Anyone remember a great local band called Tiah Teek? asks Andy Ives

Andy Ives… Anyone remember a great local band called Tiah Teek and what happened to them? I saw them a few times back in the 80s/

Martin Richter… they were from bexhill – played down The Crypt a few times. i’m desperately trying to remember who was in them – bexhill bands all seemed to overlap! crocodiles/salvation sunday, jez gillett’s bands, etc – but i *think* Matt from Vicious Minds was involved ….? but could be very wrong – one of them had curly dark hair and glasses! They did a charity pop quiz against the Rythm Method!

Steve Mann… Gary King was the drummer. Rags lead singer I think. At least one of their songs – Changing is on YouTube. Saw them at Crypt, Diplocks in Eastbourne and Dingwalls Camden (they ran a coach)

Martin Richter… lol – had it my head that Gary was the drummer (wore a click-track) – i was on that coach to dingwalls (sunday – audition night) – had a very brief chat with Lemmy at the bar !

Garry King… Well that’s me on the right, yep Martin ha ha thanks for that comment mate although i just found this site. Actually I hooked up with Colin on the left again last year and we are revamping some of the old demos from tape which has been great fun. This was my first pro band, a great start that should have really taken off I think as should have many of the bands in East Sussex, great times, hit me up if you like and you can see what I have been up to since then

Martin Richter… hi Gary – i’ve been on your website many times – are you still in the States ?

Andy Ives… Were always my favourite local band back then. Should have made it big imo

Skye… Rags is my Uncle

Colin Albright… Hi, I’m Colin Albright the left… We are all still about.. Myself and Dave live in Tunbridge Wells and Rag lives in Hastings.. We meet up occasionally.., and good to now be in touch again with Garry, who not only is a great drummer, but it also turns out is an excellent producer and has his own studios in France – – Garry is the only one of us still playing…, but we keep thinking about getting our gear out again!


The Gerry McAvoy Band – The Crypt Hastings – 11th May 1984

Paul Huggett… I was there, even had a wee chat with the man himself. One of my bass heroes.

Martin Richter… got a free signed 12″, never knew who he was

Barry French… Best known for being Rory Gallagher’s bassist from the early seventies up to the early nineties. A rock solid player who complemented Rory Gallagher’s virtuoso playing perfectly.