David Bowie dies.

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Source: (1) AVRO Licentie afbeeldingen Beeld en Geluidwik. Beeld En Geluid Wiki – Gallerie: Toppop 1974. (2) Rik Walton http://www.flickr.com/photos/rikwalton/2259388449/ http://www.rikwalton.com


Chris Giles… I’m very very sad and shocked. It is a sad day.

Alan Esdaile… Shocking news I can’t believe it.

Martin Richter… ouch

Nick Prince… I kind of hope that David Bowie has just gone off to reinvent himself again. However. It appears that even he can’t come back from this. So talented. My favourite Bowie era was Ziggy Stardust but also how amazing was he in Laberynth? RIP

Colin Bell… You’ll always be the ‘Prettiest Star’ Very sad R.I.P. David.

Allyson Breed… I loved Labyrinth, it’s a marmite film I think.

Matt Thomas… Am i alone in thinking that the death of Bowie is more upsetting than when we lost Lennon or Presley? I cant help but get a tear in my eye today everytime they play one of his songs on the radio.The man made such an impact to my life and i never met him but cant help but feel such sorrow.xx

Andre Martin… The music world was again shocked this morning of the death in New York yesterday of David Bowie, somebody who had an impact on our lives over the year, some more profoundly than others. I will be honest and say that I was never a great Bowie fan some of his tracks I liked, others not so much. He also had an impact of Hastings, and very briefly here are some of the groups that played the various venues that we frequented in the 1960s. The Pier Ballroom, The Witch Doctor and The Cobweb, some of you may well add others to this list, but my particular research is mainly the decade of the 60s.
Some of the groups included: The Konrads , King Bees , Mannish Boys ,The Buzz ,The Lower Third
Later Davie Jones & The Lower Third ,The Riot Squad.He may or may not have actually been with any of these, when they played Hastings, that level of information is very difficult to find, but some we do know about and his presence [live] has been noted. RIP David Bowie, but let us not be too sad, because he left such a back catalogue there will always be something that we can to relate with.

Peter Fairless… He played several times at The Witch Doctor, dates can be confirmed fairly easily by visiting fan sites. Although The Konrads played the pier, David had left them by that date, indeed, I seem to recall that he played a gig elsewhere on the night they played the pier – again, fan sites can confirm that. As far as I am aware, he did not play on the pier on any other dates, or under any other names. Unless, of course, anyone knows better… .

Neil Cartwright… Please excuse me – I need to write something here.David Bowie was one of my biggest Heroes – he was my teen years and so much more. ‘Starman’ was the second song I ever learned to play on guitar – I still have a recording of me playing/singing from October 1972. Went to see him on his Ziggy tour in May 1973. Hearing of his death, hit me. Driving to my first contract this morning, I couldn’t focus; listening idly to the new David Gilmour album, my mind elsewhere, trying to digest the news. And then, the strangest sensation. Track 10 came on (‘And then …’) and it felt the right music, the right place, right time. Clarity. The day seemed brighter. Future decisions seemed easier – we only have one life. Epiphany. And I realised that, in spite of it being Gilmour I was listening to, I was, in fact, thanking David Bowie for all the immense joy he had given me; thanking him for shaping my teenage years; thanking him for just being there, at a time I needed him most. I must add, though, that as the day closes, the daylight feels a little darker without him.

Jacqueline Patton… perfect words Neil.

Peter Howard… Homo superior . Changed my life 🙁 I cried on the way to work this morning when radio 6 played the German version of heroes.

Neil Cartwright…  I can’t put ‘like’, but I know what you mean. I keep crying, and I don’t know why. I’ve designated January as a ‘dry’ month, but at the moment, I’d join him in his oblivion. Don’t want to read any more newspaper reports. I explained to my 12 year old daughter why I was a bit subdued, and of course, she doesn’t understand. Moments later, she’s upstairs, giggling with her brother – but it’s all OK. So at the moment, I’m in the kitchen, preparing cauliflower cheese listening to Blackstar – a masterpiece independent of the circumstances – at reasonable volume, of course. Such is life – but it’s all OK.

Peter Howard… A friend posted earlier that when she dropped her son at school this morning one of the teachers had set up a big speaker and Heroes was blasting out to welcome the kids.

Philip John… So sad to hear David died last night. I thought he’d last for ever. Rest in Peace.

Pete Prescott… Not ashamed to say I shed a tear. Man who sold the world oh you pretty thing we’re personnel favourites. So sad.

Andy Qunta… Sorry to hear about David Bowie! Great artist and nice guy!

Chris Meachen… Just shocked at the news of David Bowie being gone from us.. I’d always thought that this intelligent & talented man was immortal. At least his music is….

John Wilde… David Bowie. Thank you. For your inspiration.Your lyrics. Your melodies. Your vision. Your presence. Your art. You made it OK to be different. I will always love you.

Jim Breeds… The irony. “Shipping delays” meant that his latest LP didn’t arrive on the day of release as intended. The postman just delivered it on this very sad day. Thank you David Bowie for your music and general awesomeness.

Colin Norton… Sad to hear of David Bowie’s passing this morning. I met him on two occasions, once when we played on the same concert back in the late sixties and a second time when the promotion company I worked for organized the fourth date on the “Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars” tour at Brighton Dome on February 14th, 1972. My favorite Bowie song was from the “Hunky Dory” album… “Life On Mars”. RIP David

Dave Nattress…Just going out this morning at about 6.55 and switched Radio Sussex on for the first inaccurate road report of the day and then they interrupted the usual prog a couple of minutes afterwards and just said very quietly that David had died, and it was unbelievable, and for a few more minutes and mentions it was still unbelievable but slowly it came through -it was obviously true. No question as to David’s place in music history – and so often said, but there will never be another to touch him. Wherever you are David, wherever in the Universe, love and thanks from zillions and zillions of us mortals. I want to play Ziggy Stardust but it’ll be a few days till I can hack it.