Demis Roussos dies aged 68


Spend many a happy hour listening to Aphrodite’s Child. Here’s one of their best…

Colin Bell… Saddened to hear of the passing of Demis Roussos today. Aphrodites’s Child were a seminal band. Their album 666 was a personal favourite, as was the single ‘It’s Five O’Clock’, I know my mate Alan (Johnny Mason) was a fan too.

Jane Hartley… Not another one, RIP Demis x

Andre Martin… Must have been the shock of the election that finished him off – RIP Big Fella !!

John Wilde… Steve Demetri turned me on to Demis.

Mick Curtis… Dubbed “the Singing Frock” by Terry Wogan

Leigh Wieland-Boys… More sad news, saw him in concert with my parents a couple of times years ago – he was great live. RIP x

Alan Mitchell… What a superb talent. One of a kind. R.I.P

Steve Cooke… Forever and ever… May the Greek gods to with you.

Edgar Froese R.I.P. – Tangerine Dream founder dies aged 70

edgar froese

John Wilde… Thank you Edgar. Have a great trip.

David Miller….To quote Edgar  – ‘There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address.’. Others might say that even the address doesn’t change, just the manifestation of that spirit. Call it what and how you will, the expression of that beautiful wonderful music is timeless and shapeless and will always be with us. Much gratitude

Chris Sambrook… Rubycon was and still is a great album, i admit i haven’t heard many albums by Tangerine Dream, but for me Rubycon still sounds inspired after 40 plus years. Timeless really.

Eric Cawthraw…. I don’t have that many musical heroes, but Edgar Froese was one of them. There is always a lot to say about Kraftwerk and their contribution to ‘modern’ music and art, but Tangerine Dream were an equally exceptional Electro/Synth pioneer. I wonder if his son Jerome will rejoin T Dream. It would be a fitting tribute if he did.

Ian McLagan dies aged 69

John Storer… Very sad news indeed. That he played on “A Nod’s As Good As A Wink … To A Blind Horse” (for me, one of the great 70s albums!) was kudo enough, but his very recent (2014) work as a member of The Empty Hearts (with members from Blondie, The Cars, The Romantics, etc – great album – you should all check it out!) and on the new Lucinda Williams album, shows he had lost none of his talent. RIP Ian

Trish N Kevin Sherwood… Very sad news saw him this year a very talented man he will be missed.

Jane Hartley… Very sad news, that angel band is getting bigger!

John Wilde… Whoooa too close for comfort. Bless his Soul. An all round talented and nice guy. Happy Trails Ian x

Patrick Lewis… They’re dropping like flies! Drummer Kenny Jones the only one of the Small Faces left.

Jimmy Ruffin – Dies aged 78

jimmy ruffin

Jane Hartley… Such sad news, my best memories from the 60’s and 70’s, motown and soul music. RIp Jimmy.

Alan Esdaile…So many happy memories with this song. Very sad news. This song will go on forever…

Stuart Moir… Shame !! lost a great singer …

John Wilde… Thank you Jimmy. You were part of the soundtrack of my youth. Farewell.

Mark Gilham… 🙁

Mick O’Dowd… Another one for that Supergroup in heaven! Farewell Is A Lonely Sound but you’re in good company.

Andy Qunta… Great singer!

Stuart Moir…. Agree with all the comments …

Jacqueline Robbins… Singing to the Broken Hearted on the other side…

John Storer… Always thought Jimmy was one of the most underrated of the Motown singers. “Brokenhearted” obviously a classic but “Farewell Is A Lonely Sound” edges it for me. Sad news indeed


Alvin Stardust Dies aged 72


Philip Meston… Alvin Stardust has died aged 72…

Jane Hartley… Just heard that too, sad news, RIP Alvin.

Philip Meston… Saw him in Godspell at the White Rock some years ago. He was very good too!

Andre Martin… What another… remember him way back Shane Fentone & The Fentomes – Cindy Birthday. Worked with in several times during the 1970s, great entertainer and nice guy. RIP

Alan Esdaile… Only worked with him the once . Great entertainer and sad loss. R.I.P. Alvin.

Perri Ann Haste… Such a great shame. He was lovely man, I met him when he opened the sensory swimming pool when my son was a pupil at Torfield School a few years ago & he was kind enough to pose for a picture with my son too. RIP Alvin – One of a kind.

John Wilde… Rock the Heavens Alvin. Thanks for all the music.

Sarah Harvey… This guy really rocked…I went to see him when I stayed at Butlins when my daughter was young and I must say I went with some trepidation. What a fantastic surprise it was to hear him play live…..totally blew me away! God bless Alvin! xx

Nick Prince… Let’s hope he has “A wonderful time up there”

Mick O’Dowd… He really is stardust now ! From Shane Fenton to Alvin Stardust a trooper!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… sad news

Wendy Weaver… He had one of those faces that didn’t seem to age. Nice chap and still working to the end. R.I.P

Charlie Ball… Ah that’s a shame, he was good in his day

Rontenn… What a shock!! Alvin Stardust gone. Unbelievable but sadly true. Legend Alvin (Shane Fenton) has left the building. He was to have done a great Xmas show in Gt. Yarmouth in early December with fellow legend P.J.Proby. Alvin was only 72. R.I.P. Sir!

Alan Pepper… Sad news great bloke met him at Bognor at Butlins 5 years ago . Great artist !!

Lynsey de Paul – dies aged 64


Jane Hartley… Sad, another gone too young!

Steve Thorpe… One of my pin-ups! RIP X

Julie Findlay-jones… very sad news, boogied to many of her records. RIP xxx

Tony May… This is awful news. Re-discovered Lynsey about five years ago and have been a big fan since. Lynsey was also a leading light in one of the music business musicians organisations (like the PPL or PRS) so its a sad day for all musicians who have now lost a person who would have bat hard for their rights… R.I.P. Lynsey and sorry again I ever doubted your talent. xx

Liz Dianto… Very sad 🙁

Ralph Town… I always loved Storm in a Teacup.Sugar Me was one of my soundtrack of 72 hits.Bloody shame.

Jim Hobbs… Too many good people lost this year!


H R Giger Dies

Andy Gunton….The artist H. R Giger, who died yesterday, didn’t just create the ‘Alien’.
He also produced some pretty iconic album covers, like the one below.
I remember buying this when it came out. Unfortunately the cover art was better than the album inside.


Phillip Meston…..Agreed, not one of ELP’s better moments! Have to admit to owning this and many more of their albums though…

John Storer…..Always thanked the overblown ELP for killing off progressive rock and opening the door for punk, but would actually forgive them everything for the sublime “From The Beginning” from Trilogy

Will Cornell….A collection of Giger covers would be great…but: Let’s not forget the infamous poster that came inside with the DK’s “Frankenchrist”. The poster that eventually deep-sixed the band itself.

Tony Court-holmes….epic

Jim Breeds….Gosh, yes! I didn’t have the album, but I still have the free 33 1/3 flexidisc that NME gave away!! If I remember the story correctly, there was no track called Brain Salas Surgery on the LP. It was then released of the free flexidisc as one of two tracks. The other track is “Excerpts From BSS”, split into 8 pieces. The paper cover on the disc is the same as the album, but opens up down the middle to reveal further art work and the single. I don’t know whether the original album did that too. I could scan it to demonstrate what I am trying to describe if anyone is interested (and scan the disc too).

Colin Norton…..Hi Guys, I also have a copy of the flexi…. Sorry

Jim Breeds…..My flexi value is tumbling in front of my eyes. Another pension plan hits the rocks