Shakatak – Saturdays 15th October 1981 & Hastings Pier 22nd October 1982

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supplied by Roger Carey

Martin Richter… residency at saturdays in the early 80`s

Tim Bruce… Think it was 81 at Saturdays.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Jackie Rawe rented a house from a friend of mine locally, she performed at our rugby club a few years ago…great night!

Dave Hunt… Saw them on the pier in 82, awful! Worst concert I’ve ever been to

Gerry Fortsch… Bloody rip off, £3.50 at the door, those were the days.

Jan Warren… ……… the amazing Jill Saward

Maxi Priest – Downtown Saturdays, George Street, Hastings 8th August 1985

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Colin Bell… That term ‘live on stage’ has always amused me. I don’t recall ever appearing on stage ‘dead’….some might disagree with that of course………

Kevin Hilton… Although some acts have ‘died’ on stage.

Tony Davis… I’ve certainly died in front of an audience at some gigs. Fortunately the good far outweigh the bad

Mike Vawdrey… But you could be live off-stage – like the late Little Richard, Marion Williams and bluesman Albert Collins who used to go walkabout with his massively extended guitar flex – were Health and Safety informed ? !

Steve Mann… I was there that night


Downtown Saturdays 1981 with DJ’s Barry Page & Simon Veness

Martin Richter… Barry Page is the best dj – ever!

Vince Ray… Wow. So where was Downtowns on George Street?

Fred Marsh… Saturdays was at the end of George St above the amusements, never forget the stairs up to it or indeed trying not to fall down them a few hrs later

Vince Ray… Oooh yes, didn’t realise Saturdays was Downtown too

Andy Wilson… Nobody called it Downtown though – everyone still called it Saturdays.