King’s Country Club Eastbourne – 1975

Martin Richter… impressive line-up !

Patricia Lloyd… Loved kings

Julie Morris… Often went on a Thursday night – loved it!

John Scaife… Peter Gordeno -Commader & The Pilot of Sky 1 (Submarine in UFO)

David Edwards… Imagine Ella Fitzgerald like a diamond atop a pile of also tans, Kings certainly pulled out all the stops there!

Jim Hobbs… Fair comment, but to give them their due, the others on the line up were big UK stars in their day.

Tony Court-holmes… Andre and i worked there

Cliff Bennett… What a programme!!!!????

Colin Creagh… Just look at the names

Terry Pack… The sad thing is that most ‘entertainment’ in Eastbourne is unchanged in 45 years. The Devonshire Theatre has pantos and Agatha Christie, the Congress has bands from the 60s, comics from the 70s and orchestral music from the 1800s, and the Bandstand has tribute bands all Summer. The idea that a musician like Ella could do a week long residency these days… if only.

Richard Cripps… Mum and Dad owned a chalet there, spent so many memorable years there from the age of 8 [1971] until it closed. Had the opportunity to see sooo many stars of the time there… and then across the road to the disco. Any one remember Nan on reception? or Barry the house drummer?

Michael Williams… I lived at Kings, as my father was public relations officer, I remember him introducing the acts on stage including Sandie Shaw, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck , Dusty Springfield and loads more. My father had an album with him shaking hands with all the stars before he introduced them on stage. That would have been the sixties.

Robert Searle… Clark-Elsom Collection,who remembers them? What ever happened to Graham Clark, the bass player?

Perri Ann Haste… I used to go there in the Mid to late seventies – always had a great time! – happy days… those were the days eh

Julie Morris… Thursday nights Perri – and still went to work the next day

Tony Court-holmes… went there a few times

The Jazz Caverners – early 60’s.


supplied by Colin Fox & Eastbourne Bands from 1960 on

Colin Fox… The Jazz Caverners formed in Eastbourne in the early 1960’s: L to R Chris Watford Clarinet, Roy Martin Banjo, Ted Bishop Piano, Pete Kitcher Trumpet, Geoff Coates Banjo and 12 String Guitar, Reg Lower Percussion, Brian Towers Tombone/Leader, Ian Scriven Bass.

Jacqueline Marsh… I can’t believe how young Roy looks, he was a lovely man and I have many found memories of him

Chris Watford… Hi ! Sorry to have to correct you, but the Jazz Caverners was a Hastings band, formed out of the remains of the Dolphin Jazzband, also from Hastings, after that band broke up. They were joined by Pete ; Roy ; Ian & Reg from the Eastbourne based Mojo Rhythm Kings. The Dolphin Jazzband had in fact played for over a year at the Dickens Hall in Eastbourne in the late 1950s, and later at other venues in the town.

Jeanette Jones… & Min? Or am I getting my bands muddled too!

Robert Searle… Used to know Ian Scriven

Tim Moose Bruce… Used to see Min with them on sax.

Tony Ball… I remember some great evenings in the Dewdrop.

Kim Tutty… My Dad was Ian Scriven, he passed away in 1983. I remember him Being in the Jazz Caveners, when they were in a parade they were the Expedient Marching band. I do remember Reg Lower, Roy Martin & a gentleman called Min ( he didn’t wear shoes when in a parade) . I would love to see any pictures anyone has of them.

Jeanette Jones… ‘MIn’, rarely wore shoes, over at least 20 years. I remember my 18 year old Son commenting on the condition of Mins bare feet, saying they must have hurt! A character.

Jacqueline Marsh…  I knew Roy Martin well he was a lovely man and worked tirelessly for Polegate and he was a great musician

Tony Court-holmes… my late mum loved them

John Kitcher… Hi Kim, I remember your Dad coming round ours in the 60’s. My Dad is Pete Kitcher

Andy Qunta… Great band! Lotsa fun! I knew Min quite well back in the day. He was quite a character! Talked to Roy Martin a couple of times too. Lovely man!

Kim Tutty… Hi John,  do you have any pictures of The Jazz Caveners or the Mojos as they were previously known, I don’t have many pictures of my Dad in the band & would love to see a copy. Many thanks in advance.

Desmond Dekker – The Sundowners Eastbourne 24th July 1975

Sue Verrall… I would have gone if I had realised. No Facebook in those days alas.

Joe Knight… Met him at Catford; I use to be a good friend of Steve Maxted in the late 60ts 😂 great fun with Steve

Mike Curtis… Best song “Me ears are alight”

Tony Court-holmes… used to go Sundowners a lot

The Debutantes – 1960’s




source: Jacqueline Marsh – Eastbourne Bands from 1960 on

Sarah Harvey… Jacqueline’s Sister Linda was also in this band….looks like her on the drums. My guess is about 1963 or 1964 …… They lived in Upperton Gardens Eastbourne. Remember Mum Phil coming home with their new single and playing it straight away….can’t remember what it was called.

Alan Esdaile… Yes your right about Linda, Sarah. These look great but don’t think I ever saw them. I used to book an all girl group from Denmark called The Ladybirds. Any all girl bands you can remember?

Jacqueline Marsh… if you look on Brighton Beat there is a recording of this. Its very old and was taken from a reel to reel recording onto a cassette tape which over the years has stretched a little, but unfortunately my copy of the record was given to a producer and I never got it back!!, not sure if an actual disc is still in existence now as it was about 50 years ago now. In case you cant find it on Brighton Beat, will repost it ,so you can hear it, and I have posted loads of photos on here. Lynda and I are hoping to meet up with Dave next month if he gets down to Eastbourne, should be great fun talking about the old days. I am still singing but only for my own entertainment As Chris Coleman knows, but he seems to like my work LOL.

Here is the record. Thanks to Chris Coleman for this….

Brighton and Hove News… Grrrl Power: female musicians in the 21st Century…



Sundowners Club – Light Fantastic, Centre Page, Marmalade – Eastbourne April 1976



Sundowners Discotheque – Eastbourne. Light Fantastic, Centre Page and Marmalade April 1976. Remember seeing lots of bands here, always a great night.

Chris Coleman… spent a lot of my misspent youth in there lol

Jane Hartley…  Nipped over there after the pubs chucked out and got in before they closed the doors!

Virginia Davis… Forgot about Sundowners. Used to go a lot

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Saw lots of bands there & also, across the road at Kings Country Club – although that was more ‘cabaret’ style artists & comedians. The Barron Knights, Tony Bennett, Mike Reid, Freddie Starr to name but a few!

Charlie Ball… Sweet sensation !…. Used to love the Sundowners, Good fun

Alan Esdaile… Sad Sweet Dreamer Charlie. I think I saw them. I remember seeing Mud and The Real Thing at The Sundowners.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Yes! Saw them too Charlie! Did we go together?! Lol ️xx Great times! Oh to be young again, eh, Mr B?! ️xx

Paul Austin… Reflections of my life by Marmalade… One of my favourite songs of all time!

Mark Gilham… I played opposite there at Kings Country Club in a cabaret band when I was a 17 year old student!

Jane Dorsett… saw lots of bands at sundowners, had my 18th birthday at kings country club, at will be 40 years ago tomorrow. were has all the years gone, love to do it all again.

Colin Bell… Did some djing there and first saw The Drifters at Kings C.C. over the road, when Johnny Moore was the lead singer, a really lovely guy with a great voice. Im sure Andre did some djing there too?
Or has my memory gone wonky…!

Read moreSundowners Club – Light Fantastic, Centre Page, Marmalade – Eastbourne April 1976

Colin Fox is playing again

Colin Fox… I’ve come to the conclusion that the best drug, and most expensive over the years, is playing an instrument or singing in a band. Back in the 1970s, I sold all my equipment and gave up playing. In 1982 I popped into Bonners music shop in Grove Road Eastbopurne, to see how gear had progressed over the years. On the wall was a cherry sunburst Fender Stratocaster. I looked at it for ages……… and then bought it! Of course, I then had to buy an amp, followed by fx pedals etc. six years ago I again sold all my equipment and actually made a profit on the 1982 Strat, as it had become a collectors item. It still looked brand new, because I’ve always believed that an instrument is a tool and should be looked after. So why am I going on about this, because I’ve only bloomin’ gone and bought another Strat and amp. Admittedly this time they are secondhand from ebay, and were bargains at the price I got them for. I suppose the next thing will be an fx pedalboard. When will it stop, I ask myself. Well I’m coming up to 74 so it might not be for much longer. Anyway I can plonk to my hearts content again. I was quite often called a plonker in the past.

Colin Norton… Personally I think that this is great news and I’m glad to hear that you are playing again!

John Williams… I have done just that but i was a singer got meself a ukulele so now i sit at home playing and singing im 69 lol

Rob Soundman… Welcome back to the old plonkers club it keeps you fit and if you keep at it gets you out of the house (a lot)! (2 x real kits + 2 x electronic kits and a micro electronic hashup for the smaller venues) no room left in garage – Rob

Colin Fox… I expect you are the same as the rest of us, spent more than you earnt.

Len Smith… Thought you would not be able to leave it for much longer, let me know if you want(cheap) management!!!

Colin Fox… A couple of beers and a burger?

Len Smith… It’s a deal, contract in the post, better deal than I got before!

Jacqueline Marsh… Glad your back on track!! Since I started singing again I have had nothing but fun, and at 71 been out and done a Charity gig, gave me such a buzz, cant beat us oldies, we know the real music!!

Alan Esdaile… music is the best medicine.

Lynda Whatley… What a great “open story” thanks for sharing it – enjoy it all again Colin

Pete Fisher… keep on plonkin Colin.

Dave Nattress… An encouraging story – so best of luck. Inspires me to add the elusive third chord to the 2 I’ve had for 50+ years. I must get the book out again.

Colin Fox… yes go for it, you’ll be able to play some Status Quo then. lol

Tony Ball… May be a plonker but a good musical one, good on yer, keep it up.

Dave Nattress… LOL – nice one Colin. Good luck.


Ricky Norman Sound – 1970’s.



supplied by Len Smith Eastbourne Bands From 1960 on.

Ricky Long… First picture 1976 at Moor Hall Hotel. L–R Norman Bennett, Ricky Long, Roland Dann, Marcy Scott. Second picture I think early 70’s Winter Gardens. Same 3 guys with Jillian Wheeler.


Queens Hotel Hastings 17th May 1974.

Janine Anne Scott… Omg, I worked with Ricky too.

Andy Knight… By coincidence I am trying to track down Chris Dann, Roland Dann’s son who played bass with me around 1968/69, we did a gig in Battle Road, St Leonards I recall for the Youth Choir, with a guitarist whose name I can’t remember (Gary rings a bell though), if anyone knows the whereabouts of Chris or Gary that would be good. Tx

Christopher Dann… Hi Andy,  just saw this post so apologies for the late reply.  I do remember the gig in Battle road for the youth choir. The guitarist’s name was Gary Trent and he played a Gibson. He was in my class at the Grove.  I seem to remember that we only knew a couple of songs  !!