Hastings Beach Concert 2016 confirmed for 30th & 31st July 2016

slam 2011

SLAM in 2011 with Barry French, Den Wootton, James Maxted and Katie Lloyd (not shown) . supplied by Barry French

Hastings Beach Concert 2016 has been confirmed for 30th & 31st July 2016, more info shortly.

Cliff Wootton…¬†What a pair of little rockers you are ūüėČ

First Emotion (or sometimes billed as 1st Emotion) – Aquarius 1972


 supplied by Barry French

Barry French, Den Wootton and Cliff Wootton – supporting ‘Total’

Cliff Wootton…¬†Great pic. I still have the Hayman 4040 bass although I restrung it as BEAD instead of EADG and reversed the polarity of one of the pickups. This made it sound like a Rickenbacker which annoyed a genuine Rickenbacker bassist who heard it and claimed it sounded more authentic than his bass did. Sometimes you can’t help upsetting folks without even trying.¬†For the geeks, Baz is playing an Antoria Les Paul copy and Den is playing Hayman drums. The Antoria guitars were pretty good and in some cases better than the originals.

Sarah Harvey…¬†his bring back so many memories. St.Helens Youth Fellowship, The Regent Hotel etc…. What a wonderful picture.

Alan Esdaile…¬†Crushed velvet trousers? I used to wear a Red pair.

Dave Nattress…¬†Sarah, did you not have an Antoria Les Paul? Crushed velvet ‚Äď between me and my mates in Bexhill we had the Dulux colour chart in hideous crushed velvet flares.

Cliff Wootton…¬†Nah – not crushed velvet. These were medium grey brushed cotton/denim/corduroy (not sure which). They replaced the faux velvet Dralon suits we bought from the Undergound Boutique. We had matching maroon velvet blazers to go with these trousers. Looked quite posh. The Dralon suits weren’t robust enough for gigging. We bought them for a season opener at Frenchmans Beach in Rye. I tore the arse out of mine, den split the back of his jacket while drumming and Baz was strumming so furiously that the sleeve came off his jacket. Shaw Taylor who was MC for the night thought it was funny. I stood with my back to the amp for the second half of the gig to hide my embarrassment. Later I also had black crushed velvet flares when I was doing some DJ gigs. They didn’t seem to last very long either and split when I leapt up onto the stage (there’s a common theme starting here). Maybe some other contributors can tell us some funny stories about mishaps at their gigs.

Barry French…¬†Your right the Antoria was a great guitar, not as heavy as a Gibson & had a bolt on neck like a fender (I wish I still had it).¬†Regarding the Frenchman‚Äôs Beach Gig, I got the impression that Shaw Taylor thought that the wardrobe malfunctions were all part of the act.

Alan Esdaile…¬†I hope Shaw Taylor didn’t advise you to ‘keep em peeled’.

Sarah Harvey…¬†I had a white Antoria Les Paul. A lovely guitar. Bought new from a shop in Bromley for ¬£150. I sold it because I needed the cash in the early 80s. Regretted it ever since ūüôĀ

Cliff Wootton… I¬† was chatting to Baz yesterday at the Beatles Day and recalling this photo I didn’t realise how much of a fashion trend setting chap I was back then. This was 1972. It took until 1977 for George Lucas to copy my hair style as a model for Princess Leia in Star Wars.


Emotion – The Regent Hotel Seafront Hastings late 1970


supplied by Barry French

Barry French…¬†The name on the Bass drum is Emotion.¬†(1st Emotion was added later when my Sister Jenny joined the band).¬†Barry French on Guitar, Den Wootton on Drums and Clifford Wootton on Bass. ¬†At that time my Dad was the maintenance manager of the Regent Hotel & he pulled many strings to get us regular gigs there.
Mum & Dad would be on the door taking the admission, while we played a set of pop songs of the day to a mixture of foreign students & bikers. Looking at that picture makes me wonder where the years have gone, Cliff & I would have been 17 while Den was 15. (Makes you feel old!!!)

Yvonne Cleland…¬†Wow! This takes me right back to the Lido days. We used to go to the Regent every single weekend in those days, and do biker dances to Emotion! I remember Barry’s mum was in charge. She was a friendly and kind lady. It was a great place to go to, Emotion would play all of our requests, and we loved it.

Cliff Wootton…¬†Yeah this would have been a very early incarnation not long after we started and probably before Pete Cunningham from Mullet Smith Music offered to be our ‘Manager’. I think that’s a Jennings transistor amp behind me and maybe a Rosetti bass. We are probably singing Yellow River. A song that is indelibly etched on my mind. We were impressed with Baz because he had just bought all this new gear.

Lucy Pappas…¬†That’s how I remember you Cliff¬†and Den x

Cliff Wootton…¬†I do look a bit different now. Something like a cross between James Robertson Justice, Long John Silver and one of the hairy bikers. ūüėČ

Barry French…¬†Thanks Yvonne for your kind words.¬†Initially the owner of the Regent gave us a months trial. The first couple of weeks the place was pretty much empty and if you guys hadn‚Äôt turned up we would have lost the gig for sure.¬†I remember lines of people doing the biker dances (A kind of forerunner to line dancing!!)¬†Fun times.

Yvonne Cleland…¬†Barry it was so nice to read that we meant as much to the band as they did to us! That we’re still talking about it all these years later says it all! xxxx

Cliff Wootton…¬†Awesome! Very chuffed to find that people remember us from back then.

Yvonne Cleland…¬†Lots of us weren’t old enough to legally drink hahahahaha