Who remembers Malcolm Mitchells in High Street Old Town Hastings?

Photo Bob Mitchell. shared from Hastings and Area Past and Present Facebook page

HAPP… It’s 25th March, 1988 and the well-known army surplus store Malcolm Mitchell’s in the High Street, closed. It had opened in 1946. The photo was supplied by Bob Mitchell who wrote “Anyone remember my Uncle Malcom’s shop in the High street where my dad Tom worked with him and the other brothers? Great days.”

Pete Fisher… Bought my fire service greatcoat there, and my first electric guitar, a no-name solid body for ten quid…

Lynda Whatley… I remember it well – it was just along from Judges who baked AMAZING Bread !

Lucy Pappas… Great shop!

Tony Court-holmes…  if born in the old town all of us. Piles of boots left one side and right the other and if you wanted laces you had copper wire we never had it so good

Jacqueline Marsh… I loved going in there and having a nose round, so many amazing things and so cheap too. It always had a dry musty smell, think is was from the old uniforms and rubber on things. Wonderful shop. Judges were famous for their Nelson cake, made up of stale cakes and loads of sugary stuff, they were always such a treat

Russell Field…  Loved that shop !

Dizz Corinne Ryder… I remember the “old” musty smell when I passed the shop and all the ex-army boots and clothes piled up. think they found a secret room off the main shop area when it was sold.

Alan Esdaile… I can still smell it by just looking at the photo!

John Busbridge… I bought a flying hat in there 50 odd years ago and I still wear it in my vintage car. Also bought a Military Flute and Fife which I’ve still got, I was learning Nights in White Satin!

Jacquie Hinves… The Moody Blues. I can’t forget that song! I was sweet on a guy called Lesley Sharpe. His dad owned the Volvo dealership/ garage in Silverhill. Oh memories! Loved it. So many smells and memories.

John Wilde… I clothed my funky self from Malcolms.

Angela Frances Gardner… I bought my boiler suit from there

Jonathan Mendenhall… remember it well

Pete Brazier… I Remember with great joy all the things I got from there, and there were a few things I remember missing out on cos I couldn’t get back in time before they sold out ”Great Times!”

Jeanette Jones… I had a very warm all wool nurses cape from there

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Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Hastings Pier 12th June 1980

Joe Knight… Brilliant band in the 80s

Leigh Wieland-Boys…. Went to this but unfortunately they were unhappy because everyone was chanting “Geno” – they walked off stage!! Came back on again but with attitude! Still liked them though.

John Austin… I was there !

Chris van Rock… He was paranoid from drugs … brilliant passionate genius but troubled genius who made one of the best albums of 1980

Bedroom wall posters – what was yours?

Can you remember what posters you had on your bedroom wall?  My sister had The Walker Brothers & Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours. I can remember The Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, Ursula Andress ‘She’ film poster and Christopher Lee Dracula among others. In the 70’s I had the Be Bop Deluxe Axe Victim.


Matt Thomas… Farrah Fawcett

Lauren Gower… Bowie and still have,framed now tho!origional virgin poster,again framed now.loads of others including a maxell carrier bag with Pete Murphy on it

Philip Meston… The Easy Rider Poster

Tim Moose Bruce… Badger by Roger Dean and the posters from Dark Side Of The Moon album

Will Cornell… Vintage B&W Chaplin, Keaton, WC Fields, and writer/radio jock Jean Shepherd (“A Christmas Story”) that I paid $1 each for–they gave way to freebies from albums like the Milton Glazer Dylan, White Album pics and poster, that piece of crap that came with “Let it Bleed”, Who Live at Leeds assorted stuff (that morons still think are the real contracts and try to get them appraised on “Antiques Roadshow”), The Band Stage Fright and more. Full page ads from the paper announcing tour dates, album releases, whatever, worked good too, This gem I still have thanks to my mother’s instinct not to trash it…from NY Times 12-21-69 during John & Yoko’s Bed in or some such antics…#1 Question at my record store in the 80s: Wide eyed kid (who’s never spent so much as a dime with you) gawking at your walls…you ask if he needs any help. “Um, um yeah, what do ya’ll do with those posters from the record companies once you take them down?” overheard comment at my record store in the ’80s: high school girls over at the poster rack (where we actually sold posters), flipping thru the display frames, they come to the one in slot B7: “OmiGod DuranDuran, quick Tiffini, come look, quick!!!!!!!!”


Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… I was Duran Duran …. everywhere, including the ceiling!

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Telham Tinkers – April 1984

Ted Bishop, Geoff Hutchinson, Ian Dobson, Russ Haywood, Martin Curcher.

Jon McCallion… Worked with Geoff years ago.

Tony Court-holmes… does the black horse still do the folk festival or did someone else take it over

Glenn Piper… sadly, no to both

John Beeching… Big Green Cardigan festival at Sedlescombe/Staplecross kind of grew out of it.

Wout Steenhuis – Deluxe Hastings 7th March 1981

Gerry Fortsch… That takes you back, not heard of Wout in many a year, its probable because I couldn’t spell his name so I never looked him up on YouTube but I might now.

Chris Baker… I remember him being introduced on EasyBeat as Woot Steen-Who-Is? I think it was Brian Matthew.

Robert Searle… Its pronounced Vowt

Chris Baker… I knew him well, he wrote tunes to my Mum’s lyrics. Great bloke and a brilliant guitarist. He arranged for the band (Town Council) to record their first (and last) single in Broadstairs with Les Wake, his sound engineer.