The Disc Jockey’s Hastings Carnival float , 1959

supplied by Leigh Kennedy – Historical Hastings facebook group.

Alan Esdaile… Any idea who the group is playing?

Roy Penfold… From the HH group – ‘Possibly the Dolphin Jazz Band’ : Aviva Treger comments… My Dad played the trumpet in the Dolphin Jazz Band – their poster is on the front of the truck. I think they might even be in the main photo, facing away from the camera on the float itself. The person standing has a double bass, the person to the far right a trombone. So, by the strangest coincidence, my Dad is probably in this photo.

Dave Nattress… Would never have thought the Disc Jockey was a sold as to do 1959! Is this George Street? Was thinking just the other day, way before it was pedestianised we used to drive along there and I think, emphasise think, it was wide enough for car-parking one side – south, and for vehicles to pass but is this faded memory wrong?

Roy Penfold…It was certainly wide enough. I remember driving along there until at least about 1980 or so.

Leigh Kennedy… it was pedestrianised in 1988.

Kenny Ball & his Jazzmen – Hastings Pier 2nd Feb 1963




photo supplied by Jim Breeds shared with written permission from ESCC Library Services . Ticket supplied by Alex Chapman – West Marina To Hastings Pier. Ad Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin… Kenny Ball was very popular in many Hastings Venues over the years.

Stuart Moir… Looka at that price 6 bob in advance and 7 bob at the door that’s the same as 30 pence in advance and 35p on the door ha ha ha wish we could go back to that cost of things with todays saleries we would all be millionaires

Lloyd Johnson… I own up!..I went to this gig….😊