Matt Thomas DJ at The Firs 1989

supplied by Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas… My DJ’ing debut up at Hastings Town FC The Firs 1989 😆 Tonight is the first time I’ve seen this photo, one of my sister’s that she shared to me. The memories are flooding back to this stage in my life. This would be about August 89 and I was working at both VG Electrovac on Ponswood and in the evenings behind the bar at White Rock Theatre.

Stuart Moir… Played there many times with Centre Page

Style Promotions and Entertainment Agency & Simon Hanny 1985

Lance Collins… Brings back memories. I use to DJ with Terry years ago. Style 04 Disco

Tony May… I was with Style Promotions when working at Stylus and D.J’ing up at Flamingoes in Queen’s Rd.

Terry Tollan… Was our agent too back in the day Black Velvet.

Tony Ham… The Dekorators, used to see them playing in Rye. Used to go on Terry Avann’s coach trips to WWF wrestling, also remember seeing wrestling he put on on Hastings Pier.

Nastassja Kaschevsky… We played some good gigs there Tony, happy days!

Tony Ham… The place next to the police station.

Nastassja Kaschevsky… You’re right, it was Ma Beeton’s.

Mick O’Dowd… Terry Alan was also DJ Terry Avann who was a regular at Pebbles Night Club Winchelsea Beach in the 80’s. Anyone know if he’s still around?