Expandis – Hastings Pier 3rd July 1982 & promo photo




poster & ticket supplied by Mick Mepham,    photo supplied by David Miller.

Phil Thornton….Many thanks to Mick Mepham for finding this old poster ! This brings back happy memories of a fine evening on the pier ! – we (EXPANDIS) had the ballroom about half full (over 600 people)
we had a few guests that night … Min on Sax, the ‘Foxx’ dance troop and of course the ‘Bag ladies’ !

Yvonne Cleland… The DLWP should book Expandis!

Kev Towner… It’s like a trio of Trevor Horns!!

Alan Esdaile… I always thought they would be great on Later with Jools Holland. What is that in John’s hand?

Phil Thornton… its a mk 3 sonic disruptor. when we were all on the mothership John was usually on ‘shotgun duty’

John Wilde… we came from the future……

Phil Thornton… ……… and crash landed in Bexhill (the cosmic AA have been called)

David Miller… It seems like only yesterday…..

Paul McCartney ambushed in Hastings in the 1980’s?


In the Hastings Observer (14th Aug 2015) is the above letter from Brian Westbrook. Anyone help with this or remember seeing the photo?

Jon McCallion… I’ve known Brian since I was 15, never met Paul McCartney, wish I could.

Chris Meachen… I’ve encountered him twice, once in Cambridge road, when one of his kids was in the R.E.S.H, & once in a shop in Tenterden,- ( ” Alright Paul?” “Alright mate”.) Seemed an alright bloke…..

Alan Esdaile… I’ve seen him twice, once going into the cinema in Queens Road and the other time in The Robin Hood pub Icklesham. I did try and book him for a judge on Miss World once and his agent put the phone down!

Mick O’Dowd… Used to see him regularly in Rye. Wings used the old Cinema in Cinque Ports Street to rehearse before a world tour in the 70’s.

Alan Esdaile… We did try and book Wings for the Pier, around 1974. Here’s the write up from the Evening Argus supplied by Andre Martin.


Expandis – Hastings Carnival 1983


supplied by John Wilde    David Miller, John Alexander Wilde and Philip George Thornton.

Phil Gill……Photo taken a split second before the bus ploughed into the stage.

and from 1981 – Moment Of Passion

Yvonne Cleland… My mum could have made two pairs of trahsers out of those strides 🙂 🙂

John Wilde… Great memory, thanks Alan. Oh if only I had saved that gear. Loved those pants! Great times.

David Miller… Loved that day, that event and that performance.

Phil Thornton…  was going for the ‘space priest’ look which has fallen out of favour in recent years … cant get hats like that anymore ! Just noticed I’m playing an acoustic 12 string !! I must have been going through a phase !

Phil Gill… Eko Ranger 12? I used to have one of those…. I’ll say no more.

Andy Qunta… Those are surely award-winning trousers that John is flaunting!



More Expandis rarities 1983 supplied by Roger Carey.



img264 img265

photo, poster and play list all supplied by Roger Carey

More Expandis rarities. supplied by Roger Carey who played bass for the band in 1983.

Photo from Vines Cross Festival near Heathfield (Top of the bill was The Enid) L-R David Miller guitar/vocals, Roger Carey bass, John Wilde vocals percussion, Phil Thornton keyboards/vocals. Poster – Rumours Club Hastings 22nd July 1983 & Alexandra Park 23rd July 1983. Set lists. Probably from a gig in London and a gig in Bath. Notice the van hire charges totally £40.00.

John Wilde… Wahooo. Nice save Roger!

David Miller… Great pic of a great day and other fine stuff – nice one, Roger….

Yvonne Cleland… What a picture, what a photograph! Good find, Rog! x

Redwood – 1972

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                 supplied by Derek Buck.                                      supplied by David Miller.

Del Buck… a picture of David Miller, the nascent rock god himself wielding his Columbus 335 copy (upside down and back to front of course) – this would have been late 1972. Drums is Jim Whittle, The bass player is the late lamented Steve Harries. I’m there but completely hidden behind Dave – probably just as well. Also the full photo of the band with Del shared from David Miller’s Facebook page.

Expandis – David Miller Rocket Records promo photo & others




all photos supplied by David Miller

Backstage at The Crypt, David Miller Rocket Records promo photo & The Carlisle 1981.

John Wilde….(Dave Miller photo) A favorite image.

Dave Miller…..I like that one a lot too – I had fun decorating that white shirt by blowing differnt dyes at it using a straw. Good times…

John Wilde……You impressed me with that whole graphic psychedelic look. The transparent watch and the multilense shades. It was though the black plastic crocodile skin pants that got me.

Dave Miller…..It was quite the look, wunnit? It was a fun time for just putting things together and enjoying the sum of them. I thought the digi-watch with the inner gubbins reversed so you saw the circuitry came through you…. Lennon specs and clip-on shades were quite the look too….

Angela Frances Gardner…..”So young!!”