Divitos Queens Road Hastings – 1960’s

photographer: unknown

Matt Thomas… Where I used to spend many a Sunday afternoon

Sandie Carlyon… Always a Saturday visit. Coke with ice cream in it or lime milkshake.

Peter Houghton… I used to go to the one along the sea front when I was at college and used to watch Mr Divito make the ice cream down stairs

Richard Stoodley… Welsh Rarebit with my sister Margaret Stoodley

Stephen Moran… Such a big part of my life in the early 70s

Mike Waghorne… The 156 bus ! i used to catch this bus to and from college

Tony Court-holmes… used to go there

Phyllis Mendenhall… Those were the days my friend

Merv Kennard… joe divito is a neighbour of mine

Alan Esdaile… Next time you see him Merv, send him my best and worth asking him if he’s got any photos of Divitos and the pier gigs etc, thanks.

Pauline Richards… And one of the girls owns Thumbelinas in Russel St

Nick Mole… Wow ! I used to make the ice cream during the 80’s

Alan Pepper… Enjoyed a Saturday visit in my youth with mates in the early seventies. A frothy coffee in one of those long glasses ! Or a banana milkshake.

John Warner… Is that the one that used to close in the winter when they all went back to Italy? I remember the three boys restaurant close to there!

Paul Gray… I remember the Lite Bite just along the road. Frothy Coffee and Chips on a Saturday Morning.

Martin Richter… wasn’t that in the bakery next door ?

Peter Fairless… “Afternoon tea at the Lite & Bite, chat up the girls, they dig it”, Paul Weller, ‘Saturday’s Kids’

Andre Martin… Service 156 to Bexhill Ellersley Lane – aka Bexhill Bone Yard – the cemetery. in 1966 I got reported for calling that out when I was a conductor back in the days with M&D Thee District Manager did not think that it was appropriate so i used another call – “Dead Centre of Bexhill” Oh happy days. 156 Ore to Bexhill.

Tanya Mikolajczak… I worked there in the 80’s, cleaning table legs set me up with a good work ethic! I loved break with a frothy coffee and a sausage roll. I remember Helen, Janet, Sally, Joanne, sorry if I’ve missed you out…. Joe had a lot of command when he walked in. A great first job.

Martin Richter… certainly ! i was 12 when i started there – Joe kicked my backside all day long! a fantastic introduction to the work ethic!

Phil Gill… I need to know what’s going on behind that lamppost.

Alex Knight… Phil, clearly someone had one too many coffees and walked smack bang into it!!

Phil Gill… It’s like some bloke with long hair and a beard, in an overcoat, who has enormous hands and wearing huge white gloves has just robbed a table top from the cafe…he has it in his left hand. He’s hiding behind the lamppost. There’s a whole weird story involved in that photo.

Judie Struys… isn’t it Harry Worth practising his routine?

Jacquie Hinves… The 156 bus! Daily journey on that route from Bexhill old town to Hastings Town centre. From Hastings College to the RESH and St Helens Hospital.

Graham Sherrington… I worked in there in the 1960’s before I enlisted.