Savage Hearts – 1982 – stage, pier, rumours (the crypt)



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all photos supplied by Mick Mepham

Mick Mepham… (photo 1) Hurrah! Note: The girl’s eyes front left!!!  (photo 4)  Takes me back to when Rumours was a really good gig. Packed out, hot, dark, sweaty and that was just Steve’s underwear …..This is how we use to get into the dressing room, hence the expression “the place was a dive”…… — With Steve Farris, Andy Animal, Momo Sex, Mick Mepham…. ”Not at all staged …..”

Flyer from The Crypt – November 1995


supplied by Stuart Huggett

Stuart Huggett… A typical monthly gig flyer from The Crypt at one of its mid-90s peaks (Nov ’95 this one). Mansun, The Wedding Present, The Real People, The Longpigs etc – a good month.

Alan Esdaile… don’t know if many people know but Richard Hawley was in the Longpigs.