The Average White Band – Person To Person Tour – De La Warr Pavilion rescheduled 17th May 2020

The Average White Band are widely regarded as one of the best soul and funk bands in the history of music.  Best known for their timeless instrumental mega-hit Pick Up the Pieces the band’s strength actually lay in their consistently accomplished song-writing, stretching across several gold selling albums and multi- grammy nominations for the legendary Atlantic Records.

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The Marty Wilde Show – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 28th January 1960 supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox…I just found this. The concert was on the 28 January 1960 at Bexhill (De La Warr Pavilion). I’m surprised it didn’t include a photo of Joe Brown.

Alan Parker… Joe Brown backed everyone, even Eddie Cochran when he toured here

Alan Esdaile… Jezebel was one of my favourite Marty Wilde tracks.

Beat Rave – De La Warr Pavilion – The Onyx and The Forbidden Fruit 4th September 1968

Andy Qunta… I just love the phrase Beat Rave!

Catherine Ireland… Must have gone to this , who were The Onyx ? I remember the name?

Robert Searle… When i first moved to Sussex in the late 60s.i thought the expression was sort of dated.Having said that,i had some great nights at the De La Warr at the Beat Raves.

Mike Waghorne… I probably went to that ?

The Confederates live recording on the TVS Home Grown 1966

The Confederates live recording on the TVS Programme – Home Grown at the De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill on 22nd March 1966.

Mike Waghorne… Is that the same program that also has Dave dee, dozy, etc on at the de-la-warr around the same era ?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Wow what a great memory to have! Loved it! Xxx

Uriah Heep and Diamond Head – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill Friday 6th December 2019

The British classic rock icons hit the road to celebrate the release of their new album, Living The Dream out in September.

Uriah Heep debuted in 1970 with the release of one of hard rock’s milestones, “Very ‘eavy… Very ‘umble” and have since sold in excess of 40 million albums worldwide. They constantly tour the world, playing up to 125 shows a year to 500,000+ fans. The band’s live set features the classic tracks from the ’70s and is a musical journey from the band’s beginnings to the present day.

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Sandy Max… Absolutely! One of my favourite bands in my youth

Mike Waghorne…On a July morning

Peter Houghton… I would like to go if I can

Kathy Wood… Thanks for the heads up on that one Alan.

1967 Youth Princess Beat Rave with The Pathfinders and The Totals – De La Warr Pavilion 13th May 1967

Geoff Peckham… I wasn’t allowed to attend De La Warr Pavilion Beat Raves as it was rumoured purple hearts readily available there. Surely not.

Mick O’Dowd… Sure they didn’t mean Love Heart Geoff?

Jack Irving… The Pathfinders. Was this the Glasgow band? If so, they later became known as “White Trash” and signed with Apple records.

Bexhill 60s Revolution with The Tremeloes and more Saturday 13th July 2019

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Dave Nattress… Wow – I like the sound of this. Better get the old Lionels out or the loon pants – grow the hair as it was in 69 – oh, problem!! What hair – anyone know where I can get a decent syrup? Daresay I could still grow the sideburns that almost met on the chin. Hideous!!

Bexhill 60s Revolution… We are thrilled to announce that the original Tremeloes will be reuniting at the Bexhill 60s Revolution on 13 July; bringing their fabulous feel-good sounds of the Sixties. Join us, as we bring lead singer Len (Chip) Hawkes and lead guitarist Rick Westwood together again at Bexhill-on-Sea. Dance and sing along with hits such as: Silence is Golden, Here Comes My Baby, Twist and Shout, Do You Love Me, Call Me Number One and many other top 10 hits.

Brian Rogers… Must go and see them . Where are they playing

Alan Esdaile… I would think at The De La Warr Pavilion or maybe outside Brian. More acts to be announced. Click on the above link for latest information.

Janet Rennie… Must go to this

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Wow! Saw them in 1969 at the Lincoln Working Men’s Club, have their autographs- saw them again a few years ago…autographs again!