Willie G The Soulman CD

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Jacqueline Shaw… OMG Look what I have just found…been looking for this for years.. what a legend he was. I put it somewhere safe for all these years, xxx

Kevin Burchett…

Wendy Weaver… Great guy and top class DJ.

Andy Crouch… I had this but lost it somewhere. Saw him a few times. Great voice. Sadly missed

Richard Stoodley… I sang with him many times, did my first charity gig with him at what was Pappa Joe’s Hastings, then at Marina Pavilion. What a voice and what a legend.

Wendy Weaver… Went with a coachload from Rennie’s to watch Willie take part in a Whitbread talent competition in Dixieland, Eastbourne. He came a close second, lost out to a blind man doing a Ray Charles act. We all had a brilliant time. Woke up the front two rows of old dears in their free seats. Some were even joining in. A night to remember.

Robert Searle… We supported him, when was with Easy Street or Centre Page at the Little Common sports club at Bexhill, Great showman and soul singer.

Terry James R.I.P. (Feb 2022)

Alan Esdaile… Very sad news, our thoughts go out to Mo and her family x

Malcolm Sharp… Lovely guy, remember terry in the havelock in the 80s, and doing town crier judge, rip my friend, condolences to all

Tim Moose Bruce… I remember Terry and Mo at the social club events.

Linda O’leary… Terry. Used to work in a petrol station near me years ago lovely chats we use to have sorry to hear this sad news

Merv Kennard… First met terry when he first started at c&h early 1970s. Ended up djing with him early 1980s.

Alan Pepper… So sorry to hear this sad news. Our hearts go out to Mo and all the family. Terry was such a great man and a good friend. Will be sadly missed.

Kevin Linstead… I knew Terry when he used to DJ for the kids at the community centre up Harrow Lane. Best Friday nights ever, used to give away records if you answered a pop question or you were the best dancer, what a DJ!

Pete Prescott… A Lovely guy !


Annie Nightingale R.I.P.

photo: © BBC.

More informationhttps://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-67955757

Jim Breeds… Sad news. A hugely important figure in the world of radio. I listened to her a lot over the years. 83 not a bad innings, and to think that she kept working on Radio 1 until late last year!

Roger Ferris… Met her few times with Glo Macari in 1970s: pioneer broadcaster! RIP Annie! 💛

John Gale… Sad news

Keith Veness… Great DJ sad news

Gerry Clements disc jockey – Hastings Pier March 1964

Who remembers Gerry Clements? He changed his name to Duncan Johnson and worked on Radio London and BBC Radio One.

Robert Searle… Wonderful Radio London 266m

Mick O’Dowd… very deep voice if I recall.

Paul Huggett… Ah yes, very sonorous Canadian, Mick.

Graham Matthews… Word of the week PKH ?

Searching for Bruce Furber -Can you help?


Pam Dor to Astral to Toffs Club

Does anyone know a dj who was working there sometimes with the name Bruce Furber? He must be about 54 years old now and he used to live on the Sedlescombe Road in St. Leonards. I’m a researcher for a Dutch television program who reunites friends all over the world, so please contact me if you have information about Bruce. mail: danielle.derijk@kro.nl