Cracked Mirror at Maidstone Girls Tech School 14th February 1980

cracked mirror group

cracked mirror chris - cracked mirror 2 cracked mirror singer joe cracked mirror

all photos © Colin Winn. supplied by Tim White

John Wilde… Is that John Stiles on bass? Joe should be a Rock God.

Gary Kinch… It’s Chris on drums. Great shot.

Nigel Ford… Did I see their album is worth a bit?

Chris Sambrook… The singer is Colin Winn, Steve Smile was bassist, both from Maidstone, Joe Rytlewski from Battle on guitar and me Chris Sambrook from Hastings on drums.

Tim Moose Bruce… Loved seeing Cracked mirror. Got the album still. Great record.

Harry Randall… Allo me Chris Sambrook owes it anging?

Ernest Ballard… Joe, So young

Lucifer, Skinflint, Mirrors – The Carlisle Hastings 25th April 1985

Alan Esdaile… I don’t remember Cracked Mirror changing the name to Mirrors?

Martin Richter… “The Mirrors”

Colin Bell… Perhaps they did it on reflection……..

Dave Nattress… No me neither.  Used to go to many of the Carlisle gigs around this time.  Don’t recall this gig or the other bands – local bands?   Not heard of, i’ll try and look them up.

Alan Esdaile… Mick Mepham was in Lucifer.

Nick Shute… Alan, not the same Lucifer that did albums ‘big gun’ and ‘exit’ ??

Alan Esdaile… No Nick. I still have the exit album, in the yellow cover and pretty sure it was a freebie if you sent postage stamps to an address in NME???

Tim Moose Bruce… Lucifer was Brian Reeve on vocals. His next band was Steel Dawn`. Cracked Mirror were great. Got their album on vinyl.

Nikki Hanson… you did till I cracked it

Bonx Trigwell… Wow, played there a few times!

Ady Aacorn… Lucifer were great, travelling up to the Ruskin Arms with them for a gig was a hoot too.

Martin Stoggell… Lucifer in the Carlisle. They all looked like Lucifer the last time I was in there.
Dark faces. Horny heads. Gothic makeup got a lot to answer for.

Dave Nattress… A reflection of the Times – and other newspapers!

Rumours Club – 1982/1983







gig posters supplied by Mick Mempham, Expandis postes © John Alexander Wilde

Pete Fairless…Doing the boxer beat? I remember JoBoxers being fantastic! Thoroughly brilliant, in a dripping wet, hot and sweaty, rather loud, Crypt, kinda way!

rumourssupplied by Mark Richards The Crypt Archives .

John Wilde… Ha! The Expandis fantasy Ball. What a great New Years Eve.

Peter Millington… ABADABS Friday 26th November – 1982


Who remember Cracked Mirror? asks Diane Leigh

Diane Leigh… Who remembers the band cracked mirror played over the star pub alot back in the 70s

Eric Harmer… They had 7 years bad luck

Derek Johnson… That was a reflection Eric.

William Wallace… See them at Falaise Hall christ knows when. Metal band if I remember.

Nadia Compagnone… Still got the LP.

Paul Collins… Was that Joe? And Chris was their drummer I think.

Colin Winn… Could I state that I was the vocalist when Joe R finished with the Zoobies and came up to Maidstone to rehearse – 1979 onward. Barry Wood (RIP) had a hair salon in which we rehearsed. We recorded at BBC Radio Medway. Often played in The Albion Maidstone, The Tam O’ Shanter, Chatham, The Carlisle occasionally and other Sussex venues. I sang at The Falaise Halls. Barry Wood moved to The States and Chris took over on drums. Shortly after, Joe tended to move rehearsals to Sussex and the Maidstond bassist (the talented Steve Smile) and I found the round journies too excessive. All outlay. No incoming. Joe reverted to singing, added keyboards and recorded an album (somehow). I am in touch with Joe and he and I are hoping to remaster the BBC tapes. Hope this helps.

Stewart Rockett…

Diane Leigh… Those were the days! Look at Joe, worked with him for short while in factory

John Beeching… I was a roady for them, Their equipment used to blow fuses, so we would put a length of 6″ nail in instead of the usual fuse. Forgot to take it out at the Maidstone Girls school gig. Spent weeks expecting the damn place to burn down.

Pete Prescott…I first saw them when they played at the Chatsworth Hotel before Jim Jim and the Jim’s In 1980. I was also in a band with Joe in 1989/90 called Five Bob Rocket.

Harry Randall… I believe Joe is still about doing the Sound Engineer deck at The Carlisle

John Beeching… He’s starting back there soon. He’s also recording other people at his home studio.

Colin Winn… Harry, he does, I believe. Met up with him recently. Recording and mastering I think

Update On Record Values

From Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide

STALLION Skinny Kid £45.00



Cracked Mirrors

DIE LAUGHING Hard Living Man £50.00


FACTORY Time Machine £400.00


HOLLYWOOD KILLERS Goodbye Suicide £50.00

Goodbye Suicide lbl

TEENBEATS I Cant Control Myself £8.00


TEENBEATS Strength Of Nation p/s £15.00


Now what did I do with the Factory single?