Ex-Lax. Who remembers having to take this as a kid?

Alan Esdaile… I can remember my parents telling me it tastes like chocolate. You like chocolate. Argh! horrible, I spat it on the floor!

Dennis Torrance… That made me laugh it tasted terrible what was we eating then . I also remember liquid paraffin a horrible clear substance

Mike Waghorne… Should have eaten your veg as your mother told you too !

Gerry Powell… Milk of Magnesia was thrown down my throat if I refused to take that stuff. I still cannot eat dark chocolate as it reminds me of Ex-Lax

Michael Coller… Found that in the cupboard as a child, thought it was normal chocolate, ate it all, not a good result for my parents at the end

Gerry Fortsch… I remember my mate at work dishing it out to the lads and then they strangely disappearing for some time later.

Stuart Moir…I could always shit for England, no problem shoving smelly ones out

Annie Richards Cottis… Ah, but if things went the other way you’d get Kaolin & Morphine

Alan King… Bung me up Scott

Nigel Chorley…¬†Economy family size?????¬†Oh well we were all in the sxxt together. Share and Share alike

Vivienne Gibbs… We were always given syrup of figs – same effect and better taste

Ray Harper… Possibly a little to much information Stu.

Nicola Barfield… We were only talking about this yesterday

Gary Benton… Chocolated? Is that even a word?

Nick Prince… I remember Ex-Lax but I dont think I took it. I recall a slimming chocolate called AIDS in the 1970’s, clearly with a name like that it didn’t survive into the 80’s for long. For a while it was spelt AYDS but that change was too little too late.

Steve Thorpe… For that get up and go feeling….

Jason Stainer… That’s old school exlax. They’ve replaced the phenolphthalein with senna now because it turned out to cause cancer.