Shooting Star Disco – MBR Club Mountfield Gypsum Mines 1980’s

supplied by Lance Collins

Lance Collins… Myself, Peter Fortsch and Chris Brown. Sometime in the 80’s. Shooting Star Disco. Fal columns. DELTEC Bins.

Peter Fortsch… Great days. I had a great dark mullet then, sober DJ’s at this early part of the evening. Chris setting up the old FAL lights. He always looked after us, and got us home safely.

Lance Collins… And the sound out of those DELTEC Bins was superb. One pair powered by Deltec amp. The next pair on the good old H/H 130 Slave.

Mungo Jerry – Hastings Pier 19th June 1981

Pete Fairless… In The Summer Time… Now, what was that lyric? “If her Daddy’s rich buy her a pier…”

Mike Guy… I’m still performing The Man Behind The Piano, Mighty Man, and Baby Jump! How many songs do you know where a bloke gets drunk, touches a woman, gets a thump from her husband, & gets peed on by a dog?

Joe Knight… See him early 80s Kings Country Club

Gerry Fortsch… Is this the gig that we the Hippo Band played support at? Mungo Jerry were a great bunch of guys.

Alan Esdaile… Not sure Gerry who the support band was. Anyone confirm?

Linda Day… We saw Mungo Jerry in a field somewhere can’t remember where

Who remembers Malcolm Mitchells in High Street Old Town Hastings?

Photo Bob Mitchell. shared from Hastings and Area Past and Present Facebook page

HAPP… It’s 25th March, 1988 and the well-known army surplus store Malcolm Mitchell’s in the High Street, closed. It had opened in 1946. The photo was supplied by Bob Mitchell who wrote “Anyone remember my Uncle Malcom’s shop in the High street where my dad Tom worked with him and the other brothers? Great days.”

Pete Fisher… Bought my fire service greatcoat there, and my first electric guitar, a no-name solid body for ten quid…

Lynda Whatley… I remember it well – it was just along from Judges who baked AMAZING Bread !

Lucy Pappas… Great shop!

Tony Court-holmes…  if born in the old town all of us. Piles of boots left one side and right the other and if you wanted laces you had copper wire we never had it so good

Jacqueline Marsh… I loved going in there and having a nose round, so many amazing things and so cheap too. It always had a dry musty smell, think is was from the old uniforms and rubber on things. Wonderful shop. Judges were famous for their Nelson cake, made up of stale cakes and loads of sugary stuff, they were always such a treat

Russell Field…  Loved that shop !

Dizz Corinne Ryder… I remember the “old” musty smell when I passed the shop and all the ex-army boots and clothes piled up. think they found a secret room off the main shop area when it was sold.

Alan Esdaile… I can still smell it by just looking at the photo!

John Busbridge… I bought a flying hat in there 50 odd years ago and I still wear it in my vintage car. Also bought a Military Flute and Fife which I’ve still got, I was learning Nights in White Satin!

Jacquie Hinves… The Moody Blues. I can’t forget that song! I was sweet on a guy called Lesley Sharpe. His dad owned the Volvo dealership/ garage in Silverhill. Oh memories! Loved it. So many smells and memories.

John Wilde… I clothed my funky self from Malcolms.

Angela Frances Gardner… I bought my boiler suit from there

Jonathan Mendenhall… remember it well

Pete Brazier… I Remember with great joy all the things I got from there, and there were a few things I remember missing out on cos I couldn’t get back in time before they sold out ”Great Times!”

Jeanette Jones… I had a very warm all wool nurses cape from there

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Who remembers The Golden Hind Pub Havelock Road Hastings?

Tony Davis says… Was looking through SMART the other day and saw some photos of Steve D and it took my mind back to the days when I worked at the Golden Hind. Started me thinking if anyone has any photos of those days circa 1979-1983. If you’ve got any photos, stories or thoughts lets see if we can get a thread up and running on SMART.

Alan Esdaile… Any photos or memories, please feel free to post.

Graham Belchamber… Remember the pub and I’ll have a think through the old grey matter!

Peter Fairless… Yes, I remember it, very well!

Mike Mitchell… I met my wife in The Golden Hind. Sticky carpet and video juke box. That’s the pub not the wife.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Went to the Golden Hind most weekends before going nightclubbing! Worked in Havelock Road & often popped in at lunchtimes too. Loved that place – lots of good memories!

Jane Dorsett… the good old days leigh……..x

Peter Fairless… Wow, those town centre pubs!

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Def Leppard – Hastings Pier 24th April 1980

def leppard

thanks to Kevin Burchett for finding this…

Aileen Mathieson… I was working on the bar that night 1400 people on there that night didn’t stop behind the bar that night.

Andy Qunta… I saw DL at the Pier. Even back then they were good!

Tim Moose Bruce… That was a great night. With Magnum as support band.

The Rhythm Method, Harry & The Boys and Dogs In The Garden – White Rock Lower Hall 1980’s

Anyone remember these?

Nadia Compagnone… Barry Ewing top right.

Tony May… Not sure but is the black guy, Pat Valentine? He was in loads of bands back then and was super talented. Was rather ‘driven’ though so often left groups because they weren’t taking it seriously enough. Haven’t seen, Pat for years – I wonder if he finally made it?

Xilo Pan… I still see Pat around. ..he’s ok. ..yes, very talented

Mike Mitchell… If that’s Barry top right, then that’s got to be Wally bottom left

Martin Richter… Jimmy Lewis ?

Xilo Pan… Yes it’s Jimmy …rip…Sue on sax ..Andy on drums ..I drummed for them for a while too ..still see Woley and Baz. ..

Martin Richter… they were a great band crikey – I didn’t recognise Wally !



Tesco Church Wood Drive Hollington – 1980

Dave Nattress… Just back from the current Tesco store at Church in the Wood!  Am I right in thinking that the present store is actually the third generation store on this site?  It’s obviously certainly the second but I think the first was built way back maybe not so soon after the roads around were built, then I think it was quite comprehensively re-built and enlarged then finally it was completely knocked down and the whole new, (present) store was built?

Peter Houghton… I think that the first one was built then they sort of half knocked down the store so just to keep it open just to sell the basics until the new one was built as it is now

Oliver James Leonard… They didn’t keep it very long

Barry French… I think that the Tesco’s that preceded the 1980 Church Wood store is the building that is currently occupied by Pound Stretchers in Wellington Square.
I could be completely wrong, but I think it was opened around 1969  either  by Ronnie Corbett  or Olympic  Athlete David Emery. The store was on two floors with groceries on bottom floor  & cloths on the top floor.  Apologies if I’m talking a load of nonsense!!!

Alan Esdaile… Yes Barry, it was in the Pound Stretchers shop in Wellington Square and before that they had a small shop next to where McDonalds is now.

Martin Richter… i *think* that was Sainsbury’s ? marble counters and you paid at the back ?

Alan Esdaile… Sainsburys was a couple of shops along from Tesco, Martin and remember the marble counters.

Martin Richter…photo of me waring a  t-shirt bought from Tesco’s in Wellington Sq

Wendy Weaver… It was in Wellington Square when I moved to Hastings in October 1979.