry Lewis. You used to make me laugh so much in TV

Mark Gilham… I’m so sorry but I really thought that he’d died 10+ years ago.

Victoria Diaz-Fernandez… Me too – oops

Flanko Fin Barr… that was Norman Wisdom

Jan Warren… R.I.P Jerry Lewis, I remember his crazy films, he was a fun guy!!

Pete Millington… Had me in stitches many times. RIP Jerry and thanks for laughs

Jake Nelson… Me & my mates loved that slapstick style of his when we were kids.

Alan Esdaile… Loved his zany character and gave us many laugh out loud moments