Ian Gillan Episode Six – Hastings Pier

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source from: Tonny Steenhagen. Unknown photographer.

Deep Purple Appreciation Society say… I was hunting for old pics taken on Hastings pier the other day (one of my other projects is researching commercial outdoor portrait photography 1920 – 1960!), after all the press given to the new award winning pier building there. I quickly got diverted by pictures of Episode Six who not only played a number of one-nighters clubs in Hastings, but also appeared in the Pier Ballroom itself in 1968. This unseen shot of IG was taken on Hastings Pier by one of the band’s fan-club members earlier that day, and was sent to me by Tonny Steenhagen. I think this shelter was one of the only buildings to survive the fire a few years ago and has now been restored. Time for another blue plaque?

Jim Breeds… That’s possibly the biggest business card I’ve ever seen.

Pete Fairless… Great find. I think the description is mistaken, though. I’d say, this was taken further down the pier. What do you think?

Alan Esdaile… Yes definitely further down the pier Pete. Trying to look through the window, looks like the doors before you reach the bar possibly? Pete Brazier maybe able to confirm?

Andy Pilkington…  hazarding a guess thats by the old penny arcade

Roy Penfold… I would say the same as Alan – most definitely the windows adjacent to the Penny arcade and just before the bar on the old town side of the pier.

Jim Breeds… He probably stepped outside to have a smoke on the water.

Pete Brazier… Yes I Can!..………(pause for dramatic effect lol)…….. The give away is the little casement window at the extreme left (as you look at it) “it’s the side window to the little caff at the end of the pier, before the lobby with the duel stair cases to the upper ball room and the second lobby with the Pub on the Pier, Toilets and main ballroom doors, just too his left are the windows to the Lady’s toilets and then the anglers club! In the red Circle!…

Rad Cheslav… Hi I try to find an email address or contact with dear Tonny Steenhagen. Maybe he has the Ian Paice interview from Disc Magazine 1972 on July 15. Best wishes.


Episode Six – Hastings Pier – 30th March 1968


episode six

Episode Six featuring Ian Gillan & Roger Glover supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… This Day (March 30th) in 1968 on Hastings Pier. Episode Six

Mick O’Dowd… The fledgling Purple!

Andre Martin… Great band to work with, as I did later in 1968, when I took over from Mike Quinn in The Happy Ballroom under John Schofield and Strand Entertainments. Don’t think that Mike Quinn showed up on that gig?

Karen Sweatman… I was minus 2. Would love to have seen that!

Wendy Wells autograph book – Amen Corner, Kippington Lodge, Episode Six, The Spectrum, Warren Davis Monday Band. Hastings Pier




all cuttings supplied by Wendy Wells

Alan Esdaile….Had they just changed their name from Episode Six to Episode, that’s why its crossed out?

Wendy Wells…..Yes that’s right.

Mick O’Dowd…..They were still a ravin’ little soul band though!

Barbara (then) Watling… Remember seeing Kippington Lodge (Tell Me A Story) on Hastings Pier – must have been 1966 or 67. Barry, who soon after joined Vanity Fayre, bought me a drink!

David Miller… Note Roger Glover and Ian Gillan (later of Deep Purple) at back left and right of the Episode (Six) pic.

Annette Arber… Was the organist Keith Burberry with The Warren Davis Monday Band? I’m his sister and trying to find out information on his earlier life. He died in 2010 .

Derek Paramor… Annette, Lovely to hear from you. Keith (Burberry) joined the Warren Davis Monday Band when we returned from a chaotic tour of Naples in August, 1967, and David foster, now a famous musician and Producer in Canada and the States and our guitarist decided to leave us. We also hired Paul Petts and Paul Brett from the Overlanders (“Michelle) We made a number of recordings at this time which never got past the demo stage, (I still have them) but there was a great Story in the Daily Sketch billing us as the new Monkees in a forthcoming tv series which never came forth. Keith and I were sharing a flat in Finsbury Park, N. London at the time and then in February/March 1968 we did a 5 week tour of Munich and Turin, at the end of which Keith and our baritone sax Player, Martin Grice, decided to join the Patrick Sansom Set in Turin and I never saw Keith again. i still have a couple of Georgie Fame l.p.s he left behind in London- I’ll never Forget the day his organ was repossessed just before a gig in _Witham, nr. Chelmsford in December, 1967. Oh , how we laughed!

Nick Warburton… Hi Del – do you still have the demos?

Del Paramor… confirm that I’ve got the WDMB demos

Katharine… I am Keith’s daughter I would love to be able to hear any of those demos ?!
In fact to be able to hear anything of your early years together ! Del are you still there ?


Steve Maxted photos & The Cobweb cuttings.



episode six 282055_10150721976150541_5051297_n-2 10734041_10153218847804287_675107725906364925_n

photos & cuttings supplied by Jozef Maxted

Mark Edir… Thursday nights.

Alan Esdaile… Thursday nights used to be a big night out with Steve Maxted, not sure how we managed to make work or school! on a Friday? Getting back home late was a problem. Have you been drinking alcohol, no honest it was only Corona dandelion & burdock or something else. Smoking was a bit more difficult you couldn’t get away with the excuse of walking past a bonfire more than once.

Mark Edir… Exactly no idea how I did it back then , I know today it would take me 2 days to recover. Remember George the non stop dancer , I think he was called George.

Alan Esdaile… Yes it was George. Remember him, he came from Bexhill.

John Wilde… George was a lovely fella, always smiling and quite well dressed too. Where are you George? Ahh Tamla Motown sunday club. Wonderful memories. Dance dance dance!  Very proud and amused to remember I won the Steve Maxted dance off 3 times at the Cobweb. “Uptight” by Stevie Wonder, “How sweet it is”Junior Walker and my favourites go on…

Mick O’Dowd… The Pyramids were a good reggae band was it Train Tour To Rainbow City their single. I believe they also rearranged their name to become Syramip to record Skinhead Moon Stomp.

Alan Esdaile…. Your right on both Mick but the big hit was All Change For The Bakerloo Line.

Mick O’Dowd… Great to see the pictures of the great man. He influenced me alot in the early days and Thursday nights were a must. I won two tickets to see the Yardbirds from him one night but couldn’t find a bird( sorry lady) to go with me so had to sell one of them! DOH!

Caz Simpson… I loved George, always had a slow dance with him. I wonder where he is now.

Tony Davis… You jogged a memory about George. Not only did he dance all night but it was rumoured he used to walk to and from Bexhill. Had some great nights watching and listening to Steve Maxted.

Mark Edir… Yes I believe he did walk home to bexhill now you say it

Caz Simpson… He told me he did, I was amazed at his stamina. To this day I wonder what made him shake so.


The Cobweb – more of April 1968 from Nigel Young Archives


Nigel Young Archives

Nigel Young….Thursday, 18.04.68 St Leonards-on-Sea The Cobweb
The local Purple were back the following week for another gig (admission again four shillings, five shillings for guests), this time with a ‘Stereo Disc Show’. Taste played The Cobweb in May, as did The Iveys (pre-Badfinger). 1969 started strongly with The Episode, Kippington Lodge, Simon Dupree And The Big Sound and Status Quo over successive weeks, Trapeze played there in May and Episode Six returned for the last time in June. A fire in the Dolphin Ballroom bingo hall (below the Cobweb) caused serious damage and brought the club to an end in December 1970.
© Nigel Young (from the forthcoming book, Deep Purple: Day By Night)


Nigel Young Archives

Nigel Young….Marine Court, an imposing Art Deco apartment block, fourteen storeys high, on the seafront at St Leonards-on-Sea in Hastings, in East Sussex, was built just before World War II, completed in 1938, lavishly modelled by architects Kenneth Dalgleish and Roger K Pullen on the Queen Mary, the Cunard-White Star Line’s new liner. (Cunard and White Star had merged during the financial difficulties of the Great Depression.) Now a Grade II listed building, it contains flats and restaurants, with shops at ground floor level. By 1968 it was home to The Cobweb with a capacity of 350, previously known from July 1964 to October 1967 as the Witch Doctor.
© Nigel Young (from the forthcoming book, Deep Purple: Day By Night)

Deep Purple – The Cobweb 1968


Nigel Young Archives  via  Ian McGilvray

Peter Pursglove….The Witch Doctor ,a great place RIP

Pete Fisher….. would have been 13 back then, and just beginning to play guitar, but sadly too young to go to this gig….had to delve into wikipedia to check my facts…this would have been the Mark 1 line-up, with Rod Evans on vocals and Nick Simper on bass, and only about a month after the band formed….I guess it was “Black Night” that first drew my attention, and became the pub jukebox soundtrack for several years…I remember buying Deep Purple In Rock in summer 1970, and playing it proudly to Bernard Jeffery and Steve (?) in my bedroom, who were in my first band, Black Ash, on drums and vocals, with Iain Cobby on bass, and deciding that was what we wanted to sound like…..along with Led Zep and Free….finally got to see Purple in Cologne with Steve Morse on guitar in 1996….would love to have seen Blackmore live!

Mick O’Dowd…..Sorry to disappoint. This Deep Purple were the Hastings branch and it was the other ones that nicked our name. So there!!

Peter Pursglove….Yes Mick , I just had a look and they were booked on the 11th and 18th

John Storer…..interesting to see that Episode Six were playing two nights later, a band that featured Ian Gillan on vocals and Roger Glover on bass.