Steve Kinch in The Rubettes in the mid 80’s

supplied by Steve Kinch

Iain Cobby… Nice impression of Stan Laurel, Steve

Pete Fisher… sorry Steve couldn’t suppress my curiosity and found this…nice close-ups of you at 2’06”-2’18”..!!

Steve Kinch… Thanks for that, Pete! Not seen that clip before. Like a great deal of my history, I have absolutely no memory of it.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… MMEB is more your style, Steve! Fortunately, I have total recall of my history

Soviet Union music blacklist from 1985


source: Alex Hutton facebook page.

Russia has come a long way . This is a 1985 Soviet Union Music blacklist !

Peter Fairless… Really, a long way

Will Cornell… by “the Strangers” they’re talking Merle Haggard’s band, right? They might’ve hated commies, but “punk, violence”? hmmmm. I think they meant the Stranglers perhaps? Now, who’s this “Klesh”?

Peter Fairless… From now on, all my friends are gonna be Stranglers…?

Martin Stoggell… I’ve always thought there was something strange about the Village People

Pete Fisher… The Klesh and the Stodges are great band names…I visited the former East German Ministry for State Security (Stasi) headquarters, now a museum in Leipzig, back in 2002, and there was a display cabinet of examples of western decadence, and there among the Coca Cola cans and Mickey Mouse comics was an Iron Maiden album!!!

Can’t Stand The Heat – Cassette 1987


supplied by Pete Fisher featuring Pete Fisher, Robert Masters & Chris Hawkins

Link to tracks & other bands …

Pete Fisher…Can’t Stand The Heat Where Are You Now – Kitchen Studios 1987. My home-made cassette cover…if you look closely, on the right you might recognize Hastings harbour with my guitar floating above it, and on the left is the guitar I used to play in Pueblo back in 72-74, picture in my bedroom in Quarry Road…our house was called “Rockholme”..

Alan Esdaile… Interesting mix on the above link which includes Mae West and Pueblo from 1974.

Slayve – Mid 80’s The Crown Hailsham


supplied by Kris Hannah

Kris Hannah…. Paul Tanner, circa 1985 Probably The Crown at Hailsham and 1987 Ernest Ballard (I think) on drums and Pete Lees on bass.

Robert Searle… Looks like Tony Kenward on the second photo in the background.

Mark Little… Before I joined I think, but Paul Tanner and Ernie Ballard for sure!

Len Smith… Yes looks like Tony Kenward in the background.

Gary Sykes… Paul Tanner was a good guitarist, anyone know what he went on to?

Terry Pack… I played a couple of gigs with Tony Kenward, Paul Tanner and Pete Shaw in Eastbourne around 1985.

Ernest Ballard… Yep that’s me on drums. Paul is still living in Eastbourne. He joined the Teenage Idols in London after this band. Great cool bloke. I’ll try contact him