The Flying Pickets, Elkie Brooks and The Nolans – White Rock Theatre 1985

The Flying Pickets tour –  4 days in Hastings 1985

Martyn Baker… I saw her as a singer in Vinegar Joe (with Robert Palmer I think?) on the pier way before this show. I was about 14, and I met a girl too. Loved that night!

Andy Qunta… Martyn, I saw them on the Pier too!

Matt Thomas… Famous for only doing a 30 minute concert

Mick O’Dowd…Thinking I might have been at The Pickets show. Used to love them. Very talented. First saw them on the Tube.

Mungo Jerry – Hastings Pier 19th June 1981

Pete Fairless… In The Summer Time… Now, what was that lyric? “If her Daddy’s rich buy her a pier…”

Mike Guy… I’m still performing The Man Behind The Piano, Mighty Man, and Baby Jump! How many songs do you know where a bloke gets drunk, touches a woman, gets a thump from her husband, & gets peed on by a dog?

Joe Knight… See him early 80s Kings Country Club

Gerry Fortsch… Is this the gig that we the Hippo Band played support at? Mungo Jerry were a great bunch of guys.

Alan Esdaile… Not sure Gerry who the support band was. Anyone confirm?

Linda Day… We saw Mungo Jerry in a field somewhere can’t remember where

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Hastings Pier 12th June 1980

Joe Knight… Brilliant band in the 80s

Leigh Wieland-Boys…. Went to this but unfortunately they were unhappy because everyone was chanting “Geno” – they walked off stage!! Came back on again but with attitude! Still liked them though.

John Austin… I was there !

Chris van Rock… He was paranoid from drugs … brilliant passionate genius but troubled genius who made one of the best albums of 1980

Kev Towner… Wish I’d seen that!!

Tony Court-holmes… was living in the States then

Michael Wilson… I was at this gig and the Specials a couple of days later.


Telham Tinkers – April 1984

Ted Bishop, Geoff Hutchinson, Ian Dobson, Russ Haywood, Martin Curcher.

Jon McCallion… Worked with Geoff years ago.

Tony Court-holmes… does the black horse still do the folk festival or did someone else take it over

Glenn Piper… sadly, no to both

John Beeching… Big Green Cardigan festival at Sedlescombe/Staplecross kind of grew out of it.

Big Beat Reunion 22nd Oct 1988 – Hastings Pier with Screaming Lord Sutch

all photos © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland. Poster supplied by Pete Millington.

Screaming Lord Sutch with Cliff Bennett, Tommy Bruce, Cynthia Payne and others. Bottom photo Mike Berry with Nan and Jenny.

Matt Thomas… I spot Nan & Jenny

Lloyd Johnson… On the right of the photo…Nan & Jenny with the glasses….

Jim Breeds… So, did Sutch have a place in Hastings, or did he stay with others when he was in town. I need evidence though, so don’t say yes because you once read it on Facebook. I want to hear from you if you know for a fact and where

Kev Towner… Jim, I was always under the impression that he stayed with Lord Tivers when he visited Hastings

Judy Atkinson… I think I was there that night – certainly saw him on the pier, just can’t remember when

Colin Tapp… Great photo. Nan

Lloyd Johnson… I was constantly trying to book The Hollies for The Big Beat Reunions but they were always booked for the dates we had for the pier…The Dave Sutch one was really good fun. Terry Smith R.I.P. who helped me put it on was working in the props department of a London TV station and we managed to get a Coffin, Dry ice machine and Polystyrene Grave Stones to set dress with, we had all the back drop etc from previous The Searchers gig. Terry also acquired two monks habits from the TV props department and I bought a couple of glow in the dark skulls that fitted over Terry and I’s heads….The Stage curtains were closed all was quiet, The group started to play The Death March and Chris or Henry slowly opened the curtains just like the times ‘Lord Sutch’ played The Pier Ballroom in the early 60s.Dave Sutch was in the coffin I handed the mike to a creepy hand that came out of the coffin and there was a blood curdling scream and then”ARE YOU READING TO ROCK N ROLL” and out jumped ‘SCREAMING LORD SUTCH!”….Terry and I with our Monks Habits and Glow in the dark skulls on were dancing like madmen each side of the coffin…that was a great fun! and a night to remember!…I took a photo of the entertainers that performed that evening with Nan Moreland and Jen in the photo. The photo was taken on Nan’s camera.

Lloyd Johnson… left to right: front …Cliff Bennett, Dave Sutch, Cynthia Payne, (Dave Sutch’s girlfriend at the time), Jen & Anthony ’Nan’ Moreland… Back : Elvis impersonator, Tommy Bruce, unknown female…


White Rock Theatre Hastings – 1980’s? season

Peter Howard…

Graham Sherrington… Peter, she were brilliant!!!!!

Mark Rodrigues… 1982-1987 some point I reckon

Roger King… Could very well be 1986. By that time the Pavilion had been renamed Theatre, and crucially July 19 was a Saturday in that year.

Steve Hamilton… I was going to say it seems like 1980 – until I saw Flying Pickets who surely were not a thing until 1982/3? So what looks like a pretty decent line up for 1980 seems a little retro for 1986…

Margaret Trowell… Proper acts ..the real deal back then not the endless tribute acts we get now😊

Matt Thomas… I think this was after a major refurb and was billed as the summer of stars

Colin Bell… Although i must be honest and say there’s not many listed here I’d have gone to see, at least they were all proper ‘names’ unlike the poor second rate acts they now seem to endlessly put on



Fifties Hop with Buddy Curtess & The Grasshoppers – Hastings Pier 4th April 1985

John Gale… Great band,,, still playing , Learnt what TARDIS stood for from one of their tracks,

Martin Richter… lol – old friends

Susan Simms… I only met them here a couple of years back and supported the beauties at the 100 club recently, lovely bunch

Frank Carson – Hastings Sunday market 3rd March 1985

Eric Harmer… Funny man

Phil Gill… It’s the way he tells ‘em.

Eric Harmer… he made me laugh with one. “What’s the difference between my wife and a terrorist. You can negotiate with a terrorist”

Keith Roxborough… If you think so

Chris Howard… Might have been funny but was not very pleasant. I did a gig with him once his attitude was dreadful

Gerald Jeffery… It’s a Cracker ! It’s The Way I Tell Em !

Conan Howard… it was the way he told EM