Elphinstone School class.

Alan Esdaile… and if your wondering the 2nd one along in the white open shirt!

Matt Thomas… What year Alan? That was my classroom as well 1979/80

Alan Esdaile… god knows! A long time ago end of 50’s early 60’s possible.

Carol Arnold… Aaaahhh i went there

Linda Russell… My old school too 1962

Martyn Baker… My sister, Melanie was there from 1971

Chris Meachen… Whose class were you in? I can only remember miss Hollyfield & Mrs Smith from infants..

Alan Esdaile… Miss Smith was my favourite! I just dug out my old school reports which are pretty bad and the teachers were Fletcher, Capon, Smith and Evans.

Gaz Linch… Miss Capon was the music teacher. Quite strict as I recall. Remember Mrs Smith and Mr. Coates who was an accomplished guitar player. Lawrie Read was around at the time as well

Jane Hartley… don’t remember Mrs Smith. I had Mrs Duly who terrified me so I went into Miss Barham’s class. Mrs Fletcher, Miss Osbourne and the horrible Mr Evans. Miss Capon took us for music.

Chris Meachen… I was in Mr Evans class, & thought he was horrible too.. Mum had a huge row with him at one point.. I don’t think he liked children much..

Neal Hunter… Started at Mount Pleasant school in 1959 when I was nine then onto Elphinstone.

Sonia Wheeler… 61/62 my mum says !

William Wallace… was at Elphinstone about 67/68 i think..some of the teachers i remember are..MRS SMITH,MR COATES,MR WEST headmaster.

Alan Esdaile… I’m pretty sure she was Miss Smith then and not Mrs. I did have a photo of her somewhere with Mr Yorkstone I think it was. I remember she singled me out once, when we were giggling about some nude status in a book and then she said if I laughed anymore she would get me to stand naked at the front of the class! It soon shut me up!

Nigel Kennard… Brings back memories – when I was in the ‘fours’ I had scary Mr Evans as form teacher.

Dennis Torrance… Evans, Yorkstone, Read, Barham teachers I remember

Linda Hollands… I was there when Mr Hopkins was Headmaster, could hear his shoes way down the corridor.

Chris Meachen… She was Mrs Smith, she used to bring her daughter Fiona into class in her pram.. Her first name was Ruth, & I’ve latterly been friends with her on here, until she passed away a couple of years ago..

Janet Cruttenden… I was there round about 1964? Omg! Can’t remember teachers names but Mr Hopkins rings a bell

Chris Meachen… Janet, Mr Hopkins was the headmaster, who retired while I was at Elphinstone. I remember that we were all coached to sing a hymn in Welsh to give him a good send off..

Ann Graves… I was there in early 50s. Mr.Read was there when I was and his wife teached at Ore Secondary now the academy

Linda Holland… Ann, remember him, l was there 1958

Pauline Richards… What year was this? My brother was there in the mid to late 60s

Alan Esdaile… I’m thinking now, about 1961?

Helen Hales… OMG was at Elphinstone 1960 teachers I remember Mrs Biker Miss Webb Miss Bareham Mr Johnstone Mr Hoy and of course Mr I T Hopkins. Year 3 at Mount Pleasant Junior Mr Watmore Mr Read and Miss Osbourne. In later life went to school with Mr Reads daughter Gillian and played bar billiards with Mr Read at the Ashburnham Arms.

Carol Arnold… Helen Hales was at school with Gillian Read.

Dawn Campbell… Yes, I went there from ’72 – ’74 and also in the 2 infant blocks before that – looking back, had a great time, loved that school. I remember being in the St. George’s group for sports which were red, I think they also had St, Andrew – Blue, St, David – Yellow and St. Patrick – green.