The Marty Wilde Show – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 28th January 1960 supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox…I just found this. The concert was on the 28 January 1960 at Bexhill (De La Warr Pavilion). I’m surprised it didn’t include a photo of Joe Brown.

Alan Parker… Joe Brown backed everyone, even Eddie Cochran when he toured here

Alan Esdaile… Jezebel was one of my favourite Marty Wilde tracks.

Gong with Daevid Allen and their Jazz – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill – 10th Dec 1973



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Tony Ham… I’ve got that album, not sure how as it’s not my type of music, someone must have recommended them, but I’ve got two of their albums.

Sarah Harvey…  I was talking to a prog rock fan at the IQ gig last night and he mentioned Gong. He thought they were a bit odd. I said that I saw them on Hastings Pier during the 1970s and I didn’t get them either….. however 40 years on…… I still don’t get ’em

Alan King… 49p for a whole pot of tea – a bargain. I used to bump into David Allen in Deia, Majorca where i got to play with this fella at the International Music Festival – and yes I was completely out of my depth !

Anne Murray… I saw them on Hastings pier too. The boyfriend I was with knew them and we went back stage.

Music by the Sea: Hastings, Bexhill + more, 1960-85. A talk by PhD Musicologist Stephen Moran.

A chance to see this on You Tube, if you missed it…. 

Colin Bell… It was an excellent talk from Stephen & made for a very enjoyable evening

Alan Esdaile… I’m sure most people in SMART will find this really interesting. Well done again Stephen.

Let’s Go To The Hop – Harry R & The Jump Jets De La Warr Pavilion 5th Oct 1983


supplied by Pete Prescott

Tim Moose Bruce… Was this the band who’s singer ‘s name was Norman D Ferrys?

Phil Gill… I played bass on that gig. I think we did three of those shows and they were always fun.

Colin Fox… We also got booked for a few private parties as well. One at Herstmonceux castle, the pub in Catsfield and Kings club in Eastbourne.

Pete Prescott… We also did the Valbonne club in London with Sam Fox. P.J.Proby was there (Looking rather odd in a tartan hat with fly fishing hooks stick in it). I’ve got a photo of that night. I’ll dig it out. I had to learn 48 rock and roll songs in one week ! We then cut that down to 24 and concentrated on those. Had some fun gigs.

Stuart Moir… Loved every minute of those gigs, sang backing vocals with Colin Fox and  Chris Howard. The girl dancers and the whole stage setting was 1st class. I’d love to see the photo at the Valbonne club, covered backing vocals with Colin Chris and Dave, it was a powerful 4 voice line up

Chris Howard… Loved every minute At the Hops, we put on a great show.

Stuart Moir… Loved performing on these with Chris Howard, Colin Fox, covering backing vocals behind Dave beano Easton and Peter Prescott on lead vocals, met some of the dancing troupe at Ray’s memorial do in East Hastings Angling club, that was an eye opener, it was great to see some of the remaining guys

Catherine Ireland… We were the dancers on that show, they were great fun

Chris Howard… These were great days I loved them.

Pearl Easton… I was half my age had a lovely time dancing the night away


Music By The Sea – a talk by Stephen Moran. Wed 28th Sept 22 De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill at 6.30pm.

Join musicologist Stephen Moran for a nostalgic exploration of our region’s live music scene; the venues, artists, and traditions that shaped the identity of Hastings, Bexhill, and beyond from 1960-1985, and their resonance today. This relaxed event is held in the Café Bar, which shall be open for drinks. After the talk, DLWP Head of Live Programming Ed Frith will chair a short Q&A with Stephen, followed by music selected by Del Querns of Music’s Not Dead, inspired by the period featured in Stephen’s talk.
for tickets and more information go to
Alan Esdaile… Looking good, well done Stephen.

All Star Charity Show – Dora Bryan and others. De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill 27th August 1967

Martin Richter… interesting line-up

Roy Penfold… Many household names, still known even today!

Martin Richter… a surprising running order ?

Roy Penfold… True, but it could be in order that the celebrities were ranked in 1967. With Vera Lynn 5th in the line-up it is impossible to say whether best-to-least known or vice-versa…. Unless David Jacobs being after Vera Lynn was a late substitution (and should have been before her), or a typo, then it would be in alphabetical order of surname….

Mick O’Dowd… “All I Want For Christmas is a Beatle”

Jasper Carrot De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill – 28,29 Nov 1979

Vivienne Gibbs… I remember going to this

Paul Crimin… ‘Well I like it’ said Florence, hopefully…

Kev Towner… “Florence? Drops ’em for sure” said Dougal.

Robert Carey… Was this in the main theatre does anybody know? I am sure he was at the De La Warr Pavilion at a snooker presentation night for the local Royal British Legion but cannot find anything on this.

Vivienne Gibbs… yes it was in the main theatre

Mick O’Dowd… Thank goodness he put The Magic Roundabout on the b-side of Funky Moped or we would probably not have got to hear it. That was the only reason Funky Moped was a hit at all as the BBC wouldn’t play The Magic Roundabout!

Barry French… I saw Jasper Carrot at the White Rock, cant recall the year but it was certainly mid to late 1970s. The only joke I recall was ” Flew into Lydd Airport, only Airport I’ve been to where you have to cross a cattle grid”


Bob Marley & Johnny Nash – De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill – were you there?

The De La Warr Pavilion… In 1972 Bob Marley played at the De La Warr Pavilion – were you there? As the De La Warr Pavilion prepares to mark the 50th anniversary of Bob Marley supporting Johnny Nash in Bexhill, we are keen to hear from anyone who may have been there, or knows anyone who was. Do you have an original ticket or poster? If so, we want to hear from you. Get in touch: & find out more on our blog:

Diane Patricia… Perhaps someone on here has some memorabilia from this gig?

Clive Garrard… Also the great Johnny Nash as well, i loved his music

Catherine Ireland… (Stephen Colyer) this is interesting. I know you arranged all the bands , and what a brilliant line up. But I believe the De la warr charged us so many extras we didn’t make much money for the Lions 😢 I think my step father Charles Brookes was President of the Lions at that time bless him , hope you are well xxx

Stephen Colyer… I arranged this whole show. As Head of Promotion at CBS Records UK my team and I were working with Johnny Nash and having successfully charted Johnny with the Bob Marley song ‘Stir It Up’ we then achieved the Number One spot in the Charts with ‘ I Can See Clearly’. When we visited your Mum and Charles he mentioned hoping to raise some funds for a swimming pool for children with special needs and physical challenges, so I offered to do whatever I could to help. Johnny who was No.1 at that time agreed to be the headline act and he also had his band join us who included John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick and yes, Bob Marley (Johnny & Bob were both Managed by Danny Sims). Another very successful act The Equals (that included Eddie Grant) also agreed to appear on the show. I then arranged for the high profile Radio One DJ The Emperor Rosko (Mike Pasternak) to be the Compere (Dave Most – the brother of Micky Most accompanied Rosko to the show). There were many complications and hurdles to overcome that day / evening and the bands were all brilliant, but the Management at the venue on this day created a dramatic behind the scenes conclusion to what otherwise was an amazing event, obviously long remembered on this anniversary of 50 years!!! 1972 – 2022. Wow, that brought back some memories.