Danny Stepto – JR’s Hastings 1990’s

photos © Danny Stepto shared from https://www.facebook.com/groups/126379645971567

Danny Stepto…So it’s taken me a while to find these, but as the saying goes… ‘The 90’s. So many memories. No evidence’. In a previous life, before I moved away from Hastings at the turn of the century, I used to play those cheesily cheerful charty party dance anthems to the masses across the south coast. It’s sad to see that all the clubs in Hastings I worked in have either closed down, burned down or been pulled down!  Here’s a couple of snaps of me at JR’s, slightly blurry due to the humidity. Remember the condensation running down the walls when it was packed?  Perhaps you can spot yourself on the dance floor? Big shout to the other DJ resident presidents who I worked with around the town back then (some of whom are still doing it now): Terry Hardwick Iggy Iggy Dave O’Regan Colin Russell Dan Boorman Paul Phillips Kevin Frost Benjamin Charles Hanny Laurie Adey. I salute you.