The Roosters – Waiting For That Girl single 1990

Supplied by Dave Trodd

Who remembers The Roosters ? David Blundell, Gareth Charles, Ben Farrah, Tony Norman.

Shaun Pont… I remember seeing them at The Sussex in Sidley and The Archery in Eastbourne around this time but don’t recall the single which is not listed on Discogs.

David Blundell… Still love that song – it was a staple of our live set and always went down well. By the way, that’s Ben in the suspenders! Great contribution from Abbey Davies too!

The Mobiles – Long Time 1982 & chat




supplied by Bertie Wiseman

The Mobiles featured David Blundell, Chris Downton,  Russ Madge,  Anna Maria,  Eddie Smithson,  John Smithson

Nick Prince… Who remembers The Mobiles, who were based in Eastbourne. The bands members came from Hastings, Eastbourne and Bexhill. I distinctly remember Anna Maria, the lead singer came from Ore. They had two hits, Drowning in Berlin, and Amour Amour, having been doing the local pub circuit for a while. Did anyone on here see them?

Mark Randall… Only on TOTP with a Bowie at Victoria Station stylee salute

Henry Mann… She used to live just round the corner from me. Big surprise to see her on TOTP.

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