Tony Gale and Tina – Railway Club Warrior Square, St Leonards – Seventies & Tony solo photos

All photos supplied by John Gale

John Gale… dad on his drums,, he had a residency with a lady called Tina (on keyboards) 1975-79. Railway Club near Warrior Station most Saturday and Sundays,,,, God they were busy nights,,, not sure if it was because the band was good or the drink was cheap,,, 🤣🤣. Think I know the answer

Chris Boorman… I know I’ve said this before, but Tony was my greatest drumming inspiration when I was growing up. Fantastic drummer and such a nice bloke.

Mike Mitchell… This is a nice set of photos. I particularly like the one of your dad using on some “music oil” aka Best Bitter.

Ken Copsey… Great set of pictures John. I notice that Tina is playing her keyboard through a very nice and extremely desirable Ampeg amplifier as used by the Stones in the 1970’s. Also very loud. Was this so that she could be heard over the drums! Only thought of this as it appears that your dad was a big influence on a certain Mr Boorman? Just saying.

Mick Bacon… Great photos

Mark Mackenzie… Fab pics, thank you.

Peter Millington… Knew Tony well at FJ Parsons. Regularly chatted with him at the EHSAA on a Saturday night. Nice bloke

Pete Millington… Those were the days, Observer Office party Christmas 1964. Dave Johnson (lead foot) on drums

supplied by Pete Millington

Peter Bonner Presents Jon Hiseman (27th January 1983) Hastings Shop, Rock Jazz Workshop Diplocks and The Fender Hot Squad. 1983



supplied by Roger Carey

Roger Carey… The Fender Hot Squad was held at Bonners Music Store Silverhill and I won a Fender TShirt for correctly answering a question about Jaco Pastorius.

Chris Meachen… I remember Jon Hiseman juggling drumsticks during his solo on the pier with ‘Tempest’. Found him very impressive…

Roy Penfold… As a teenager, spent far too long in Bonners drooling over the latest kit….

Janine Anne Scott… I knew Peter very well. I’m in contact with one of his sons still, Rick Bonner.

Ann Hohenkerk… It was an amazing shop, and Pete. Garry and Rick used to run a wide variety of workshops… Great times, great fun, and happy memories of working with them!

Mick Burt… I was there

Ernest Ballard… Great hand written poster. Before the printer and certainly before computers arrived

Geoff Peckham… Mick Parker’s still around and active – he tours a lot as Gilbert O’Sullivan’s MD. I play with him occasionally in The Hopdogs ceilidh band and The Lonnigans skiffle band. Great musician and lovely bloke.

Terry Pack… Rob Burns lives in New Zealand now. He is a University Professor, and has just finished writing a book about Progressive Rock (to which I made a small contribution).

Dave Weeks… Alan Murphy. Go West, mike and the mechanics? Died too young I believe.

Phil Little… SFX were a really good band. Used to see them at The Cricketers – Oval.

Paul Watson… I remember seeing Alan Murphy with the Hot Squad at a Bonners event in Diplocks, probably the same time. Great guitarist, left too soon.

Geoff Peckham… Mick Parker’s alive and well and living in West Sussex. I play with him occasionally. Lovely chap, great musician and is currently Gilbert O’Sullivan’s MD.

Steve Demetri – 1952 – 2012


photo by Chris Meachen 

Born 27th August 1952.

Alan Esdaile….Happy Birthday to the late Steve Demetri. So many happy memories of a very special person and friend. Always in my thoughts.

Janine Hemsley… Amazing Guy xx

Andy Qunta… Happy Birthday, Steve! Miss ya! You were a lot of fun, to be sure. Gone but not forgotten! x

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Wonderful man, wonderful memories xx


supplied by Leigh Wieland-Boys

John Wilde… Scared the chit out of me.Traveling 6 inches off the ground in a fiberglass car @ 1000mph!  Our Steve x

Steve Kinch… Knew Steve from our days at Priory Road School. Got up to all kinds of shenanigans through the years – some musicaly related, and others not so musical :/ They were fun and exciting times. Sadly, for one reason or another, we lost touch in later years. I do have a lot to thank Steve for. Happy birthday ol’ mucker x

Leigh Weiland-Boys… Steve D introduced me to you in 1975 Steve, you both came up Saturday’s when I was working as a cocktail waitress, probably your one & only time in there! Frightening to think that was 41 years ago! Xx

Jan Warren… Great photo – Hastings in the 70s!! – sorry I didnt know Steve?!

Andy Caine… Happy birthday Steve!! Hope you’re enjoying yourself!

Gary Kinch… I remember Steve driving his white MGB GT to school. I remember him taking me to the headmaster for some discipline. I worked in the Golden Hind when Steve was running it. I certainly remember that Lotus Europa, it must have been about 1973.

Chris Meachen…. I remember how difficult it could be getting out of it, particularly if he’d parked next to a slightly higher than average kerb. My solution was to get my bum onto the pavement and then roll backwards.. Not elegant but I wasn’t a contortionist…

Jon McCallion… Remembering a good friend on this day and all the good times in the band the cars and the girls. Never forgotten.

Andy Knight… Steve and I used to go drum lessons in Dartford in this car, didn’t take long!