Time Out – Kings Head Battle 1987

supplied by Paul Huggett

Barry French, Andy Sproxton, Paul Huggett

Alan Wood… Cor, look at that poser in my old pub

Rick Baldwin… Mean and moody!!

Chris Jolly… And that’s just Paul! “Those were the days my friend”…

Dave Weeks… And a tape recorder

Graham Matthews… PKH looking a little Macho!


Billy J Kramer and The New Dekotas – Hastings Pier 3rd July 1981

Tony Qunta… And more interestingly ‘Giant Haystack!

Pauline Richards… I remember that just for a change! I was still at school and told my friends that Billy had a phobia of hotels so stayed at our house !!!!😀 my dad was a bouncer on pier so that’s how I did it. Didn’t Billy J Kramer appear on the pier before? Maybe 1965?

Alan Esdaile… Hi Pauline, 7th September 1963 with Strangers 5 in support.

Pauline Richards… Crikey I have got a bit of a memory! Thanks


Jeff Hull & Frank Jasper -The Angel St Marys Terrace, Hastings 1985

Alan Esdaile… Any reason why Skinflint didn’t turn up?

Phil Gill… They were too tight to pay for the petrol.

Stuart Moir… Great venue for playing with your shoulders touching on the stage area

Tony Court-holmes… yet another good old pub on the west hill not one open up there now and think how many there were

The Crocodiles – 1980


supplied by Tony May

Mike Guy… They were snappy dressers!

Pete Prescott… I used to have this. I remember this !

Terry Pack… Lovely Dave. What a wonderful bloke. Steve was a fine singer and writer.

Andy Qunta… I remember Dave! What a lovely fella!

Martin Curcher… I remember hanging with Dave whilst he played drums when enjoyed my first recording experience doing backing vocals to a song Wesley Magoogan had written, played Sax and sang on.

Martin Blackman… Only yesterday I was listening to some old Blackman Brothers Band live recordings of me and dear Dave doing our harmonies, such great memories, never a day goes past without me thinking about him.

Pete Prescott… Martin, you two were great together. I remember drunkenly climbing over the barrier at the Black Horse festival to join you for a song one night. It meant a lot when you pointed at me and invited me up. Great band.