Peggy Sue and the Night Riders – 1963

1963 - Peggy Sue and the Night Riders

supplied by Peter Millington

Peter Millington…  Peggy Sue and the Night Riders were an Eastbourne group who played in Hastings quite a lot in the early 1960’s. back row LR Laurie Brookman, Mike Sullivan, Chris Herman, front Row Peggy Sue (Pam Gardiner) and Peter Head.

Robert Searle… Love these photos

Colin Fox… I used to watch Chris and Pete practice in one of the parks along The Avenue, Eastbourne. I learnt a lot watching Pete who went on to be a policeman in Hastings.

Andre Martin… I thought that Pete’s face looked familiar – now you mention his profession it all falls into place.

Cassmusic Grove Road Eastbourne 1974

Simon Frankau, Jeff Frost and Pat Chapman

Terry Pack… I bought two excellent bass guitars from Cass. An Ibanez ‘lawsuit’ Rickenbacker in 1974 and an actual Rickenbacker in 1975.

Mike Cramp… Spent many Saturday afternoons in their in the early 80’s

Kevin White… I bought my first custom Gretsch drum kit from Cassmusic in the late 70’s,always regretted selling that baby!!……

Mick O’Dowd… Remember going in there. They had a record dept if I remember.

Nigel Barker… Loved their shop near Seaside Road. Bought loads of stuff over the years. Really friendly people

Robert Searle… Haven’t seen Pat Chapman for years. We did a recording session at CBS studios in London with Pat, Pete Shaw, the late Chris Sears, and the late Rev Stockdale. Pat was always laughing.

Barry French… I bought a green Baldwin Burns double six guitar for £45 from Cassmusic during an old stock clearance sale (I think 1974) Bargain.

Ad from 1981…

Stevie Simpson… I bought a few basses, amps and cabs from them during the early eighties, first from their shop in South Street then when they moved to Seaside. The Traynor amp, which was my first, I later swapped back with them in a deal to have my Aria Pro 2 bass made fretless. I spent many an hour on Saturdays there, chatting with Paul Tanner who worked there and eventually ended up in a band with him, Ernie Ballard and Mark Freeman. For me, Cassmusic was an Aladdins cave and I’ve probably a lot to thank them for.

David Kent… Bought my trusty Aria Pro II there in the late eighties. Still have it, still love it, since added another Aria to my guitar family.



Chris Gentry DJ (Andre Martin) Kings Country Club 1974

chris gentry

chris gentry 2

Janine Anne Hemsley…..I remember it well .

Joe Knight…..GREAT PLACE!!

Andre Martin…..These were taken Summer Season 1974 in the small building next to the new club that was being built by Ray King, when that Opened the whole scene changed and we then could deal with 2500 on a busy night. I have just worked that out – These photos are 40 years old !!

Ian Hargraves….You have not changed much!

Polly…  I was just thinking about Kings Country Club and realised I have no surviving pictures of my life there. Before Janine came along I was the girlfriend of Colin and we came to Eastbourne together after Colin left the Eric Delaney Big band. Meridian was named after the local knicker factory where we came from. Pete Brent was guitarist, Barry Goacher was the drummer, Colin Hadley keyboards, Steve Devine was saxophonist. There was also a trumpeter called Keith Bolton and his wife Paula. When we first came Colin was part of the Mick Urry band. After Mick and the band parted Meridian was formed. I have many happy memories of Ray taking us for dinner on our birthdays in his Rolls Royce,as Colin was the youngest member of the band. I also remember the band who played downstairs and one of the members Laurie Broadway, who was a mate. Eddie was the entertainment manager and Lenny was one of the barmen. I remember Pete Bonner well, as we had a party at his house once and I threw up all over his prize roses! Those were the days!

Janine Anne Hemsley… Polly are you there ??? xx

Jane Hartley… Kings put on great shows, saw many a big act there. Sundowners over the road, we used to belt over the marshes after the pubs chucked out, to get there before they shut the doors! Not to be recommended kids!!!!

Mick Knights… Kings was a bit too posh, ( which really means they wouldn’t let me in) it was the Sundowners every time.

Alan Esdaile… Agree with Mick. Used to go to the Sundowners. Saw The Real Thing, Mud & The Troggs among others.

Colin Norton… We (The Rebels) were one of the first bands to play at the Sundowners. It was quite a small building at the time. When we were playing somewhere else in Eastbourne in the evening till 11 pm. We would go over to the Sundowners and play from 1 am till 3 am or something like that. We played for steak and scampi 🙂 …. Oh, and fun as well 🙂

Sandie Croft… I was singer with Meridian in 1978 & ´79. Line up then was Barry Goacher drums, Pete Brent bass, Andy Flack Keyboards.Pete was replaced by Larry Barton in ´79 & singer Ronnie Collins joined us then also. We made an album “In The Mean Time Meridian. Which I still have a couple of copies of. We were all good mates & had such fun working there.

Freddie Smith… My Mum was probably there

Willie Wicking… Used to go to kings & sundowners my 1st company dinner was at Kings 1976 & the Stylistics were the band playing also saw shawadywady at Sundowners think it was one of their 1st gigs last band I saw at kings was glitter band

Tony Court-holmes… seems like a long time ago mate

Steppin’ Out – Archery Tavern Christmas Eve 1977


supplied by Paul Dengate

Paul Dengate…. I’ve checked through my diaries and I reckon this was taken at the Steppin’ Out “party night” at the Archery, Eastbourne, 24th December 1977. Used to do the sound for the band, but this was probably a special party-piece. L-R: Wesley Magoogan, Ray Fenwick, Paul Dengate, Martyn Baker, Roger Hubbard. Drummer is possibly Andy Knight.or Kevin Hoad.

Andy Qunta… Great band!

Nigel Ford… Was Tich Turner in Steppin’ Out at some point,…soon after he left Stallion, I seem to remember?

Alan Esdaile.. Yes your right Nigel. Here’s a press photo from 1977…


John Wilde… One word. Hair.

Wesley Magoogan… Serious flairs!

Martyn Baker… Yeah, nice pair of lionels Wesley but I think if there was a biscuit around then Paul would have taken it.

Paul Dengate… Yes.

Dave Nattress… Samisen played the Archery Tavern once when I was with them – mid-week I think and If I remember correctly it was one of those gigs where the unappreciative audience had just about made double figures.

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Sundowners Club – Light Fantastic, Centre Page, Marmalade – Eastbourne April 1976



Sundowners Discotheque – Eastbourne. Light Fantastic, Centre Page and Marmalade April 1976. Remember seeing lots of bands here, always a great night.

Chris Coleman… spent a lot of my misspent youth in there lol

Jane Hartley…  Nipped over there after the pubs chucked out and got in before they closed the doors!

Virginia Davis… Forgot about Sundowners. Used to go a lot

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Saw lots of bands there & also, across the road at Kings Country Club – although that was more ‘cabaret’ style artists & comedians. The Barron Knights, Tony Bennett, Mike Reid, Freddie Starr to name but a few!

Charlie Ball… Sweet sensation !…. Used to love the Sundowners, Good fun

Alan Esdaile… Sad Sweet Dreamer Charlie. I think I saw them. I remember seeing Mud and The Real Thing at The Sundowners.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Yes! Saw them too Charlie! Did we go together?! Lol ️xx Great times! Oh to be young again, eh, Mr B?! ️xx

Paul Austin… Reflections of my life by Marmalade… One of my favourite songs of all time!

Mark Gilham… I played opposite there at Kings Country Club in a cabaret band when I was a 17 year old student!

Jane Dorsett… saw lots of bands at sundowners, had my 18th birthday at kings country club, at will be 40 years ago tomorrow. were has all the years gone, love to do it all again.

Colin Bell… Did some djing there and first saw The Drifters at Kings C.C. over the road, when Johnny Moore was the lead singer, a really lovely guy with a great voice. Im sure Andre did some djing there too?
Or has my memory gone wonky…!

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The Drifters – Kings Country Club Eastbourne 13th September 1980

Colin… I went to King’s Club a few times in 70s, don’t recall where it was, as parents drove us but had great times. Once stitched up my then girlfriend to be pulled up on stage by Little and Large. Can anyone supply a photo of what it looks like now?

Mark Rymell… It’s The Crumbles shopping center now.

Anyone remember a great local band called Tiah Teek? asks Andy Ives

Andy Ives… Anyone remember a great local band called Tiah Teek and what happened to them? I saw them a few times back in the 80s/

Martin Richter… they were from bexhill – played down The Crypt a few times. i’m desperately trying to remember who was in them – bexhill bands all seemed to overlap! crocodiles/salvation sunday, jez gillett’s bands, etc – but i *think* Matt from Vicious Minds was involved ….? but could be very wrong – one of them had curly dark hair and glasses! They did a charity pop quiz against the Rythm Method!

Steve Mann… Gary King was the drummer. Rags lead singer I think. At least one of their songs – Changing is on YouTube. Saw them at Crypt, Diplocks in Eastbourne and Dingwalls Camden (they ran a coach)

Martin Richter… lol – had it my head that Gary was the drummer (wore a click-track) – i was on that coach to dingwalls (sunday – audition night) – had a very brief chat with Lemmy at the bar !

Garry King… Well that’s me on the right, yep Martin ha ha thanks for that comment mate although i just found this site. Actually I hooked up with Colin on the left again last year and we are revamping some of the old demos from tape which has been great fun. This was my first pro band, a great start that should have really taken off I think as should have many of the bands in East Sussex, great times, hit me up if you like and you can see what I have been up to since then

Martin Richter… hi Gary – i’ve been on your website many times – are you still in the States ?

Andy Ives… Were always my favourite local band back then. Should have made it big imo

Skye… Rags is my Uncle

Colin Albright… Hi, I’m Colin Albright the left… We are all still about.. Myself and Dave live in Tunbridge Wells and Rag lives in Hastings.. We meet up occasionally.., and good to now be in touch again with Garry, who not only is a great drummer, but it also turns out is an excellent producer and has his own studios in France – – Garry is the only one of us still playing…, but we keep thinking about getting our gear out again!

with Morgan Le Fay 1984

Andy Ives… That was one of the gigs I went to Morgan Le Fay were quite good too

Reg Wood… I was there that night.

Garry King (in reply to Colin Albright) I think we may do something again, very soon mate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, thanks for the plug and the old days where the best I miss you all x

Tiah-Teek… You might be interested in this.  CD now cut and hope to get on Spotify at some point later this year.


Heatwave (original band) – Eastbourne 1970




supplied by Martin H Samuel

John Fellows (bass / vocals), Terry Shea (rhythm guitar / vocals), Richard Steen (lead guitar / vocals), Martin H. Samuel (drums / pyrotechnics), Peter Allat (lead vocals / percussion).

Martin H Samuel… 1970 outdoor gig in Eastbourne.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone remember going to this gig?

Martin H Samuel… I am the drummer with Heatwave ca. ’69… the 1st and original, south London-based, band by that name not the funk/disco group who ‘borrowed’ our good name in ’75. I know we played in Hastings one winter, I don’t remember where, but our van broke down in the snow on the way home. 1970.  Our record, ‘Sister Simon (Funny Man)’ b/w ‘Rastus Ravel (Is A Mean Old Man)’, was written by our agent, ex-pirate Radio City & Radio London DJ, John Edward.  The 45 was released on the Larry Page Penny Farthing Records label on 13th November 1970. The A-side has backup vocals by The Ladybirds, Rick Wakeman plays piano with Doris Troy singing backup on the B-side. I just learned John Edward passed away last August. 1962, he played guitar in The Manish Boys with David Jones (aka, David Bowie) as the vocalist.  Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) played lead guitar on their single. Having played a week at the Cavern Club in Liverpool in ’70, Heatwave is proud of its commemorative brick, 20 rows above ‘John’, in the Cavern Wall of Fame.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone remember seeing them in Hastings?

The Mobiles – feature – Hastings Town Magazine July 2015



supplied by Tony May

The Mobiles in the new July 2015 Hastings Town Magazine.
A two page feature on The Mobiles by Tony May in the new Hastings Town Magazine. Thanks to Tony for giving SMART a plug and a number of people here are mentioned.

Helen Downton… Hi, I read the article by Tony May in the Hastings Town magazine about The Mobiles with interest today. Its always nice to see articles etc.. about them still. One small point! Chris Brambleby was a drummer in The Mobiles for a short period of time before their success. It was to Russ Madge and Chris Downton that Anna Maria was introduced by Tim Phillips. It was also Chris Downton who played in The Mobiles from 1980 until 1983 and then when they briefly reformed from 1988 to 1989. It was Chris Downton who was in the Beez Neez. I know this as I am married to Chris Downton! We are in regular contact with Tim Phillips, Russ Madge, David Blundell (who was the bass player of The Mobiles) and Tony Norman (manager of the band). Chris is the only one now living local to Hastings.

Tim Phillips… I haven’t got a copy but it sounds as though the wrong Chris has been named as the Mobiles guitarist. I have been informed by the right Chris’s (Chris Downton) wife lol. I think that the Chris mentioned in the article (can’t remember his surname) was a drummer who played in a band pre Mobiles.

Tony May… Hi Helen/Tim Many thanks for your posts. Most of the information I used in the article I either knew from personal experience or gathered from other people’s post here or from the net. Its easy to get wires crossed -especially when gathering information on two musicians with the same first name – so I probably got my info mixed up. I hope both of the Chris’ will accept my apology for the mix up – as an amateur recording artist myself I know how irritating it can be when you don’t get the credit you deserve – but hopefully the fact that i cared enough about the band and its history will serve as a consolation to you both. I never did hear back from either Anna Maria or Russ Madge…

Tim Phillips… Hello Antony. I can quite understand how wires can get crossed specially when you’re trying to write an article about a band that ceased to exist more than 30 years ago. It is good that you are interested enough to write an article about the band.

Helen Downton… Thanks Antony. Easy mistake! Chris appreciates your interest even though it all happened such a long time ago. It’s great that people are still interested.

Neil Cartwright… Very small point: it was Garry King (drums) and myself (bass) who played the showcase gigs 1988-89, and it was Chris Downton (lovely player) who tutored me through the basslines. We practiced at Clive’s studio and at a village hall in Pevensey.

Tim Phillips… Talk of The Mobiles has brought back many memories so I dug out this photo of a very young yours truly & an even younger Anna Maria.


Steve Graham… Helen, I’m trying to contact Chris or anyone else from the Mobiles regarding a book I have written on Rialto Records covering the label history, discography, artists. Any recollections are welcome and you’ll at the least get an all colour book or two for the family in return,  many thanks.