Lucky Man lyrics – signed by Greg Lake

Supplied by Iain Cobby

Iain Cobby was saying this is from a gig at the Assembly Rooms Tunbridge Wells and the promoter was Jim Davidson!

David Miller… I like this song very much, but don’t feel that the ending synth section serves it at all. Lovely, nevertheless.

Sandy Max… It’s the Assembly Hall not rooms. Went to many a gig there since I was brought up nearby

Chris Pelling… I was at that gig too and was chatting with Jim Davidson about it only last month at Trading Boundaries, Fletching! I picked up a signed copy of the lyrics of Still….You Turn Me On at Tunbridge Wells. It was such an excellent show that I went to the Dartford Orchard Theatre gig three weeks later. Sadly, although we didn’t know it at the time, Greg’s final live performance in the UK was at the aforementioned Trading Boundaries in April 2013.

What 70’s Prog Rock Band should you be in?


created by Kari Egilsson.

Alan Esdaile… ELP

Jane Hartley… Pink Floyd!

Peter Howard… Genesis

Phil Thornton… Genesis

John Storer… ELP

Perri Ann Haste… ELP

Eric Cawthraw…  depends on how you are defining it, I’ll go for Nektar.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Genesis…happy with that….blue girls come in every size, some are wise & some otherwise…

H R Giger Dies

Andy Gunton….The artist H. R Giger, who died yesterday, didn’t just create the ‘Alien’.
He also produced some pretty iconic album covers, like the one below.
I remember buying this when it came out. Unfortunately the cover art was better than the album inside.


Phillip Meston…..Agreed, not one of ELP’s better moments! Have to admit to owning this and many more of their albums though…

John Storer…..Always thanked the overblown ELP for killing off progressive rock and opening the door for punk, but would actually forgive them everything for the sublime “From The Beginning” from Trilogy

Will Cornell….A collection of Giger covers would be great…but: Let’s not forget the infamous poster that came inside with the DK’s “Frankenchrist”. The poster that eventually deep-sixed the band itself.

Tony Court-holmes….epic

Jim Breeds….Gosh, yes! I didn’t have the album, but I still have the free 33 1/3 flexidisc that NME gave away!! If I remember the story correctly, there was no track called Brain Salas Surgery on the LP. It was then released of the free flexidisc as one of two tracks. The other track is “Excerpts From BSS”, split into 8 pieces. The paper cover on the disc is the same as the album, but opens up down the middle to reveal further art work and the single. I don’t know whether the original album did that too. I could scan it to demonstrate what I am trying to describe if anyone is interested (and scan the disc too).

Colin Norton…..Hi Guys, I also have a copy of the flexi…. Sorry

Jim Breeds…..My flexi value is tumbling in front of my eyes. Another pension plan hits the rocks