Summer Special – Ritz, Smokestack Lightning, DC Disco – Falaise Hall 30th June 1978

supplied by Smokestack Lightning Facebook page

Mike Mitchell… You don’t see an apostrophe at the front of the word phone these days. Oh how standards have slipped

Neil Partrick… Yes and a “disc jockey” too. Great poster.

Eugene Hughes… DC Disco. I was only chatting with Adrian last week.

Smokestack Lightning – Priory Road School Dance Hastings Caves – 12th May 1978


all photos supplied by Teenbeats Facebook Page

Glenn Piper… Must be more than 40 years as the school ceased in about 1974 when it became a comprehensive

Pete Fairless…  It didn’t become a comp. until about ’79 or ’80

Graham Marriott… Wonderful acoustics for mobile disco in them caves 1980’s

Jim Breeds… They didn’t do things like this in my days at HSSB.