What cough sweets or cold remedy did you use to or still do take?


Sandy Max… I was in a church choir and imps were very popular before a service! Still use Vicks but I liked Tunes rather than the others (always the cherry menthol)

Josie Lawson… tunes, hacks,imps, vicks

Ian Quinnell… Used to crunch my way through bagfuls of Victory V’s. Think you can still buy them but the recipe has been changed to protect the health conscious

Alan Esdaile… My dad always had imps with him. Still use vicks. Tunes and Covonia I like as a lozenge. Used to have Lemsip but nowadays I prefer a slice of real lemon with a spoonful of honey in a hot cup of tea.

Dennis Torrance…  Hacks and imps victory v you had to be brave enough

Jack Nelson… I remember very clearly the menthol smell of Vicks. And I seem to vaguely recall trying one of my Nan’s ‘Hacks’. It seemed very strong to me then, and I didn’t ever want another.

Dave Nattress… All of these for cough/cold remedies – not sure if any actually worked and Victory V’s were torture + a hideously strong thing called Meggezones or something like that which I was also advised to try sucking before a gig to tone up the vocal chords. Tried a few times, and not sure it worked as well as getting half-slaughtered on beer. When very young my parents used to give my chest a coating of something called Goose Grease which was some unbelievably horrible greasy smelly stuff, presumably extract of Geese private parts. What about a few drops of Olbas Oil in hot water and sniff up the vapour. This was legal stuff!!

Mick Knights… A daily spoonful of cod liver oil and malt!!

Dizz Corinne Ryder… Still use Vicks and lemon strepsils.

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