Freddie Starr White Rock Pavilion Hastings 1st May 1983

Barry Newton… I seem to remember going to this, great laugh

Dawn Leaney… I went to this , l was only 22 and had front row tickets. I spent the whole show hoping that he wouldnt pick me out for ridicule

Colin Bell… One of the funniest guys i ever worked with, it was impossible, he made me crack up multiple times every time i went to speak!

Jacquie Hinves… What a super nice man Freddie was. X

Peter Thomson… Saw him just a year or so earlier at Kings. One of the funniest shows ever.

Nick Tutt… I was at this one. Amazing bloke. Kept my head down when he looked my way. Current gf wore a bright pink leopard spot dress… he seemed to miss it thankfully lol

Matt Thomas… I remember working the bar at his performance at White Rock 89/90? He did two shows in one evening (both sell outs), both bars open and even the rarely opened spot bar that was situated inside the auditorium. A big performer who knew how to entertain.

Scalliwags Vodka and CB Night at the 39 steps 1981

Alan Esdaile… I’m trying to work out the 39 steps mention Kevin? I don’t remember that many steps?

Kevin Burchett…  Madeline Reade maybe able to help Alan. Regent Court was just along the road from Scalliwags

Madeline Reade… Even I’m trying to work that one

Stuart Moir… One of my first experiences of the live music scene following my move from London, used to go see the Talismen with my friend Jona giving his kit a workout

Trevor Thorpe… CB as in Citizen’s band?

David Edwards… 39 steps when you’ve had a night on the vodka


Anyone recognise this lady from the Thomas Cook Advert in the 1980’s? asks Colin Fox

Colin Fox… I wonder how many people recognise this young lady in the Thomas Cook advert of the 1980s. She’s is/was from Hastings and went out with a guitrist who lived there.

Stuart Moir… from the Harry R and the jump jets days, “Kathy”

Pete Prescott…She’s an amazing dancer. All the girls were lovely. You guys did a fantastic job on backing vocals. I was bloody useless at those then (not that I’m much better at it now!) Wouldn’t it be great to go back and do it all again

Colin Fox… Pete, I always had great respect for your vocals Pete, every note spot on, and as Tom Jones would say “I like the tone of your voice”. I believed you had a voice that would have gone down well in the US.

Stuart Moir… Pete, It would be so nice to see all the people who are still around and able to perform, obviously all the lead vocals would down to you, Colin and Chris are still active on fb so they would still be good for BVs, I wonder how many of the girls are still dancing at their various homes with their grand children he he , I hold such lovely memories of our days with HarryR as I’m sure you do, I’m in touch with Pete Shaw regularly as we share a passion for Porsche but not so much Ray as he is the other side of the Thames border and I’m not sure if he’s a fan of Facebook but I’m sure he’s still making his guitars sing as they used to down South, I know Phil is still on the band scene but playing a brilliant lead guitar rather than the bass as he was in the band, anyway I’m glad your still active and performing well as per the Beach Concert blues brothers set, look forward to catching up face to face .

Steven Singleton… Kate Moss ?

Colin Fox… She’s also in this photo that I took at the Conservative club Bexhill in the 1980s, on the far left.

photo: Colin Fox 

Stuart Moir… That photo was taken at the Bexhill club at one of the rehearsals. They were our dancers at the Harry R and the jump jets concert at the De la warr pavillion . We were only talking about the gig we all did together, Colin, Chris and me on backing vocals, Pete Shaw on drums Phil Gill on bass guitar Ray Fenwick on lead and I think Revie Stockdale played keys for that one, lead vocals were Dave Easton and Peter Prescott, a brilliant band that we could have sold anywhere .

Colin Fox… Private party, Herstmonceux Castle

photo: Colin Fox 

Pete Prescott… Good Times

Chris Howard… The beautiful Kathy.

Lyn Humphrey… Kathy Collins went to Bexhill Downs Secondary School in the mid/late ’60s. She was also in an episode of ‘Doctor in the House’, in 1970, when (in the programme) she thought she’d become engaged to the show’s star, Barry Evans.

Paul Coleman… The girl in the pic i believe came from Bexhill but may have moved to Hastings. I saw her many times in Bexhill & I think her name was Cathy Collins. I could be wrong but I thought she went to school in Bexhill?

Stuart Moir… Kathy with a K was her name she was a Bexill girl initially married to a local accountant whos name escapes me .

George Turner… Bexhill’s very own superstar. I believe Kathy kept the surname of Day from her first marriage. I used to attend aerobic dancing lessons with her at the Continental Club. I believe she was part of the Second Generation dancing group. Ray Fenwick was her significant other. I’m old now so my memory sometimes writes it’s own script.

Ricky Adelaide… Yep then Kate Day back in the White Hart Catsfield days…met at an airport couple of years ago in Spain! She spends time there now

Chris Howard… Kathy was lead dancer when we played at The Hops in Bexhill in the eighties.


Who remembers Cask & Kettle 1984

Susanne Wybrands… I spent my summer holidays in Hastings in June 1985 and had the time of my life in the evenings with the mixes and amazing crowd at the Cask and Kettle. We celebrated New Year’s Eve in June, listened to lovely live music (there was a couple, Rob and his pregnant wife). I was on a special diet because of my allergies, and Dave, the barkeeper, served my tap water in a fancy glass with ice and lemon without charging anything. In the afternoon there were many pensioners who loved to discuss a great variety of topics, accompanied us on tours along the coast. There were young guys out of work, construction workers, surgeons – that wonderful mixture you only find in English pubs.

Zodiac Pub/Centre Priory Road Hastings 1981

Jane Hartley… Reading one of Dave Gemmell’s books at the moment!

Judith Monk… He was great. For a while he wrote the Women’s page in the local Observer.

Stewart Rockett… Trivia notes: David Gemmell was a member of the Hastings Writer’s Group, the UK’s longest existing writing group. He was also their patron until his death. Catherine Cookson was a founder member of the group.

Judith Monk… Stewart, my mother in law Mary Monk was also a member of the group.

Billy Connolly – White Rock Pavilion 8th October 1980

Jan Warren… LOVE Billy Connolly, my all-time favourite comedian, saw him “live” in London in the 1980s!

Jill Lawrence… I went to that show !!; Love the guy x

Sandie Carlyon… Saw it. He was brilliant

Ian Quinnell… Brilliant show. Loved every minute of it

Peter Houghton… I went to the show and after the show got to meet Billy and he signed my album

Coco Pops… Met him and Pamela Stephenson in a Coffee Bar in Greenwich Village NYC in about 1991. Chatted for about 20 mins.

Neil Cartwright… Opening lines, commenting on the White Rock decor, were something like ‘It’s like walking into a birthday cake …’ A superb evening.

Phil Gill… I was there. I’m still laughing about Mike Smith and the helicopter.

Chris Meachen… I took my mum.. Favourite bit was “do I detect a wee fartie”

Peter Fairless… I was there, we laughed so much our sides still hurt the next day!