The Architects – The Cutter Hastings 28th February 1985

Keith Jenner, Alan Phillips, Nick Monaghan and Rick Cooper

Cule Tulo… Don’t make me feel old. I’ve been in bands with some of these guys when I was a teenager

Martin Curcher… Rick took over bass after I left, good old days

Steve May… I joined later that year on guitar after Keith left! Hello Martin, how’s tricks?

A21 band photos

all photos © Steve Portch

Steve Portch , Dee Hellier , Dave Bell , Dave Roberts, Vince Ellis 

Neil Cartwright… Dave Bell, nice guitarist. Liked their version of ‘Stop Dragging my Heart Around’.

Leigh Mitchell… Remember Steve Portch from Saturdays in the mid-70s, he was the manager when I worked there

Terry Scaife… Leigh, I love that girl’s outfit

Leigh Mitchell… Terry, very 80s! xx

Barry French… Saw them play a very impressive gig in Alexandra Park (I think it must have been a carnival night)

A21 – introducing and gig ticket 1982


supplied by Roger Carey A21 – 1982 featuring Denise Hellier, David Bell, David Roberts, Vince Evans, Steve Portch.

supplied by David Roberts

Peter Fairless… I remember Dee. A21 were pretty good, where are they now?

Kev Towner… I used to know Steve Portch and his missus really well – not seen them in years!!

Phil Thornton… Dave Roberts co wrote a couple of tracks with me on the ‘Buddha Experience’ albums !!

Paul Crimin… I love the booking slip…

Matt Thomas DJ at The Firs 1989

supplied by Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas… My DJ’ing debut up at Hastings Town FC The Firs 1989 😆 Tonight is the first time I’ve seen this photo, one of my sister’s that she shared to me. The memories are flooding back to this stage in my life. This would be about August 89 and I was working at both VG Electrovac on Ponswood and in the evenings behind the bar at White Rock Theatre.

Stuart Moir… Played there many times with Centre Page

The Palace Bars Hastings – April 1985 The Zodiacs, Loose Change, Joe B King and Kevin Brown

Peter Fairless… Used to see The Zodiacs at The Cricketers, the Oval

Geoff Peckham… f this is the only time The Zodiacs played at the Palace Bars, then I was at this gig on a rare trip to Hastings in the 80s. I remember it being a brilliant night.

Colin Gibson… The Zodiacs were regulars at the Pig in Paradise Thursdays, always great nights.

Nick Foster… This ad leads to some happy memories. I think nearly all members of the Zodiacs played in various other bands and line ups over the period 83 – 89 when I owned the Pig. I still have a picture from Joe King hanging on my wall. The art gallery was organised and managed by Julia Robinson. We encouraged people to exhibit for the first time and some of the exhibitors went on to become established artists. If I remember correctly Kevin Brown was sadly disappointed with his gig as we didn’t have a dressing room for him and we only charged 50p admittance!!!