Battle Memorial Hall – 1970. She Trinity, Martyn James Expression, Couriers, Sunny Jay Breed, BB James Express, Krishna Kudu, Embers and Genesis Creation.

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Alan Esdaile… I remember seeing She Trinity and supporting Martyn James Expression.

Nigel Ford… Roy was telling me they had a huge heavy piano or Hammond organ that they needed lots of hands to help get it down the stairs and up onto the stage. (before the lift was there and that wouldn’t have been big enough) I was there later for the gig and most other weeks too.

Andy Knight… Not at this gig but saw MJ Expression, I was in Material Sunlight Expression about that time.

Alan Esdaile… Andy, don’t remember Material Sunlight Expression. Who was in the band?

Andy Knight… Bit vague Alan but we rehearsed at Chris Dann’s house so Chris on Bass, me on drums but can’t remember who was on guitar

The Cobweb – more of April 1968 from Nigel Young Archives


Nigel Young Archives

Nigel Young….Thursday, 18.04.68 St Leonards-on-Sea The Cobweb
The local Purple were back the following week for another gig (admission again four shillings, five shillings for guests), this time with a ‘Stereo Disc Show’. Taste played The Cobweb in May, as did The Iveys (pre-Badfinger). 1969 started strongly with The Episode, Kippington Lodge, Simon Dupree And The Big Sound and Status Quo over successive weeks, Trapeze played there in May and Episode Six returned for the last time in June. A fire in the Dolphin Ballroom bingo hall (below the Cobweb) caused serious damage and brought the club to an end in December 1970.
© Nigel Young (from the forthcoming book, Deep Purple: Day By Night)


Nigel Young Archives

Nigel Young….Marine Court, an imposing Art Deco apartment block, fourteen storeys high, on the seafront at St Leonards-on-Sea in Hastings, in East Sussex, was built just before World War II, completed in 1938, lavishly modelled by architects Kenneth Dalgleish and Roger K Pullen on the Queen Mary, the Cunard-White Star Line’s new liner. (Cunard and White Star had merged during the financial difficulties of the Great Depression.) Now a Grade II listed building, it contains flats and restaurants, with shops at ground floor level. By 1968 it was home to The Cobweb with a capacity of 350, previously known from July 1964 to October 1967 as the Witch Doctor.
© Nigel Young (from the forthcoming book, Deep Purple: Day By Night)