Who remembers doing The Bump?

Chris Baker… I think there should be a scientific study on people who did the Bump in their teens, to see if that’s the reason for their fat arses now! Seems to have affected me and a lot of people I know! I want compensation!

Julie Morris… I feel your pain Chris – we should sue whoever invented the bump

Mick O’Dowd… It could certainly answer the steep rise in hip replacement for former “bumpers”!

Terry Hardwick… Kenny the bump

Julie Findlay-jones… Loved the Bump.

Jeff Belton… Alot of fun, especially you did the bump with a young lady.

Terry Hardwick… Well you will enjoy the next Scalliwags reunion D J Johnny Francis and Kevin Burchett are teaching a master clas on the Bump 630 start

Judy Atkinson… It was the only dance my late husband & I managed to successfully do together!

Dave Nattress… Definitely remember the song by Kenny and to buying some hideous similar “Lee” jeans with flared bottoms like those in the photo. About 1976?

Neil Steadman… Kenny…!!

Kev Towner… It should’ve come with a Government Health Warning.

Jules Stretton… Im too young I was goin clubbin in the late 80,s soit must of been before xx

Ian Brown… Kenny