Looking for disco magazines – can you help Jan Pawul?

Kopia DISCO MIRROR - 1976

Jan Pawul… I’M LOOKING YOUR HELP (if you would be so kind) IN ACCESS TO DISCO ERA magazines. Check this very special blogs and YouTube:

* http://disco-magazines.blogspot.com/
* http://discomagazines.blogspot.com/
* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYEFZnf2qA4
(for exchange or sale)
* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiWDxMMzgq0
(for exchange or sale)

I’m looking any original copies or just xerox copies or scans on CD-R / DVD-R of the below mentioned disco history printed materials:

Melting Pot – USA – Bob Casey editor
Disc & DJ – NYC – USA – J.G. Knapp – editor
Disco Star , New York , USA , Art E. Scott editor
Progressive Platter, Boston, USA, Cosmo Wyatt editor
Disco Gossip magazine , Chicago , USA , Alfred Cain editor
Disco News , New York , USA , Scott Anderson editor
Discothekin’ , New York , USA , Alex Kabbaz editor
Discotheque , Los Angeles , USA , Bernard Blain editor
Disco World , New York , USA , Susan Friedman editor
Discotrade , New York , USA , Nicole Sehmon editor
Mix Master , New York , USA , Michael Gomez
Disco Encyclopedia by Marianne Ilaw , St. Albans , NY , USA
Steppin’ Out , Los Angeles , USA , Jeff Kutash editor
DISCONET mixed records + magazine , New York , USA
Dee Jay Monthly , London , UK , Ben Cree editor and NADJ President
Disco Mirror , London , UK , Mike Sharman editor
Disco International , London , UK , Gerry Gilbert editor
Mix Mag, London, UK, Tony Prince editor (early ’80 issues)

CAN YOU POST example SCANS OF ANY DISCO ERA MAGAZINES LIKE: COVERS, INTERVIEWS, PICTURES, ETC. ?? Yahu Pawul – yahudeejay – Disco & DJ history eBook author:

http://disco-dj-history.blogspot.com/     http://stores.ebay.com/OT…/Disco-DJ-History-eBooks-/_i.html…   contact: pawul70@gmail.com

Hastings Rock Radio DJ’s – early photos

img039 img040 img042 img041

img043  img045 img044 img046

img049 11196342_10153267978509287_4565942535267512590_n

photos supplied by Wendy Weaver. (8) The band playing at Venue M George Street are The Passion Killers from Bognor Regis, (9) disco outside The Robert De Mortain, (10) Martin

more dj’s on other pages

Robert Searle… Johnny Diamond a voice of Hastings Rock

Clive Garrard… Martin who did several years on Sunday afternoons. He came from Surrey.