Centre Page – Bexhill 1970’s


photos supplied by Stuart Moir.

this is one of the early line up pics from Left to right from the back Dave (beano) Easton, Stuart Moir, bottom left to right Les Harding, Rev Stockdale, and Chris Howard .


Stuart Moir on the drums

Stuart Moir…… from left to right, Les Harding guitar/vocals, Dave beano Easton lead vocals/harmonica, Rev Stockdale keyboards/guitar/vocals, Chris Howard bass guitar/vocals, Stuart Moir drums/vocals.

Robert Searle….Dont forget the first lineupp Stuart was me Bob Searle guitar Mick Ingrams bass guitar Rev Stockdale keyboards Dave Easton the legend on vocals and you Stuart on drums although it didnt last long was still a good band.

Dave Easton…..I can certainly remember you in the band Bob and you certainly did a brilliant job as usual.

Andy Qunta….Great band! Most entertaining & enjoyable!

Conan Howard… you still around Les and your wife Cathy, remember me Len? a friend of Allen and Phyllis Watts

Cris Kennard… Kath and Les now living in Spain.

Centre Page – Yelton Hotel Hastings – Christmas Eve 1997

supplied by Karen Sweatman

Karen Sweatman… This was Christmas Eve. Centre Page appeared on Christmas Eve in the Yelton for a few years on the trot.

Andrew Reid McDuffie… Hold on……Is 1997 a long time ago now???

Karen Sweatman… Still seems like yesterday to me!

Andrew Reid McDuffie… Me too!

Dizz Corinne Ryder… I remember them from Mr Cherry’s in St.Leonards!

Gerry Fortsch… Dave was in hospital with my dad and they stayed friends. I knew him from The Suspect.

Robert Searle… Nice to see another photo of Dave Easton Centre Page

Angela Jordan… My Nan and grandad worked there years ago

Lance Collins… Worked a few times with Centre Page. Good days.

Mick O’Dowd… Loved that place. Good bands/atmosphere and a really great selection of people and assorted weirdos!

Karen Sweatman… I’m delighted to say that I fit the weirdo category!

Lance Collins… We have all grown up to socially acceptable responsible adults

Dave Nattress… Played the Yelton once with The Prisoners. Good gig. Dear old mate, Andy Leaney – (RIP) broke a string and then cut his finger, somehow, blood everywhere but like a trooper kept playing. But then Seasick Steve used to do well with 3 strings!

Gerry Fortsch… Always take new skin to a gig.

The Suspects – 1960’s


Karen Sweatman….This is The Suspects, who were a local band during the sixties and think the seventies. My Dad, Peter Blackman is the one second in from the right. Does anybody remember them? Would love to hear memories.


1470380_10152448252583272_2016640662_n 1472974_10152448253243272_1554188543_n

all photos supplied by Karen Sweatman

Dave Easton, Peter Shaw, John Unwin, Peter Blackman, Mick Ingram

Andy Qunta….Saw them many times – great band!

Peter Millington….Played Bass for them in 1972/3. Dave was the best front man around and what a voice!!!

Robert Searle….Also played bass with them1970/71 .With Dave Easton,Graham Putland,Trevor Spears and Stuart Moir,and later with Les Harding. First gig,Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall.Lovely times.

Alan Esdaile….Likewise, I saw them play many times. Great days.

Dave Easton….Great times and good friends

Andre Martin….Following on from the series of Photos of Suspects – I have found this in the Observer February 1966


Stuart Tanner….This is uncanny Peter Shaw, you have not changed at all !!!

Stuart Moir… OMG Beano Easton no less, didn’t you lot look smart he he … The Original Suspects who I joined when Pete’ decided to have a break.

Peter Shaw… John Unwin people, not Rod Sargent !!

originally thought it was Rod Sargent but have updated thanks to Pete Shaw.

Colin Fox… Wasn’t Graham Putland playing with the Suspects at some point?

Peter Shaw… Graham was in “The Lurking Gromwells” but yes Colin, Graham rolled his Ford Thames van (with us in it!) whilst in the Suspects taking out a farmers new fence! Doh!

Andre Martin… Thanks for that info Pete, somebody asked me about the Lurking Gromwells a few weeks back in conjunction I think with the Pier – now you have provided the answer.

Jane Hartley… Suspects van parked down the bottom of my road yesterday!

Robert Searle… Was Suspects when I was a member

Chris Baker… I remember Graham letting me try his Gibson Les Paul at the Round Table. Felt like it hardly had frets at all!

Mick O’Dowd… Deep Purple (Hastings) played with The Suspects and Prohibition at the Polegrove Bexhill for an event called “Rodeo 67” think it might have been 1967.


Harry R & The Jump Jets – The Continental 1982 & De La Warr 1983


The Continental Bexhill 22nd September 1982supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott, Terry Pack, Dave Easton, Pete Shaw, Andy Caine and Ray Fenwick.


img085 img083

The De La Warr Pavilion 5th October 1983 supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott ….it was one of those short lived (and everyone new it ) fun bands.ray was good at getting everyone on board and organising rehearsals.i learned 48 rock and roll songs in a week.the best 24 were picked and the rest dumped.i could still sing most me then now.we all learned a lot.especially how good rock and roll is.and how influential it is.

Robert Searle… Good pictures of Pete and great picture of some great musos.

Jane Hartley… Nice legs!

Phil Gill… You wouldn’t want to take any of ’em home to meet your parents, would you?

Harry Randall… I’m wondering what’s happened to them all?

Janet Rennie… Lovely boys

Mark Gilham… What is it with Ray and promo pics?

Pete Prescott… Great band ! Andy and Ray played so well. Fantastic players. We had our moments.

Terry Pack…  did a number of recordings with him, including a country blues album(!). I liked him and he was a very good player: much more than a rocker.

Andy Caine… Bags of fun!!!

Martyn Baker… Great band photo!

Pete Shaw… What fun we all had..before Harry R, during the mad days of Harry R and after where we all did a bomb burst back into more mad music in varying bands!! Great lessons learnt…22 minute guitar solos..easy!!!

Pete Prescott… Yeah ray solo Andy solo Andy Qunta solo Tony Qunta West solo ray solo in a blues jam. 28 sodding minutes ha ha !

Phil Gill… I believe Rev Stockdale’s mum met several of them one morning when she walked into her living room and found them asleep on the floor.

Pete Shaw… What fun we all had..before Harry R, during the mad days of Harry R and after where we all did a bomb burst back into more mad music in varying bands!! Great lessons learnt…22 minute guitar solos..easy!!! And I’m allegedly a drummer…!

Andy Caine… Making as much noise as possible!

Martyn Baker… I’ll have you know, my parents met at least 3 of them.

Centre Page with Rev at The Yelton Hotel – early 2000

13662384_10154351269189772_1212402724_o 13892129_10154421833124772_6955149915487129911_n

supplied by Josie Lawson

Another great photo from Josie Lawson.  Josie’s cousin Rev was the keyboard player. I would think this is Centre Page with the much missed Dave Easton anyone confirm.

Colin Fox… Dermot playing Bass.

Peter Gladwish… Yep! ‘Centre Page’ with the incomparible Dave Easton on vocals. I was the drummer when Rev was in the band, before my time with ‘Looking Back’. Two great bands!

Josie Lawson… This photo was taken when The Entertainer mag was around as I wrote about this with my cousin and they published it. I called the poem I think “My long lost cousin”. I don’t know if copies of the mag were ever kept but unfortunately a lot of my research etc were thrown as I explained to you due to ill health.

Colin Fox… The last time I saw Rev he was having a drink at Cooden Beach Hotel. He had really long grey hair and beard.

Josie Lawson…I think that may have been before he passed which was 23rd December 2004 sad days. Last time I saw Rev my cousin he said even though I have all my disabilities to follow my heart and dreams as I could make it.He said he followed my creativity within the Mags.It was so good meeting him again after all those years.Just by chance I heard his name when the band took a break.I heard his name and knew and he realised too and so a hug was had.Would be great to have the poem again.I have many floppy discs with many of my poems but that is where they Are at the moment until I can gain access.

Anyone help Josie with copies of The Entertainer magazine?

Colin Fox… That’s correct Josie. Everyone loved him even though he some problems.

Suspect – 1971 to 1973

suspect 1971 11923607_1098814243485035_3869669517575180205_n

supplied by Peter Millington

photo 1 – SUSPECT – 1971 – 1972 – L-R Dave Easton, Mick Ingram, Stuart Moir, Graham Putland, Rev Stockdale.

photo 2 – SUSPECT – 1972 – 1973 – L-R Dave Easton, Peter (Ginger) Millington, Stuart Moir, Graham Putland, Rev Stockdale.

Peter Millington… Took a long time to dress the same and find the tree after 2 years LOL

Mark Harris… Brilliant stuff.

Andy Qunta… Great band, cool tree!


Dave Easton R.I.P.


Dave Easton R.I.P. Very sorry to report that Dave has passed away. My thoughts are with his family at this very sad time.

Susie Prescott… So sad. What a decent bloke he was. RIP Dave xxx

Graham Burfield… RIP Dave a true gent will always remember you,condolences to Pearl and family.

Kevin Burchett… R.I.P Dave my memories go right back to when i was 17 you playing at the Battle hop.

Richard Moore… Wonderful character of the local music scene. May he be at peace and in a special place now.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Sad news, my thoughts are with his family & friends.

Virginia Davis… R.I.P. Condolences to his family.

John Wilde… Sincere condolences to Daves family. He was a truly wonderful Man.
His passing will send ripples of sadness. Soar high good Soul, journey on.
Thank you for your Voice and personality. You will be remembered fondly.

Phil Gill… Very sad news Alan, Dave was a top bloke. My condolences to Pearl and the family.

Pete Prescott… Very sad. I have great memories of singing with dave at the hop gigs.we had to dance as well. We had a lot of fun. Nice guy. Very good singer.a real character. A loss. There will be a lot of stories. A legend.

Chris Cozens… Dave meant so much to so many of us locals. It was a rite of passage to work with Dave for so many of us. It was a pleasure and a privilege to know and work with you Dave. X

Karen Sweatman… Very sad news. Condolences to his family and friends.

David Miller… I never met Dave but he sounds like a great character and a fine man, especially according to everyone on this conversation. Any friend of all these people is a friend of mine. Bless you, Dave, on your journey and to your family and other partners.in the dance.

Terry Pack… Sad to read this. I have fond memories of Dave and all those gigs at The Continental during the 1980s.

Pete Shaw… So pleased that I managed to see and talk to David last Friday evening.The sensitive phone call I had from Tony Bird that Friday afternoon indicated how serious it was for David. So sad and sorry that David’s life has passed, but I am so grateful to him, as many others will be, that his musical direction and professionalism enabled me to expand my own young drumming skills. My sincere condolences to Pearl Easton and their family. You’ll never be forgotten Dave and many, many thanks. My now 93 year old mum used to make bread pudding for The Suspects practice nights..sorrow from her too over Dave. Rock on!!

Phil Thornton… sad news, RIP Dave.

Christine Bondin… Sad news lovely guy .

Andy Knight… Dave, you were one of my earliest memories of local music, a big man in many ways, in my prayers. RIP.

Andre Martin… A very sad day for many, my memories of Dave go beyong the Music Scene to his time with the GPO/Telecom – RIP you old rocker.

Mick Mepham… It speaks volumes that so many people held David in high regard, only sorry that I didn’t get to know him. R.I.P.

Ralph Town… He used to work with my Father in Law.He’ll be sad to hear of his passing.

Mick O’Dowd… Today we have lost not only a smashing bloke and great performer. we have also lost a friend. He helped me alot of times at gigs when I did backing discos for Centre Page and he was one of the best R.I.P. Dave.

Colin Bell… R.I.P. All condolences to family and friends.

Pete Prescott… He (and the guys) were the big deal in Hastings in their time. Record deal. Gigs abroad. At Beatles day they were a band that had BEEN there and got the t shirt ! Other bands used to comment on their version of “it won’t be long” they all sang. They were a bloody good band. And with Dave they had a great front man, he used to follow women into the toilet while he was singing! The screams would come over the p.a. There will be some good stories coming out I’m sure. Still very sad but he will be be remembered as a good singer/frontman/and great bloke which is pretty rare.

Stuart Moir… For all Daves friends, his funeral has been arranged for the 6th October at 1.15pm at the Hastings Crematorium. I am going to see Pearl tomorrow morning to put a eulogy together as she would like all his musical contacts over the years to be involved in some way and I could do with as much help as I can muster.

Dave Nattress… Yeah, many memories of Dave and the bands he was in going back a long, long time, and if I remember correctly the little old Olive Green GPO telephone van he drove – then I think the GPO modernized them and they turned them Yellow – Morris Minor vans I think. I used to work in Endwell Road, Bexhill and remember many times seeing Dave coming out of the Post Office yard in the van off to do another job and masses of gigs in and around Bexhill.

Marianne Hay… R.I.P lovely guy, remembering happy times at 58/Pebbles club also at Hastings telephone exchange when we worked for GPO. Condolences to all of your family, keep singing wherever you are.

Pete Prescott…  Some photos of Dave from the Bexhill hop gigs 1982/3. With Pete Shaw, Terry Pack, Andy Caine and Ray Fenwick.


Leigh Wieland-Boys… Seeing these old photos has really taken me back and althought I didn’t know Dave personally, he was always “there” – either entertaining us or driving around in his GPO van – brings back great memories of my life in Hastings. He will be missed by many.

Bill Palmer… In Sheffield……..Sad news, lived next door but one to Dave Easton for many years. Also remember him in Suspects in the 60s. Thoughts go to Pearl & family. R.I.P. (Rock In Peace).

Sue Goodsell… RIP Dave x My heart goes out to Pearl and family xx

Peter Millington…  A very fond farewell was made to Dave Easton yesterday. His funeral was attended by many musicians and close friends who celebrated his life and commitment to music. Dave was the best front man for many miles around and led two of the most infleuential groups, SUSPECT and CENTRE PAGE. I had the pleasure of playing with SUSPECT in 1972/73 and depping with CENTRE PAGE in recent years. A great friend and fun to be around. Dave I’m sure you’ve already started forming another 1st rate harmony group with our friends Paul Burton and Chris Sayer amongst others. RIP mate.


supplied by Peter Millington

Louise Griffin… Hi my name is Louise and I am David Eastons granddaughter very sad at this time.

Harry R & The Jump Jets and the dancers




all photos supplied by Colin Fox

Peter Shaw getting sustenance between sets at Herstmonceux castle with Harry R & The Jump Jets

Andy Qunta….I see a full glass of wine in his hand, and an empty one on the floor! Way to go, Pete!

Pete Prescott….we played there to a very quiet crowd.i remember ray saying something about them being miserable only to be told they had all been informed that morning they were losing their jobs ! good gig.almost got the dance routine right.

Terry Pack……Brings back some happy memories . Wasn’t Cathy beautiful!

Dave Easton……Wonderful times.

Colin Fox…..Didn´t Cathy dance with Legs & Co on top of the pops? and isn´t that her sister top right?

Terry Pack……She was in The Young Generation, which was ITV’s version and danced on shows like Lift Off. Yes, that’s Linda, top right.

Pete Prescott…..she was also in the “feet” a three piece that danced on magpie.i have seen a couple of the girls over the years.lovely times.


Harry R & The Jump Jets rehearsal Catsfield – 1983


supplied by Hastings groups from 1958 to present

Dave Easton vocals, Stuart Moir, drums and Phil Gill on Bass.

Andy Qunta….”Phil Gill again! How does he do it?

Phil Gill….”I thought this was a Harry R rehearsal or me doing a dep for Centre Page. If it’s neither of those then I have no recollection of this musical situation.”

Joe Knight….GREAT VOCALIST!!!!

Janine Anne Hemsley…..Worked down Rennie’s with these guys  I was doing the jazz before they came on lol