The Breathers – final line up 1981

The Breathers in their final phase acting as support for The Sensational Alex Harvey Band at a gig in Mountain Ash, Wales. Red Ferrari gtr, Kevin Hoad drums, Bryn Gregory  vocals, Ric Hool bass.

The_Breathers_3 copy

The_Breathers_2 copy

Photos supplied by Ric Hool

Andy Knight….What about those long rehearsals at Fairlight Studios Rick and where are you now?

Ric Hool….Hi Andy, Yes, too true, the Fairlight rehearsals were measured in days, not hours, as The Breathers found replacements for, firstly, Steve Demitri and then Izzi Peptone.Kevin Hoad made good the drumming stool and heroically stuck it out with Red Ferrari and myself. The difference between the rehearsals above Steve’s cafe and those at Fairlight were well demarcated: the former being hugely creative in terms and the making of the Breathers whereas the latter were spent in reparation.

Mick Mepham….Isn’t that Jim Bell on guitar? Excellent player and nice guy too.

Tony Qunta….Yes it is – last time I spoke to him was about twenty years ago!

Kevin Hoad….OMG.Never seen this Photo. The singer was guy called Bryn.(Welsh you know) can’t remember surname.We did Welsh tour and support to Sensational Alex Harvey Band.The Famous Digger was our Roadie.Great Guy.

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