The Rhythm Method, Harry & The Boys and Dogs In The Garden – White Rock Lower Hall 1980’s

Anyone remember these?

Nadia Compagnone… Barry Ewing top right.

Tony May… Not sure but is the black guy, Pat Valentine? He was in loads of bands back then and was super talented. Was rather ‘driven’ though so often left groups because they weren’t taking it seriously enough. Haven’t seen, Pat for years – I wonder if he finally made it?

Xilo Pan… I still see Pat around. ..he’s ok. ..yes, very talented

Mike Mitchell… If that’s Barry top right, then that’s got to be Wally bottom left

Martin Richter… Jimmy Lewis ?

Xilo Pan… Yes it’s Jimmy …rip…Sue on sax ..Andy on drums ..I drummed for them for a while too ..still see Woley and Baz. ..

Martin Richter… they were a great band crikey – I didn’t recognise Wally !



Tesco Church Wood Drive Hollington – 1980

Dave Nattress… Just back from the current Tesco store at Church in the Wood!  Am I right in thinking that the present store is actually the third generation store on this site?  It’s obviously certainly the second but I think the first was built way back maybe not so soon after the roads around were built, then I think it was quite comprehensively re-built and enlarged then finally it was completely knocked down and the whole new, (present) store was built?

Peter Houghton… I think that the first one was built then they sort of half knocked down the store so just to keep it open just to sell the basics until the new one was built as it is now

Oliver James Leonard… They didn’t keep it very long

Barry French… I think that the Tesco’s that preceded the 1980 Church Wood store is the building that is currently occupied by Pound Stretchers in Wellington Square.
I could be completely wrong, but I think it was opened around 1969  either  by Ronnie Corbett  or Olympic  Athlete David Emery. The store was on two floors with groceries on bottom floor  & cloths on the top floor.  Apologies if I’m talking a load of nonsense!!!

Alan Esdaile… Yes Barry, it was in the Pound Stretchers shop in Wellington Square and before that they had a small shop next to where McDonalds is now.

Martin Richter… i *think* that was Sainsbury’s ? marble counters and you paid at the back ?

Alan Esdaile… Sainsburys was a couple of shops along from Tesco, Martin and remember the marble counters.

Martin Richter…photo of me waring a  t-shirt bought from Tesco’s in Wellington Sq

Wendy Weaver… It was in Wellington Square when I moved to Hastings in October 1979.

A21 – introducing and gig ticket 1982


supplied by Roger Carey A21 – 1982 featuring Denise Hellier, David Bell, David Roberts, Vince Evans, Steve Portch.

supplied by David Roberts

Peter Fairless… I remember Dee. A21 were pretty good, where are they now?

Kev Towner… I used to know Steve Portch and his missus really well – not seen them in years!!

Phil Thornton… Dave Roberts co wrote a couple of tracks with me on the ‘Buddha Experience’ albums !!

Paul Crimin… I love the booking slip…

Billy Connolly – White Rock Pavilion 8th October 1980

Jan Warren… LOVE Billy Connolly, my all-time favourite comedian, saw him “live” in London in the 1980s!

Jill Lawrence… I went to that show !!; Love the guy x

Sandie Carlyon… Saw it. He was brilliant

Ian Quinnell… Brilliant show. Loved every minute of it

Peter Houghton… I went to the show and after the show got to meet Billy and he signed my album

Coco Pops… Met him and Pamela Stephenson in a Coffee Bar in Greenwich Village NYC in about 1991. Chatted for about 20 mins.

Neil Cartwright… Opening lines, commenting on the White Rock decor, were something like ‘It’s like walking into a birthday cake …’ A superb evening.

Phil Gill… I was there. I’m still laughing about Mike Smith and the helicopter.

Chris Meachen… I took my mum.. Favourite bit was “do I detect a wee fartie”

Peter Fairless… I was there, we laughed so much our sides still hurt the next day!


Salvation Sunday – Live at The Rock Garden, London 1986.

Martyn Baker… Another early camcorder video has just shown up (courtesy of Steve Caterall – Soundsville international, who got in touch with Alan Esdaile). This was the band in front of a tiny audience of about 50 – fresh from their support slot at Wembley with Level 42 in front of about 12000. Oh well, that’s how life goes.

S J Warner… Is there a song called Not in chains?

Martyn Baker… Not a song title, but maybe a line from one of Steve’s songs? I’ll have to check.

John Rook… Not in chains is the last song on the Come to your senses EP – for me their best song