Radio Luxembourg 30th July 1976 Hastings Pier Mark Wesley and Jigsaw & Radio One Road Show 1975

Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Peter Pursglove…..,do you remember when the radio one jocks did the Pier ,i was working there for most of them ,peter Powell ,Tony Blackburn ,D.L.T

Alan Esdaile…..Remember it well. They also used to have beach road shows opposite the De Luxe Bingo. Used to book out DLT a lot when Paul was operating from a garden shed in his sisters house. Woodlice and spiders climbing the walls, couldn’t hear anything if it rained due to plastic roof, cockerel sounding off next door but still managed to book some of the top acts of the day.

Perri Anne Haste…..I seem to remember ‘ Diddy ‘ David Hamilton hosting a roadshow down the Crypt in about 1975 if my memory serves me well – The night in question was attended by an extremely intoxicated bloke wandering around completely stark bollock naked! – much to the amusement of all the other revellers! – nobody seemed to mind & just let him get on with it!!


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

John Austin…..Peter Powell asked me up on stage to do a spot once, then invited me up to his breakfast show on Radio one.

Ralph Town…..Me and the missus saw Simon Bates down on the pier once

Alan Esdaile….I remember seeing David Hamilton at The Radio One Club in Regents Street. He introduced Slade and they played ‘Get Down & Get With It’.

Nick Prince… Does anyone else remember when the Radio One Road Show used to come to Hastings? The one I saw was about 1976 and was held on the beach where the Pelham Place car park is. David Hamilton was the DJ, I’m sure. Did Our Kid really manage to sing live? or is this my imagination running away with itself?

Mark Randall… Yep, I was there. I had bought Frampton Comes Alive on cassette and had to wait ’til I returned home Tonbridge after the week’s holiday. Mum packed two suitcases: one for clothes for 4 of us, the other filled with tinned food ….. And teabags

Deirdre Sears… Anyone remember if Radio Luxembourg did a Road Show in Bournemouth August 1975?

Pete Houghton… I saw Jigsaw on the pier and they had the Radio Luxemburg truck parked at the front of the pier and Jigsaw signed my Flyer

Group Scene Oct 4th 1973 Hastings & St Leonards Herald.


supplied by Nick Prince

Yvonne Cleland… Memories…… just left school, and met Will!

Jim Hobbs… Emperor Rosko and the Radio One Club, great stuff, joke was Radio One reception in Hastings was bloody awful in those days. Reception on all ‘platforms’ is now brilliant – shame the content is shit!

Alan Esdaile… I got this album in my collection. Some great Atlantic tracks on here.


Dave Garland… I do slightly remember that Gig, on the Pier, I loved the Pier back in those days, saw so many good bands. I went backstage when Status Quo were on and tried to swap my 6″ Clogs for a pair of platform boots that the rhythm guitarist was wearing, (can’t remember his name,) but Francis Rossi said he’d break his neck wiv em on! The Kinks gig stands out, Thunderclap Newman, Factory supported lots of bands on the Pier including Suzie Contro(Mickey Most was with her there & commented on how good our P.A. was, for only 500 watts. The secret was to get the Bins up as high as possible!! Bring back the Pier!! Lol, Dave Garland (now back in Hastings!)


Emperor Rosko – Hastings Pier 9th July 1976

Peter Fairless… ‘R’ to the ‘O’ to the ‘S’ to the ‘K’ to the ‘O’…

Tony Davis… When I worked at the Aquarius the Radio One Club with Rosko, came there. I was on the radio as part of the panel reviewing new releases. He is a nice guy, unlike DLT who I also met at The Aquarius on a different night

Marky Heselwood… You can hear Emperor Rosko on CHR Conquest Hospital Radio on Saturday Morning 12am till 2am. And Monday 12am till 2am

Lynne Smith… I remember DLT coming to the Aquarius

Alan Esdaile… I used to book DLT all over the country from a garden shed in Emmanuel Road!

Mick O’Dowd… Used to love “The Emperor”. His ad tune was a take on Jamo Thomas’s “I Spy For The F.B.I” which he altered to “Rosko For The F.B.I.” Played some good music as well.

Budgie & The Sex Pistols – Hastings Pier 3rd July 1976

supplied by Sarah Harvey

photos supplied by Michael Johansson.

Michael says… Budgie 1976. Second picture 68 Milward Rd 1976

Sarah Harvey…..Was talking to the fella’ who services my boiler the other day and his lasting memory of Hastings Pier was this gig. He said the Sex Pistols were pile of poo and got practically booed off the stage…. everyone had come to see Budgie. Also amused me about the Wrestling and some those that were household names during the 70s.

Bobby Walker….I was there. Had gone to see Budgie, as had become a huge fan after seeing them supporting Genesis on the Pier (never got to see that much of Genesis as spent their set chatting to Budgie in the bar).  The Pistols were an almost completely unknown entity at the time – Danny Baker had mentioned them once in the NME.  They were on stage for less than 20 minutes. They couldn’t play. They played “(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone” three times and definitely played The Stooges “No Fun”.  They were, without doubt, the most exciting live band I’d ever seen.  Think there was only one punk in the audience. A really nice bloke who called himself Sid Vicious.
A friend, Marianne (sadly no longer with us), was so impressed with the Pistols at that gig she changed her name and formed her own band – she became Poly Styrene and the band was X-Ray Spex
Two weeks later, The Stranglers played support to the Frankie Miller Band and got the same poor reception, despite being quite brilliant. Remember only three of us were on our feet during the Stranglers … me, Gary Paine and John Storer (who I met again a couple of years back – he’s now a lawyer)
We got invited backstage by Hugh Cornwell from the stage and he called the rest of the audience “wankers”.

Jane Hartley…..Oh yes, I was at the Rosko night, still got the ciggie he gave me!

Mick O’Dowd…..Most people when asked about The Pistols appearing on The Pier thought they were the headliners when in fact they were only the support. They never did reappear on the Pier.

Martyn Baker…..My girlfriend at the time was dead keen for us to see The Sex Pistols that night. I’d never heard of them , so I said “nah, let’s go down The Anchor instead”! Missed opportunity?

Paul Morfey… I was there, wondering what the hell was going on, green hair and safety pins!

Dave Weeks… Me too

Ernest Ballard… Sex pistols supporting Budgie ?

Neil William Michael McGuigan… It was quite a night. Pistols were virtually unknown at the time outside of London and a few mentions in NME. Only 2 punks in the crowd, Sid and the blonde from SEX Kings Road

Peter Houghton… Think I saw Budgie a couple of times on the pier

Alan Esdaile… Have them listed as playing 8 times on the pier.

Tony Court-holmes… twice saw them both times i think they were the support for Genesis

Nigel Ford… I was there too and there was a group of their friends / fans (more than 2) down the front wearing safety pins and pogoing and spitting so I kept well back, thinking “Huh, they’ll never make it as their ‘music’ was so lack-lustre”… a more anaemic looking bunch I’ve never seen when they all came in the bar afterwards. BUDGIE were their brilliant heavy, tight unit as always and played some from their new album aswell as going back to their first, I think. This being about the 6th time I’d seen them in Hastings maybe more as the first time was in 1970 when I bought their eponomous, 1st album on the strength of their performance from Big Al at the DISC JOCKEY, 2 Queens Road.

photo: Stuart Richard Meadows, shared by Chris Boorman

Stuart Richard Meadows… Good day. This is probably the rarest SEX PISTOLS related poster I’m ever likely to have in my possession. A real gem from mid 1976 with heavy rockers BUDGIE being the headline act. Admission to the gig being only a quid which in this day and age seems quite remarkable. Only a few months after this gig, the Pistols would become public enemy number one and spark a huge musical revolution, inspiring loads of kids up and down the country to pick up instruments and blow away the drabness that had become the mid 70s.

Gerry Fortsch… My mum and wife were on the pier in the afternoon when the Pistols did a sound check, when they came home they both told me that they had heard the worst band ever, the rest is history.

Stuart Moir… They were shit but they made a lot of cash

Dave Weeks… Budgie were great, Pistols were shite and nobody really knew what the F they were all about. It was a good chance to watch the lightning out to sea though

Alan Esdaile… Not sure about this poster. As soon as the posters went up for this gig Bob Knights the pier manager went berserk and called it obscene, ripped the poster down and got someone else to rip all the other posters displayed, down. I’ve just checked with the promoter Barry Taylor and he doesn’t recognise this as being the poster he did and said he would not have written London. Pretty sure on the original poster Sex Pistols was in big bold type.

Peter Fairless… Pretty sure it’s fake Alan

Chris Boorman… Yes agree that it’s likely to be fake. When was Mason’s music started? Looked at a website and it says 1978. I think it’s been photoshopped over another poster.

Alan Esdaile… I did have a shop on the pier at that time Chris but don’t think I was selling tickets, as they would have been available from the box office on the pier and also would have thought Disc Jockey would have sold tickets as well.

Colin Bell… Im no expert but that doesn’t look ‘right’ to me.

Pete Fairless… Here’s the actual flyer…

Alan Esdaile… Also Barry Taylor can’t confirm the authenticity of this ticket, which appeared recently.


Bob Marley’s first gig in the UK 1972 was at De La Warr Pavilion Bexhill by Mike Curtis.


live in concert in Dalymount Park on 6 July 1980. source: Eddie Mallin

cutting Bexhill Observer 8th July 1972 source: Bexhill Museum

Mike Curtis… A bit of local music history.
1. Bob Marley and the Wailers’ first ever UK gig was at the De La Warr Pavilion.
2. Paul Simon played DLWP 30/8/1965, with Shirley Collins.
3. Paul also played at The New Inn in Sidley at around the same time.
4. Paul Robeson played at DLWP, pronouncing it to be be the best venue, acoustically, he had ever played.

Anyone lucky enough to go to any of these gigs?

Yvonne Cleland… I thought Bob Marley and the Wailers’ first ever UK gig was in Nottingham. When are you claiming they played the DLWP? Do you have any documentary or pictorial evidence please? Oh no, hang on, he toured as support for Johnny Nash first, with Wailers as backing band. Spring-Summer 1972. However, did 2 shows at Bexhill and Bexleyheath without Johnny Nash (I think). All info gratefully received plus any documentary evidence. This needs to be in Bexhill Museum archives!

Yvonne Cleland… The first ever Bob Marley gig in the UK – at the DLWP: Found out more from an old newspaper at Bexhill Museum. On the bill were:- Bob Marley and the Wailers, The Equals and Johnny Nash. It was a charity event.

John Gale… I had no idea about this, 2 Legends there.

Pete Shoesmith… I went to the concert at Bexhill, I was 16.

Kevin White… Never knew that

Andy Gunton… I’d heard about that gig many times, but that’s the first time I’ve seen that press cutting. Great stuff.

Yvonne Cleland… Andy, the museum has the cutting.

Graham Belchamber… Fabulous.

Pete Houghton… I remember going to See Bob Marley along with Johnny Nash I was 18 had a great time Got their Autographs but I have lost them over the year’s with regret

Ian Johnson… Wow I didn’t know that

Gary Lancaster… So I am from Rye and I went to school with a chap called Jamie Tiltman. Jamie, now lives in Bexhill. As it happens, the very white Tiltman family are directly related to Bob Marley. So probably without realising it, he played in his own county. He’s got Sussex roots…. And I’m not joking, you can look this up.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I went to that concert to see Johnny Nash, didn’t know who Bob Marley was at the time, I was 16

Alan Esdaile… They did show a programme on Bob Marley a while ago, on his first visit. It showed that he played a school in London with Johnny Nash but still looks like the first proper gig here was Bexhill?

Michael Wilson… I remember watching a Paul Simon’s documentary on tv. And there was a folk concert at the De La warr in the early 1960s .He was bottom of the bill on the poster.

Jane Dorsett… Leigh, we went together, I was



Tony Prince and Emperor Rosko 2015 from Nick Prince and Hastings Radio roadshows.


Nick Prince… Tony Prince and Emperor Rosko are in Ibiza in a modern day M.C. competion and intend to show the hand waving DJ’s of today how to get a crowd going…. Should be fun. 1970’s maybe and the fact that both hosted Radio Luxembourg Roadshows on the Pier and Rosko did a Radio One Roadshow here in 1976, I think?

Peter Fairless… Friday, 9th July 1976, Nick, Rosko Roadshow in the Ballroom…

Nick Prince… I’m sure someone on this page found Emperor Rosko did the 1975 Radio One Roadshow here and I claimed Tony Blackburn did the 1976 one here with Our Kid as guests. I’ll find the cutting of Tony Blackburn and Our Kid at some point, whereever it was I saw them…. Could only be here or Eastbourne. My knowledge of Radio One/Luxembourg Road shows isn’t as good as some of my subjects.

Peter Fairless… I think it was Alan Freeman one year…

Chris Giles… I was on the Alan freeman road show or was it Pete Murray not sure bit disappointing though did the bit and pieces game on it..didn’t win …Trouble was, I took the day off work to go and then everyone heard me on the radio.. Got a lovely bag of bits and bobs though and a Radio 1 roadshow sticker that I still have on my guitar case.

Nick Prince… That is so funny. No chance of your workmates catching you out on a Radio One Roadshow now? Unless they are under 11. I think that is the average age of their audience these days.

Chris Giles… The best radio 1 show was in The leas Cliff Hall at Folkestone …we were visiting Folkestone that day as a family… So we all went in mum and dad and Shep the Dog as well… And saw David Bowie singing Space Oddity… Of course we didn’t know much about him then…but it’s one of those memorable days you never forget.

Nick Prince… My most memorable moment from a Radio One Roadshow was Eastbourne (c1983). Tony Blackburn again. In a silver outfit jumping on stage and doing some sort of robotix/brakedancing routine. Very memorable but again I escaped this mentally unscathethed. (Did you go to that one Jez Clark?)

Tony Davis… Think the year was 1973 that the Radio One Roadshow came to the Aquarius in George Street. My mate John Baker was the house DJ and was supposed to be on the panel reviewing new releases. At the time he was in hospital and couldn’t do it so I stepped in. The only record I can remember we reviewed was Geordie’s Get Back Black Cat. I remember though that it was Emperor Rosko who was the Radio One DJ there.

Jo Weavill… My memory of David Bowie singing Space Oddity at Folkstone Radio One Roadshow was unbelievable. A day out with grandparents and stumbled into this fantastic moment aged 15. The hall as I remember it wasn’t full at all. Wonderful wonderful memory.