Edgar Broughton & Rita – Hastings Pier – Martin Casson Entertainments 28th Dec 1974



Ad Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection, photo of Edgar Broughton by Clive Richardson

Joe Knight….what happened to steve maxted ? use to go to catford DESMOND DEKOR!!! lots of great bands

Andre Martin….Joe – Steve Maxted still going strong well into the late 1970s. – Above is an advert from 1974. I have some later images waiting to be uploaded and indexed.

John Storer… Apropos of not much, my late Mum absolutely loved Edgar Broughton’s “Apache Dropout”. Remember seeing Barclay James Harvest and thought Hudson/Ford were actually much better than I was expecting

Mick Mepham….Hurrrraahhhhh! I hadn’t got this flier – have now yippeeeee!

Jim Breeds….Lindisfarne, BJH, Hudson/Ford. Wow, I missed some stuff I should have seen

Jenny Tyler… I loved Steve Maxted.

Phil Gill…  I was there for the New Year gig. The bouncers stopped the Stallion set at 11:45 and threw everyone out. They were really shitty about it too. Presumably they wanted to go drinking…

Mick Mepham… I remember introducing Hudson/Ford and making a total twat of myself doing so ….. blusho ……

Yvonne Cleland…. You were nowt but a lad, MM 🙂

Mick Knights… Edgar Broughton.. The question has always been, should he have allowed the demons in in the first place!!

Alan Esdaile… Not much hope for the Apaches as well, Mick. Steve Broughton now a Hastings resident.

Glenn Piper… Oh the memories

Tony Court-holmes… god i remember edgar broughton gig out demons out




Essence at The Carlisle & final gig



supplied by Mick Mepham

photo 1. upstairs at The Carlisle. with Mick Mepham, Farid Seddiqi, Martin and Garnet (moo).

photo 2. Last Essence just before Small Talk then Hung,Drawn and Withered. — with Keith ‘Dusty’ Miller, Mick Booker, Keith Hackett (The Bass Monk), Chris ‘Bleh’ Loder & Mick Mepham.

Daddy Longlegs, Half Human Band & Essence – Hastings Pier 13th April 1974



poster supplied by Mick Mepham, ad supplied by Sarah Harvey


Martin Isaacs…..Blimey! Thanks for the memory! Love n stuff, Hairy Mart XXX

Kevin Flook… first band I saw on the pier if I remember was Daddylonglegs and think fav would have to be Hawkwind or Gong.

Tracy Birrell… Ahhhh Daddy Long Legs…

Essence – Thomas Peacock School Rye and The Pier.


photo supplied by  Chris Meachen. Essence at Rye Thomas Peacock School – Mick Mepham, Keith’Dusty’ Miller, Chris Catt, Chris Meachen and Mick Booker.


photo Chris Meachen Essence on the Pier


                                                                          Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

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photos  supplied by  Chris Meachen 

Mick Mepham fashion icon  and Chris showing some leg.