Tony Blackburn to return to the BBC


Mark Gilham… He didn’t like us very much. Who can blame him! Haha.

Alan Esdaile… About time. How much stress has this caused him, which can’t ever be replaced.

Chris Giles… Should never been put through that stress …shame he’s not coming back to do Pick of the Pops.

Jim Breeds… He’s taking over Desmond Carrington’s slot on Friday evenings.

Matt Thomas…  I dont normally listen in the evenings either but i have started to listen to a bit of Jo Whiley whilst doing the ironing.

Alan Pepper… That’s good news ! I’m so glad he’s got his job back and look forward to hearing him again. Great guy met him a couple of times and he’s just so funny !

Johnnie Stuart Disc Jockey – 1970’s


Johnnie Stuart Disc Jockey – 1970’s. Worked at Queen Of Clubs and other venues. Anyone remember Johnnie?

Mick O’Dowd… Remember him.

Roy Penfold… Remember seeing the name daily, if not weekly in the Observer. Can’t say I ever saw him (mind you, I wasn’t particularly sober by the time I hit the clubs….)

Ian Mantel… Wasn’t he a driving instructor for BSM as a day job? Seem to recall he did the Roadshow for the Town Carnival in the park and Old Town Carnival on Winkle Island.

Kevin Burchett… I remember Johnnie he did work as a driving instructor and also was a dj in Scalliwags

Jim Hobbs… I remember JF. He was a very good DJ and I never understood why he didn’t spend more time working on his radio career. Maybe someone can get him to give us his story.

Well done to Sarah Harvey on Planet Rock


Well done to Sarah Harvey who appears in this weeks Hastings Observer (6th May 2016) on the success of her show on Planet Rock. Pity they did not mention her very good Hastings Rock show every Thursday between 7.00pm and 9.00pm with Tony Davis on 87.7 FM playing music of bands that played Hastings in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s

Neil Steadman… Great stuff

Danielle Steel… Well done. Fame at last xxx

Terry Wogan R.I.P.

terry wogan

Alan Esdaile… R.I.P. Terry Wogan and thank you for your wonderful dry comedy.

Jim Hobbs… A very great loss to broadcasting and to us all. What a terrible year 2016 is turning out to be for losing heroes.

Cheryl Pyatt… Very sad news. What a wonderful man. R.I.P. Terry.img404

Colin Bell… Another soundtrack to our lives gone. For his humour, wit and Eurovision ‘commentary’ he’ll be sadly missed. R.I.P. Terry.

Mick O’Dowd… Sad loss. The Grim Reaper is on overtime it seems. Beware!

Dave Nattress… Very sad to learn of this news. As an old rocker who would almost naturally be listening to music programmes on the radio, I was never, ever in two minds about listening to Terry on R2 when I could + actually of course R2 does play some of the older stuff that I grew up with. Marvellously entertaining and truly one of the greatest broadcasters and presenters ever – maybe the very, very best of just a few. Taking the wotsit when it was right to do so but in such a subtle way and never unkind. He got the formula just right. What about the dreaded Euro-derision – Terry made it watchable. One of those DJ’s that you listened to because you wanted to hear them and their comments much more than whatever it was they were playing.

Tony Davies… Very sad,,,,,

Andre Martin… Another sad day – too many departing RIP Sir Terry, you can now plague producer Mr Walters in that great radio station in the sky ! His very dry humour was a way often to get you going in the morning, and some of the so called characters who used to contact him, we all knew were his invention but that did not matter, they were entertaining without trying to hurt anybody.

Caz Simpson… Terry’s voice was like a comforting hug, I could never feel lonely when he was on air. This is one TOG who will miss him enormously, such a very sad day for everyone x

Andy Qunta… He was brilliant!

Tony May… At least Sir Terry spent his life doing what he was brilliant at and entertaining us all with his wit and charm. Sadly, not many people get to live the life they would like… Bon Voyage Sir Terry!

SMART SOUNDS by Colin Bell. Reviewing Alcatrazz Live Sentence cd/dvd deluxe edition and John Miles – Miles High cd.

img391 img392

‘LIVE SENTENCE’ Alcatrazz (Deluxe Edition CD/DVD) HNE Records

As regular readers of S.S. will know this is my all time favourite metal band of the 80’s. A coupla months back I brought you their debut album ‘No Parole From Rock and Roll’. As mentioned in that review Alcatrazz were a HUGE success in Japan especially. To capitalise on the albums success they took to the road to promote it and Live Sentence is the result. Recorded in January 1984 in Tokyo the set list includes most of the tracks recorded for NPFR&R, minus annoyingly ‘Jet to Jet’, a personal favourite! However that’s a small niggle. Along with ‘Island in the Sun’, ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ ‘General Hospital’, all classics in my view Graham Bonnet treats us to his solo success with ‘Night Games’ and re-visits his sojourn with Rainbow to deliver ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ and ‘All Night Long’ to the evident delight of the audience.
This release comes as 2 discs, disc one audio and disc two a DVD. At last I can dispense with my er bootleg footage! The audio and video quality of the DVD is surprisingly good for its age and stands up well. Like me you can now marvel at the 20 year old prodigy Yngwie Malmsteen in all his glory. And a glorious thing to watch it is! His neo-classical shredding is jaw dropping!
Not since I first saw Hendrix have I ever been so transfixed by a guitarist.
‘Kree Nakoorie/Coming Bach’ is mesmerising, yes he’s over indulgent at times compared to the studio recordings, but hell’s teeth he’s simply amazing even when he’s being arrogantly OTT! He knows he’s a ‘Rising Force’ and I forgive him, if I had his talent I doubt i’d hide my light under a bushel.
To cap it all off there’s three bonus tracks recorded at the Rock Palace in the USA including ‘Too Young To Die-Too Drunk To Live’. They don’t write them like that anymore, more’s the pity! For all Graham Bonnet/Malmsteen fans this is an essential addition to your library. PLAY IT LOUD!

JOHN MILES_miles high_WEB

‘MILES HIGH’ John Miles  (Lemon Recordings)

This is the first time on CD for what was John’s fifth studio album released originally in 1981, at that time it only reached a rather disappointing 96 chart position. Two singles were released from the album in the shape of ‘Turn Yourself Loose’ and ‘Reggae Man’. John is undoubtedly a fine musician, singer and guitarist and indeed a writer having composed the 10 tracks here. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the album, for me however nothing really leaps out at you. Its a polished affair and plays like a soundtrack to an American series of the Eighties (Miami Vice springs to mind) its slick AOR and maybe therin lies the problem for these ears its all a little too bland for my taste. John is without doubt a musicians musician and has contributed his skills to the likes of Joe Cocker, Tina Turner and the great Alan Parson’s project. Overall one for completists of his canon of work methinks, or fans of the Eighties slick pop genre.

For more information go to                 colin-head-111x150

Til next time….     Colin

Disc jockey Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart dies


photo source: Lawson Speedway – Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire 30th May 1976

Matt Thomas… So sad, a little bit of my childhood has died. Loved Junior Choice and looked forward to it when they revived it for every xmas morning on radio 2.

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news. Was listening to him on Christmas Day on Junior Choice. RIP Stewpot.

Bryan Sandra…  Very sad news

Chris Giles… Very sad to hear this …

Andy Qunta… RIP, Stewpot! Thanks for the memories!

David Francis… I used to love Stewpot

Jim Breeds… Unlike. 🙁

David Francis… ‘Ello Darlin’

Carol Arnold… sad

Pete Prescott… Sad. I remember listening to him.

Dave Nattress… A great shame – seemed a really ok guy and never up his wotsit and like I keep saying ‘cos I mean it and feel it, another part of our lives and past for so many years gone too – someone so many of us listened to for so long.

Caz Simpson… Really sad news.

John Kingdon… sad news, bless him.

Matt Thomas… I was a child in the 70’s and today feel a part of my childhood has died ;-(

Patrick Wapshott… Oh no not stewpot , how sad RIP xx

Mick O’Dowd… Crackerjack!

Alan Freeman’s last Pick of The Pops on Radio 1 – 1992


source: David Lloyd’s Radio Moments

For those of you that have never heard it, or just want to hear it again here is the scoped audio (with no music) of Fluff’s final Radio 1 POTP on 27 December 1992:

Jim Breeds…  I still have a couple of his Saturday afternoon Radio 1 shows on cassette, I think. And some Peel shows.

Mark Gilham… Legend

Mick O’Dowd…  I second that emotion Mark

Alan Esdaile… I third that Mark

Alan Pepper… Not ‘ arf pop pickers !! What else do you all have taped from the 70s ? I have a Robbie Vincent SOUL Show 1976 Get on down !!