Mary Millington – The Imperial Queens Road Hastings 1978

Dave Nattress… I remember a Mary Millington – must have read the wrong magazines when I was younger!! LOL

Colin Jefferys… Does anybody remember Mary being on a float for the Hastings carnival either 78 or 79    Not sure if I imagined  it ha ha

Christine Swain… My sister Dot and Bill Bates were landlord and lady then Happy times .

Bernard Baker… Colin, Yes , I do! Probably ’78. I was on the promenade aged 16 and she was travelling on top of a car in a bikini……

Dot Mountford… Who is the bloke far left hanging onto her ankles think his first name was Jim he had a brother called Colin I believe…

Alan… Met her at the Pilot Field in 1978. Talked to her for about 10 minutes, just about football, she supported Fulham.