Flamingos Discotheque Queens Road Hastings – 1984

Who remembers Flamingo’s?

Matt Thomas…  remember of it but was too young to go in. Was thinking about this place recently and thought that it couldn’t have been very big inside

Peter Thomson… I remember it being there but never went in.

Dennis Torrance… Was it called something else before flamingos

Tony Davis… Amongst other things it was the Astral Club

Karen Sweatman… Remember where it was but was a wee whipper snapper and too young

Harry Randall… The Pamdor springs to mind that was opposite the Disc Jockey

Terry Hardwick… Toffs

Max Marriott… Yep, remember it well, my cousin worked behind the bar! Sarah Marriott remember this? Blast from the past or what! I remember tottering up those bloody stairs in my stilettos!

Sarah Marriott… Oh my goodness yes. God those stairs were lethal in heels

Kev Perry… Went there a few times

Pauline Richards… Was that the Pam dor then? Before

David Edwards… The Pamdor was at the bottom end of Queens Road about where Thomas Cooks is but the Disc Jockey of Big Al fame was half way up Queens Road on the right hand side. Remember the name of the Astral club but not where it was.

Alan Esdaile… Both right. Yes Pauline it was the Pam Dor and the Astral. and David, Disc Jockey was further up Queens Road at one stage and moved to the bottom of Queens Road

Martin Richter… used to go there on Monday nights

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