Samisen – early 70’s



supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….Local band Samisen – 2nd Line Up – Early 70s rock…. with Dave Shirley on guitar, an unknown vocalist and percussionist (anyone know them?)… there were actually three line-ups – The first was a made up of three members from South London + Dave – The third included Bernard Jeffery on drums, Steve Turner on Bass and Graham Barratt on vocals.

Bernard Jeffery….Where did you find this? I started off in the band with the London line up which turned into the third line up and I think there was another one after that

Sarah Harvey…..You are absolutely right…. you jogged my memory…. the original drummer was from Catford and you joined when he left…. I think the London band members names were Ralph, Den and Graham… no idea of their surnames. Graham was the original drummer.

Bernard Jeffery…..Ralph and big Len on guitar and bass, probably got some pics somewhere.

Sarah Harvey….right again….. I misread my scribbled diary notes of yesteryear.

Dave Nattress…..These photo’s show Samisen’s line-up comprising Mick Bridgeland, Drums, Dave Shirley, Guitar, Dave Kent, Keyboards, Steve Turner, Bass (I think Steve, it was a long time ago) and me on vocals having taken over from Graham Barrett.  I remember the gig at Herstmonceux Castle well where Mick worked at the Observatory!!  Actually I recall well also my audition at Ore Centre – House of the Rising Sun was one track I had to do,  We played a good few gigs with this line-up. The Archery Eastbourne, The Caves, Ore Centre with Hat Trick more than once.  Lost contact with all the guys, if any of you read this give us a post!!

Sarah Harvey….Thank you Dave for filling in the blanks of the missing band members names…. apart from Graham (RIP), everyone is live and kicking albeit changed somewhat in 40 years. Some more than others.

Bobby Walker…..If memory serves, did they not originally call themselves “Sleary’s Horsemanship”? Remember they did a cracking instrumental which was, I believe, called “Rock-a-Nore”

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