De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill – Café Bar in 1972

Image from Bexhill Museum. shared from DLWP

DLWP… We’re celebrating our heritage today with this lovely picture of the Café Bar in 1972 decked out for Spring! Look at that beautiful clock… which reminds us, don’t forget that clocks go forward today!

Carol Anne… Memories my dad took us there when we moved to Bexhill many many moons ago.

Stuart Moir… The Bexhill hops were fantastic when the Storkey brothers in conjunction with others booked 60/70/80s bands to play and allowing us “Centre Page” to support them all which was great for us to meet all those stars who were so friendly, loved every minute of our time .
Paul Coleman… Looks a darn sight more cosy than it does now! The bar has no atmosphere now. That’s progress!

The Confederates live recording on the TVS Home Grown 1966

The Confederates live recording on the TVS Programme – Home Grown at the De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill on 22nd March 1966.

Mike Waghorne… Is that the same program that also has Dave dee, dozy, etc on at the de-la-warr around the same era ?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Wow what a great memory to have! Loved it! Xxx

Bexhill Hop 1980’s photos Part 1.


Supplied by Pete Prescott

Andy Qunta… Great photos of the lovely lads!

Andy Caine… Great times!

Jacquie Hinves… Is that at the Crypt?

Terry Pack… Jacquie, The Continental in Bexhill

Jacquie Hinves… Terry as beautiful as ever.!

Kevin White… Hairy times weren’t they!!

Linzi Foot… What was the band called I live in Spain and think maybe 1 if the members live out here

Pete Prescott… Linzi, Harry R and the Jump Jets !

Alan Esdaile… Linzi, are you thinking of Colin Fox in Spain?

Linzi Foot… no I accidentally bumped into a lady who was from Hastings and her husband played in a band years ago it may of been Centre Page ? His name is Les Harding I think

Jacquie Hinves… Linzi, sadly Dave passed away some years ago and we also lost the great Ray Fenwick last year.

Terry Pack… Dave Beano Easton was indeed the singer in a band called Suspect. The rest of us were just, well, suspect, I suspect.

Alan Esdaile… Terry, Great singer.

Roger Carey… Great pictures!

Kieran O’Shaughnessy… I think they are the Suspects ?

David Boss… Kieran, agree

Pete Shaw… Kieran and David, Hi, I’m Pete, the drummer with this band named Harry R and the Jump Jets… BUT… Your are correct that the late Dave “Beano” Easton, Stuart Moir and I (at 15-17yrs old) was The Suspects drummer… This band, Harry R (forged from the Harrier Jet name plus our dancers The Jump Jets) was formed, with others, as the Party band formed from “Jim Jim and The Jims” comprised of Ray Fenwick, Pete Prescott, Andy and Tony Qunta, Dermot Murphy (again with varying others) during its lifetime!!! Why The Jim’s?? Taken from my, and others, middle names…. Phew!!!

Alan Esdaile… As Pete says, it’s Harry R and the Jump Jets ! but featured some of Suspect.

Terry Pack… Lovely shot of Ray and Andy.

Willie Wicking… A very young Pete Prescott

Robert Searle… Great photos

Joe Knight… Fantastic photos mate

Ken Wilson… Great entertainers


Let’s Go To The Hop – Harry R & The Jump Jets De La Warr Pavilion 5th Oct 1983


supplied by Pete Prescott

Tim Moose Bruce… Was this the band who’s singer ‘s name was Norman D Ferrys?

Phil Gill… I played bass on that gig. I think we did three of those shows and they were always fun.

Colin Fox… We also got booked for a few private parties as well. One at Herstmonceux castle, the pub in Catsfield and Kings club in Eastbourne.

Pete Prescott… We also did the Valbonne club in London with Sam Fox. P.J.Proby was there (Looking rather odd in a tartan hat with fly fishing hooks stick in it). I’ve got a photo of that night. I’ll dig it out. I had to learn 48 rock and roll songs in one week ! We then cut that down to 24 and concentrated on those. Had some fun gigs.

Stuart Moir… Loved every minute of those gigs, sang backing vocals with Colin Fox and  Chris Howard. The girl dancers and the whole stage setting was 1st class. I’d love to see the photo at the Valbonne club, covered backing vocals with Colin Chris and Dave, it was a powerful 4 voice line up

Chris Howard… Loved every minute At the Hops, we put on a great show.

Stuart Moir… Loved performing on these with Chris Howard, Colin Fox, covering backing vocals behind Dave beano Easton and Peter Prescott on lead vocals, met some of the dancing troupe at Ray’s memorial do in East Hastings Angling club, that was an eye opener, it was great to see some of the remaining guys

Catherine Ireland… We were the dancers on that show, they were great fun

Chris Howard… These were great days I loved them.

Pearl Easton… I was half my age had a lovely time dancing the night away


Zoot Money & The Big Roll Band – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 28th July 1995

David Wimble… Didn’t Dorris Collins have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances? Lol

Lance Collins… David, think she saw the tickets sales

Mick O’Dowd… Was at the Zoot Money gig. Talking to him in the bar before show. Down to earth bloke.He had an ex-member of Bad Company in his band. I’ve been a life-long fan. The best album was Zoot! Live At Klooks Kleek. Another band that unfortunately couldn’t quite reproduce the excitement of their live performances. Still performing today

Alan Esdaile… Still going strong and crops up on the SMART facebook page from time to time.